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Mission Strawberry Blonde Impossible

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Topic: Mission Strawberry Blonde Impossible
Posted By: Nimue
Subject: Mission Strawberry Blonde Impossible
Date Posted: April 23 2015 at 10:34pm
Hi everyone! I'm a natural 6 dark golden blonde with faint red highlights. For years, I've had it dyed a 7 (occasionally 8) bright copper that varied in orange/red levels and was achieved with different permanents/semis/demis. Recently, my colorists just kept coming up muddy, and it's been frustrating. I've also realized a lighter color might suit my porcelain complexion better. I'd like to go to a 9 strawberry blonde, something like this:

The stylists I've seen don't want to touch it, since it'd involve lightening, dye removal, etc. I even went to a different salon, and she was of the same opinion--"A 7 is close enough. Save yourself the trouble." Well, after reading up on hair color theory excessively, I'm ready to take that trouble on. My hair is in excellent condition and should be able to handle bleach/color removal, so long as it's not excessive and I don't screw it up.  But here are my questions:

1. Will bleaching also remove the built-up hair color when it lightens? Or do I also need to use another product for color removal? I've been using a clarifying shampoo recently, but I know it can't get everything.
2. Once the dye is gone and it's been lightened, I'm sure I'll have the ghastly yellow/orange brassy stuff showing. I know toning gets rid of that, but I'm going to want to have some gold/red to create a strawberry. How do I get a non-brassy strawberry? Tone with something like a Wella toner and then put a red/gold demi on top of it?
3. If I'm only lifting two levels, do I even need to bleach? Or could I use a level 9 permanent once the old dye's been pulled? Bleach shampoo?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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