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Victim's rights

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Topic: Victim's rights
Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Subject: Victim's rights
Date Posted: January 11 2000 at 8:51pm
I have a friend who HAD the most gorgeous mid-back lengthhair that I have seen in ages--thick, shiny,etc.--absolutely stunning. Against her better judgement,she went to a stylist who she had never visited beforefor a trim of 3 inches, and the stylist didn't follow herdirections. She came out with hair barely brushing hershoulders! She is very upset. The haircut is not only tooshort, it is badly done. What would you do in thissituation? Would you go back to this place (Gimmee AHaircut in Medina, OH) and complain? She is concernedthat if she returns, they'll just end up screwing up herhair even more in the quest to "fix" it." However,something needs to be done--this scissor happy stylistreally BUTCHERED her hair! Would writing a letter to thestore owner be a better bet? At the very least, I reallydon't think she should have to pay for this cut!Opinions, anyone? I've heard so many scary stories thatI'm afraid to crack the doors of a salon anymore!Tiara