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Some noobish questions~

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Topic: Some noobish questions~
Posted By: hiimweilun
Subject: Some noobish questions~
Date Posted: March 15 2012 at 2:45pm

Hey, community~ I'd like to ask some questions about this:
1) How long does my hair need to be until I can style this?
2) How do I tell my stylist how to cut my hair? Which parts should be short, which parts should be left long? Or would it be easier if I just showed him the picture?
3) This is doable at home, right? All's I need is some mousse and a curling iron, right? Correct me if I'm wrong~ :D

Really sorry for the bombardment of questions.:P And thanks, community!

Posted By: Sparrowhawk1161
Date Posted: March 28 2012 at 2:41am
I would go to a hairstylist to get it, but you will need at least 4 inches on top.  The one side seems to be a cut normal.. cut down around the ears and the back... except we can't see exactly how long it is in the back.  The sideburns will need to be grown... the temples will come down to a point but this person does have side burns for the rest.  Note.  Side burns and hair can be different.  As the hair from your temples come down they will behave as hair head does... but the rest, to creat the effect will be sideburns...
This means allowing sideburns to grow.  Side burns do not always appear the same as the temples... if it lies relaxed and straight... your good... but, if you beard hairs are course, they might lie differently.
At the part, hair appears to be a little shorter at the comb over.  As the combover proceeds you have longer hair... styled by some type of styling agent to create the curls.  If you do not have natural curls you will need something to produce them...

Guys like me notice!

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