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Is it me or is the Hair industry being saturated!

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Topic: Is it me or is the Hair industry being saturated!
Posted By: Shakilareed
Subject: Is it me or is the Hair industry being saturated!
Date Posted: August 23 2018 at 2:21pm
Hi all,

I just need to vent for a second.....

EVERYWHERE I go there's someone selling "virgin hair". Facebook, Instagram, Twitter continuously showing ads of new hair providers. They're even selling hair at the corner store fried chicken joint. And I am irritated! Why? Because all these hair providers are getting hair from Aliexpress and marking it up 100%.  Making it almost impossible to find legit hair providers. We are being robbed out of our hard earned money for something we could have went to aliexpress and purchased ourselves! Angry

When did this become the new trend? Why on earth are so many people falling victim to these shenanigans? I get it.... Good quality hair extensions may be expensive but they are an investment! I can get 2+ years out of some good quality hair vs. the 3 weeks with aliexpress hair. Meaning i would have to keep buying aliexpress hair every time my batch starts to tangle or shed like crazy! Eventually spending more on purchasing new hair than making that initial investment with good quality hair. 

So I want to let you guys in on a few tips to prevent you from getting ripped off!

1) If the hair is super duper cheap, do not expect it to be Remy! You get what you pay for! And of course, when something seems too good to be true. Most times IT IS! However, I can say. If it's between buying cheap hair bundles vs. beauty supply hair. I would most definitely buy the hair bundles. Beauty supply hair sucks and is overpriced! 

2) If your hair provider shipping time exceeds 7 days, they're most definitely getting their hair from aliexpress or China, or do not have the hair on hand!  Which means they're acting as the middle man! You pay them. they place the order on your behalf, and the supplier ships the hair to you. (Fun fact: this is called dropshipping.)

3) If they have a Facebook page. There should be a review section. If there is not one, they have received a lot of bad review! And Facebook allows you to remove this review section entirely. A company selling good hair extensions will not need to remove their reviews page. If they have great hair the reviews will speak for it and will not have anything to hide!  

4) They steal pictures!!!! Don't go off pictures alone. Because what you may see in a ad may be completely different than what you receive! 

5) If you can... only buy RAW hair. And not from China!!! RAW hair is the real deal and 100% better than virgin. You just have to find a good Raw hair provider. I personally have ordered from Ondibu and they're hair is good. - also have great hair. And Jaipur hair as well. You can really do your own research. 

6) Do not trust Youtube. Most of it is false advertisement. They send the Youtubers the good hair, and customers the dusty hair. 

7) Research, research, research, and more research. We ain't got time to be wasting our coins ladies. 

I hope this helps! 

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