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Straight hair

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Topic: Straight hair
Posted By: SlayerSlei
Subject: Straight hair
Date Posted: August 19 2011 at 12:54am
iight so i got straight hair and decided to get waves about 3 months ago. i just cut my hair really short and brushed for like barely 10 min a day (mostly in the shower) and after like 1 month i started to get some big ass waves only on top of my head and it was starting to look weird so i just stopped trying to get more waves. so for the past 2 months i havent duragged or brushed my hair and cut my hair
like 3 times and the waves dont seem to go away lol. im scared to start brushing it again and make it worse or if i should just try to let it go away. ill post some pics later but what you guys think i should do?

Posted By: Gristyle
Date Posted: August 19 2011 at 1:34pm
Well what is your goal?? Do you want waves or not?? When I 1st started waving, I had little ugly ripples and believe me it was embarrassing. But I knew that I wanted to be a top waver and didn't just want to give up. So I kept brushing, and as the days/weeks/months/ went by my hair constantly improved.

So what I'm getting at is you accomplished something many straight hair wavers wish they could have done, and that is get your 1st wave. Please don't get discouraged and continue to brush and keep the faith.

Stay clear of brushing in the shower because hair is fragile when wet.

Best of luck to you

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