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Health Concerns Over Vacinations?

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Topic: Health Concerns Over Vacinations?
Posted By: xenus001
Subject: Health Concerns Over Vacinations?
Date Posted: July 22 2011 at 7:59pm
I just was reading about some research done on mice where they were injected with liver cancer cells then given something to see if the cancer is effected.

Has anyone ever had the thought that it could be very possible that the same could be done to us humans?

Although a little far fetched, but is it possible people could be getting  injected with cancer cells every time they get an injection at our doctor's office?  I am a little paranoid because I have a daughter and have heard so many bad things about vaccinations lately.

I would hate to think that we were at risk when we get our flu shots.  Cancer is a big money maker for Big Pharma. 

Just a thought?  Anyone ever think or this or hear of this? -

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