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Thuja And Ringworm on Scalp

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Topic: Thuja And Ringworm on Scalp
Posted By: arikarora
Subject: Thuja And Ringworm on Scalp
Date Posted: August 05 2011 at 8:17pm

This is not a food and is used externally. 

Oil of thuja contains the /wiki/Terpene - terpene /wiki/Thujone - thujone which has been studied for its /wiki/GABA - GABA receptor antagonistic, with potentially lethal properties

Be careful using Thuja because it can be toxic.
#cite_note-pmid10725394-12 -

The natives of Canada used the needles of Thuja occidentalis (Eastern White Cedar) to make a tea that has been shown to contain 50 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. This helped fight off scury which is a disease related to low levels of Vitamin C.

In the 19th century Thuja was in common use as an externally applied tincture or ointment for the treatment of warts, ringworm and thrush. #cite_note-13 -

#cite_note-13 - "An injection of the tincture into venereal warts is said to cause them to disappear."

Some people believe that Thuja when made into an ointment will also remove other rashes from the skin.
#cite_note-14 -

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