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Weight Loss Sabotage

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Topic: Weight Loss Sabotage
Posted By: stevieb
Subject: Weight Loss Sabotage
Date Posted: October 20 2012 at 11:21am
I don't have a weight problem, but at times want to lose a few pounds. My friends make it tough when I'm dieting. They seem to go out of their way to sabotage my efforts. Today I told them all, that I'm going to stay away from them until I lose 5 lbps. Tongue

Posted By: Ericachristina
Date Posted: October 21 2012 at 12:52pm

Well I hope your friends donít actually want to sabotage your efforts to diet, this does happen sometimes when you are around people who do not want to see your better yourself. It sounds harsh but it does happen, sometimes friends donít always want what is best for you for various reasons; jealousy, or even the need to keep you at their level and in their circle by not wanting you to advance in any way.


But maybe it also seems that way because you are cutting out the things you would normally eat so watching them eat these things seems like a temptation.

If you are sticking to your diet plan and healthy eating then just be firm and refuse, it can be hard but a part of being on a diet and making healthier choices is to have the ability to be out in social situations around unhealthy food and resist them. You donít have to cut yourself off from everything you love but itís great that you are trying to be healthier.


Posted By: Carol329
Date Posted: March 14 2013 at 4:51am
If they do it once or twice then they might just be pranking you. But if they do it consistently to you when you diet then they might not be your real friends because real friends know when it's time to fool around and when to stop.

It's already tough enough to go through a change in diet then having your friends give you a hard time about it is worse.

Kudos to you for keeping this up!

Posted By: amandagreen
Date Posted: June 02 2013 at 8:20am
It's true and happens all the time. It's one of the ways that society functions and although it might seem in jest at times, it's a reality!

My suggestions:

Do not make your dieting efforts public. It might come as obvious when you say you don't want pizza for example when the girls go out. Instead of option for salad opt for a small portion of grilled chicken and steamed vegetables. Say it makes you feel less bloated.

Make daily habits such as using fat free milk, sweetener instead of sugar, drink less sodas..after a while your friends stop questioning these.

When you go for daily runs around the park, don't make a big deal out of it. Just get up, get ready and go!

Get yourself a fairy diet mother. Someone who you can trust to help you because sometimes we just need that motivation. Someone that will wake you ate 4am to get your sweatpants on and go for a jog, someone that you will snatch that cookie from your very hands and feed it to the dog. Someone that doesn't care that you might get angry and that takes your goals as seriously (maybe even more) than you do. When friends feel that they have been trusted with a special job, the attitude is very different!

Good luck!

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