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Thinning Hair

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Topic: Thinning Hair
Posted By: dude00
Subject: Thinning Hair
Date Posted: December 29 2012 at 11:43pm
Hey everyone,

I was going to post this in the Guys Section, but it doesn't seem you have many guys around, so I thought I'd post this here instead. I hope that's OK!

For the past I'd say two years, my hair has been thinning quite a bit, and I can actually see scalp. It is what it is, as much as it sucks. I'm 25, so I guess it's about the age that dudes lose their hair, right?

Anyway, I used to use Head & Shoulders because I thought I had dandruff, and well, it's the only shampoo I've used since I was probably 15. I thought that it may be the cause of my hair problem (however I doubt it) so I looked for other types of anti-dandruff shampoos only to discover none work. I bought this tea-tree oil shampoo by Paul Mitchell, and OK sure, it makes my hair pretty cool (haha) it doesn't "help" with the dandruff. That was until I had to be away for work for two months at different hotels. It turns out, that after just one shower, I didn't have the "dandruff" any more. Now that I've returned home, it's back (however I haven't touched the H&S.) I'm thinking that it's because I have crap "hard" water at home, and that my dandruff is just really dry skin, and not actually the medical condition that causes dandruff. I know (and I'm sorry that I'm all over the place writing this) that I probably don't know truly "anything" unless I see doctor or what ever, but would anyone have any advice as to what to do? I actually like the way the PM shampoo makes my hair look... I actually just used a brush on my head for the first time since I was a kid, and "styled" it instead of just using hair gel, and it looks cool... except for the dry skin flakes.

PLEEEASE does anyone have advice?

Thank you!!

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