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Good shampoo/conditioner suggestion?

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Topic: Good shampoo/conditioner suggestion?
Posted By: Nessa624
Subject: Good shampoo/conditioner suggestion?
Date Posted: July 28 2011 at 10:08pm
I just had my loose curls cut and styled at the salon and i absolutely LOVED the way it turned out. I bought all the products the stylist used, and, for once, my hair turned out the same at home! EXCEPT, it is slightly frizzier. The two things they I am not using the same are the shampoo and conditioner. The stylist used the Redken cursl shampoo and conditioner (green bottle) I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a good, smoothing shampoo and condoner? Hopefully budget friendly? I have tried Pantene but all of their products leave me hair feeling weighed down.

Posted By: BeachyWaves
Date Posted: July 29 2011 at 10:48am
I shampoo/condition only every other day to every 2 days - I color my bra strap length, wavy, coarse hair to prevent as much damage as possible, I only shampoo every other day or so.

Having said that....I always use a little extra virgin olive oil on shampoo days. I just warm up a teaspoon to tablespoon full, rub between my hands and focus on the length of my hair - about a third of the way from my scalp down. I put the oil treated hair up in a clip on my head and exercise for 45 minutes to an hour...afterwards, I head to the shower where I rinse all of my hair in a warm to cool water, then shampoo focusing on my roots and letting the shampoo cascade through the length of the hair without really pulling the length of the hair...follow with conditioner - and always, my hair smells good, looks good...feels good, and unless it is crazy humid - I really don't have an issue with frizz - and if I do...a little mousse or gel does the trick.

I have used all shampoo/conditioner....for curly for color treated...etc...and I feel the olive oil pre condition does more for my hair than the shampoo/conditioner could ever do by themselves.

Good luck!

Posted By: DoctoredLocks
Date Posted: July 29 2011 at 12:06pm
I would recommend getting the Redken shampoo and conditioner. A lot of times during back to school and the holiday season you can get them in kits that are a lot less expensive. Pantene will leave a lot of residue. If you are going to use an over the counter shampoo, I would suggest getting a professional clarifying shampoo to use every couple weeks to strip out the residue.


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