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Im new and confused about weaves.

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Topic: Im new and confused about weaves.
Posted By: LaurieH69
Subject: Im new and confused about weaves.
Date Posted: May 05 2013 at 6:57am
Hi there,
I have been researching hair extensions for month now and I am more confused than when I started. My hair has broken off and is thin and uneven (because my hair was layered)and is short. This was from medication due to illness. I ordered clip-in extensions and have not been able to wear them. My hair is to thin in spots at the back and very dry and unhealthy so It did not blend well. I was so disappointed. Several people suggested that I try a full sew in weave. My hair can have the chance to grow again while in braids. So first question is what is the best type of hair for this at a good price. I am caucasian, I live in Vancouver, B.C., I want full, long hair the Shakira look!
My natural color is dark brown I want mocha or chocolate brown 18-20 inches I don't know if i should get curly, wavy, straight. I need an installer to, found 1 so far. Sorry for the long question but I'm hoping someone can help me!

Posted By: DoctoredLocks
Date Posted: May 09 2013 at 10:30am
How long is your hair currently? Getting 18 inch hair that looks natural is going to be difficult if you don't already have some length to your hair. You may want to try a top piece with your clip ins until your hair has filled in a bit more.

Be careful that if you do choose to go the route of a full braided weave that you have someone who knows what they are doing. If braids are done too tightly, then it can cause damage as well.

Get what ever texture your natural hair is in so that it blends. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask here or contact


Posted By: LaurieH69
Date Posted: May 18 2013 at 8:52pm
Hi there thank you so much for responding to me. My natural hair is all different lengths from top to end because my hair was layered before it started breaking off so I have really short pieces at the top like maybe 2 inches then a bit longer at the back maybe 4-5 ends at the nape of my neck but it is so thin it is like babies hair I have some sort of a calick piece that shows my scalp right beside the crown of my head and i'm very conscious about it I try to do comb overs and hair spray but it does not always stay. I thought about getting a full frontal piece to go with the full sew in weave because I want bangs and volume at the top so what do you suggest i get for hair and where and how much do i need should i get wavy my natural hair is naturally curly and goes very curly if i do not blow dry, should i get my hair cut before i get the cornrows so it is healthier, i'm having a heck of a time finding someone in my area I live in Vancouver , B.C. but i want someone mobile because I suffer from Agoraphobia. Sorry i know i have a lot of questions but I'm not sure what to do at all maybe i'm expecting the impossible but i just want my old hair back it was like Shakira full curly looked like a lion! can i get this look from a full sew in weave with a frontal piece. Thank you so much for helping me

Posted By: DoctoredLocks
Date Posted: May 20 2013 at 10:46am
You can get the look with a full weave and top piece. With none of your natural hair showing, you can get away with a longer length and texture won't matter as much. No need to cut your hair beforehand, if you are putting it all in cornrows, it won't matter. We do carry all the supplies online at We also have lots of tutorials, so you can learn more about all the kinds of extensions. Finding someone mobile that is good may be hard. Until you find someone, you may want to try a wig. I wear them all the time for fun and if you have a specific style you are looking for, we can find you a good match. This is my favorite wig
I cut bangs in it and wear it all the time.


Posted By: LaurieH69
Date Posted: May 21 2013 at 6:53am
Thank you so much you have been so helpful you have been the only one that has helped me so again Im grateful, Im going to check out your links and hair. I will get back to you.

Posted By: dcssalman
Date Posted: June 08 2013 at 2:22am
Impressive ............

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