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3 Awesome Braid Hairstyles

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Printed Date: September 25 2020 at 9:06am

Topic: 3 Awesome Braid Hairstyles
Posted By: hair4brides
Subject: 3 Awesome Braid Hairstyles
Date Posted: July 03 2013 at 11:50pm
1. The two-strand perspective. Compared with dreadlocks, the two-strand perspective is simpler, simpler and streamlined, and can be managed for up to a couple of several weeks. The key to keep this design from looking unclean and matted is to keep in mind that small sized the perspective, the more it will last. Also, if you use locks items like pomade or lotion, create sure you don't use any slick, oil items, as this will create the locks look smooth and unclean.

2. Box braids. This kind of braid includes the use of additions and is quite well-known with the Africa United states group, as well as many other females. It is also one of the most long-lasting of braid hair-styles, but it can also take lots of your energy and effort to do. If you don't already have a hair-stylist, discover one near you that focuses primarily on Box braids.

3. Braids for brief locks. Offering you don't have incredibly brief locks like a pixie cut, you can do braids in your locks for a lovely hair style. One of the most well-known of brief locks braids is the horizontally braid. This design functions plating the locks from ear to ear, across your go, instead of down the returning or part. Horizontal braids are sexy and fun and ideal if you have a chin-length bob. -


Posted By: Davidwilliams
Date Posted: July 16 2013 at 4:41pm
Everyone is crazy about new hairstyles.The three awesome braid hairstyle:
1. Waterfall braid
2. Half French braid ponytail
3. Side Swept braid

Posted By: jemy1
Date Posted: July 17 2013 at 5:12am
How To Do A Gorgeous Waterfall French Braid:

French Braids are still very popular now in Summer as a way to get hair off your neck and still look absolutely stunning.

A French Braid interwoven into a Waterfall braid is the perfect combo. It may take some practice but it definitely is worth it.


STEP 1: Take a small section from the front hairline and sub divide into three parts. Prepare to braid diagonally around one side of the head.

STEP 2: Start to create a traditional braid by pulling the section closest to the middle of the head across the middle section.

STEP 3: Pull the third section, the one closest to the face, across the middle strand like a stand braid. Continue to braid, pulling the piece closest to the middle of the head, folding over.

STEP 4: Let the third section fall with the rest of the hair. Pick up the section under the current section and replace the one dropped.

STEP 5: Fold the new section over the second section and continue the braid by picking up another piece at the middle of the head and adding to the first section. Continue to fold over.

STEP 6: Continue to braid around the head this way, letting the piece closest to the face fall, and then picking up a new piece.

Continue to work around the head until you reach the desired stopping point. Pin or tie the ends securely.


Posted By: Dayla
Date Posted: April 06 2014 at 3:26pm
I love the look of a waterfall braid but have not yet mastered how to do it.

Posted By: fernclowder
Date Posted: May 12 2014 at 11:23pm
A waterfall French braid is really nice, but kinda hard to do. I've done it only once and it did not look that good, maybe I need more practice.

Posted By: lion099
Date Posted: May 17 2014 at 6:51am
The cool think about a waterfall braid is that it looks good on any type of hair.  It also helps to hide unwanted root regrowth.  I know the look now is to have roots and even to pay to have baylage or similar to have that layered color from roots to ends, but a good braid will cover a multitude of sins. 

Also, a waterfall braid doesn't have to be perfect.  It can be messy and look as good as one that is pristine.

I personally think any type of braid is lovely, but I really like the waterfall braids. 

Posted By: danny1987
Date Posted: November 28 2014 at 2:54am
I love this band-like braid...

Posted By: fernclowder
Date Posted: January 21 2015 at 12:50pm
I envy those who can wear braids. I have long hair, but they don't stay in a braid for too long and become loose immediately after being braided and I don't really like using hair sprays or gel. :( I only get to braid my hair for parties - when I do use hair spray or gel

Posted By: RebelPrincess
Date Posted: May 24 2018 at 10:16am
Hey there! I'm pretty bored of my hair, but I don't do much about it tbh. I'll definitely try these now! Thanks! Heart

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.

Posted By: Drienswelf
Date Posted: September 10 2018 at 1:11am
I have long black hair. Guide about some new braid design that will suit on me.

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