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How To Wear Wigs

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Topic: How To Wear Wigs
Posted By: lindameng
Subject: How To Wear Wigs
Date Posted: September 17 2013 at 2:04am
You may love every kind of nice clothes, choose their own, make up the United States and the United States, out of the ordinary. Have you ever thought of the hair can also be DIY, yes, now also for the wig popular fashion trend. With the personality of the wig with fashionable clothes, you is it right? I feel like a different person, out of the ordinary, full of personality, full of vitality. Wigs and costumes are indispensable. Here I will introduce the way to wear wigs:

1, the hair from the top of the head to the neck.

2, hair with a circle of elastic side down, another head up.

3, the elastic band over there on their own advancement, don't let yourself really appear ran out, the other side up, her hair spread in the network, don't stack together, so as not to wear a wig, will not smooth.

4, the hair evenly distributed on the net inside, the top port bus in head is good, do not need special fixed. If you feel a hairnet to shrink, can also use flat hairpin

5, wearing a wig from front to back, and then adjust the wig back part of the inner side, the size of two adjusting button, a cloth two button, there are several small grid cloth, according to their own needs to adjust the size of the head buckle into it.

6, casual get bangs naturally.

7, find the wig temples two small protrusions, the check whether the position is the wigs, pinch the thumb and index finger, pull down and can adjust the position of the wig.

8, wear, can be caught with the hand a few wig top, make fleeciness effect.

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