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Keratin Hair Straightening

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Topic: Keratin Hair Straightening
Posted By: slalum
Subject: Keratin Hair Straightening
Date Posted: February 07 2012 at 5:25am
Have you heard of - Brazilian keratin Straightening Products such as - Cocochoco ? What are your thoughts about it...

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Posted By: bonitassalon
Date Posted: January 29 2014 at 11:02am
There are many options for Keratin Hair Straightening products on the market.

I think the biggest issue is helping prospective clients figure out the difference options in the market for hair straightening.

There are the following options:

1.  Thermal reconditioning (originally called Japanese straightening or chemical hair straightening & in existence for many years) which is best for hair which is thick, coarse, bulky or contains texture which is loose to medium in formation.  This type of straightening treatment is not recommended for super tight texture patterns such as tight coils or thick tight waves.

The texture bonds are broken with a chemical solution applied to dry hair.  The solution is rinsed off the hair and hair is blown out straight.  It is then very carefully ironed perfectly flat. 

A neutralizer is then applied to the flat ironed hair to lock the texture into the newly straightened shape.

This is a LONG process, especially is hair is super thick, long to very long or has lots of texture to break and reform.  It can take 6-10 hours, depending on a variety of factors.  The treatment is not offered by all salons or stylists because of how much time it takes which makes it expensive.

After the first application the root touch-ups can take 3-5 hours. Part of the downside to this type of treatment is how much time it takes, how expensive it is and how kinky the roots might be when they grow out.

Hair can not get wet or even damp for 3-5 days after the treatment since this can reintroduce unwanted texture.

You can't wear hair in any type of ponytail, braids, buns or pinned up or in any way that will add creases for 3-5 days.  All hair accessories are banned including elastics, clips, bobby pins which can leave demarcations in the newly straightened hair.

If you carefully follow all the post-treatment requirements for 3-5 days, in the majority of cases, hair will be perfectly straight.

Note:  There are always some exceptions to the rules and there are some random cases where the treatment won't take properly.  This is rare and a lot depends on a variety of factors including the expertise of the person applying the treatment and how well the clients follows the post-treatment requirements.  Also, some types and textures of hair do not respond as well to this type of treatment.

The cost, depending upon the location of the salon or hairdresser, their expertise and type of system can range from $450 - $2,000 - not including tips.

Result? Hair will be completely straight, whether air dryer or heat styled.  Volume and/or texture can not be restored with use of curlers, hot irons or similar.  The texture will remain 100% altered and it is a permanent state.  The roots will grow out with the original texture, which is why the touch ups can take so much time.

2.  Relaxers - Popular for many years as well.  Relaxers can in all strengths from light to very intense. Like the hair straighteners mentioned above, relaxers work by breaking the natural texture bonds in the hair. 

The relaxer chemicals are left in the hair for up toe 20-30 minutes depending upon a variety of factors (type, texture and length of hair).  The hair is then rinsed with a neutralizer.

Relaxers soften very coarse hair.  They also soften super tight textures such as coils, kinks and similar texture patterns.

Depending upon the brand (Rusk makes 3 different versions of relaxers from mild to very strong) and the type of relaxer the results are semi-permanent.

Also depending upon the brand and the strength, the results may be permanent with natural texture returning via the roots. OR the relaxer may wear out over time with the hair gradually returning to its original textures.

Relaxers can be damaging to hair.  They do contain damaging chemicals.

Relaxers are not advised for use on hair which has been previously bleached, colored, texturized or which is currently damaged or over-processed.

Note:  There are always some exceptions to the rules and there are some random cases where like with chemical straightening, the relaxing treatments won't take properly.  Also, some types and textures of hair do not respond as well to relaxers as to other types of treatments.

Hair texture is RELAXED which means it may still have bend, texture and other movement.  If you want it straight, you will need to blow dry it straight or flat iron it.

The cost for relaxers depends upon whether you have a stylist do it at a salon or at home.
When done in the salon it can cost approximately $100.  At home the cost can be $25 - $75 depending upon the brand you use.

3.  Brazilian straightening -  Very popular although also controversial because some brands have been found to contains formaldehyde which poses a variety of health risks including being considered a carcinogen.  The primary component in most Brazilian straighteners is Keratin.

Brand names include Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Complex Hair Therapy, to name just a few......

Product works by smoothing the surface of the hair without permanently breaking the bonds.

The product consists of a chemical designed to break the top level bonds.  After the chemical is applied, the hair is blow dried and then flat ironed.  The solution stays in hair for 2-5 days (depending upon the manufacturer) and then is washed out. 

Unlike chemical straightening and chemical relaxing, these treatments can be done on color-treated hair.  They are effective, generally speaking, for the most part, on everything from waves to tight curls.

The treatment controls frizz while allowing hair to have texture and volume. You will still have to blow dry hair and flat iron it if you want it straight or with just a little texture.

Cost: $280 to $800 depending upon the expertise of the stylist, the salon and the geographic location.

Remember that hair texture is SOFTENED which means it may still have bend, texture and other movement.  If you want it straight, you will need to blow dry it straight or flat iron it.

Other considerations?  Hair treatments containing formaldehyde is considered potentially dangerous to health.  However, chemical straightening and relaxer treatments also pose similar risks from overexposure.

Other options?  Yes, but usually not chemically based.

Thoughts?  Have you had any of these types of treatments?  Pros...cons?  Do you provide these treatments in your salon or as a professional stylist?

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