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New stuff??

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Category: Beautiful People, Beautiful Hair
Forum Name: Celebrity Hair Talk
Forum Description: The hair trials and tribulations of Celebrities
Printed Date: September 24 2021 at 7:26pm

Topic: New stuff??
Posted By: Bob
Subject: New stuff??
Date Posted: May 11 2020 at 8:08pm
So I’m guessing when the world opens back up we will get inundated with makeovers....any thoughts?

Posted By: HAWG
Date Posted: May 11 2020 at 9:30pm
I'd agree with that; and I can't wait


Posted By: arch94
Date Posted: May 12 2020 at 12:29am
Kelly Ripa said on Live a few days she wants to lop hers off into a Bob. Hoping so! I'd also love to see her let her gray come in, but that's less likely than the bob.

We all know what opinions are like...and I've got both!

Posted By: P-nut gallery
Date Posted: May 12 2020 at 12:50am
so...nothing really new from Kelly Ripa?   She tends to go with minor variations on a theme i think.

Posted By: Ricc
Date Posted: May 13 2020 at 9:28am
Like everything else regarding this sci-fi horror story world we're living in it's hard to predict where fashion will go these days. First off, I think all these guys complaining about not getting to the barber shop should try growing it out awhile. Some of them might find longer hair suits them.

As for celebs, I'm wondering if the whole idea of celebrity is taking a bit of hit by this whole thing. I mean, I love our big media celebs, but when you put everyone on a webcam from home they somehow seem to be little different from the rank and file Instagrammers and YouTubers out there. There are people with a few thousand followers on YT whose style interests me more than Kelly Ripa's, though I love her as well.

Anyway, this crisis isn't going to just stop and things will instantly go back to normal. We're looking at a year or two of adjusting to social distancing restrictions and even after a vaccine turns up thing won't suddenly be like last February. That may come, but it'll be years.

Posted By: Hal
Date Posted: May 14 2020 at 8:15am
Morning Joe's Mika capital B got a heathy trim and fresh dye job right in the heat of the quarantine while typically complaining about the president not doing enough...

Posted By: Klaatu48
Date Posted: May 14 2020 at 9:15am
Nina Dobrev recently posted about her strong split-end game, so I'm kind of crossing my fingers a really healthy trim is in the cards for her once things open up, whenever that is.

Posted By: Hair to there
Date Posted: September 12 2020 at 7:00pm
Not sure but as of early September Kelly seems happy with her long hair mentioning on air how thick and luscious her hair is now sans extensions


Posted By: Hair to there
Date Posted: September 12 2020 at 7:47pm
Personally I'm with you arch 94 and according to Downloaded Pinterest pictures Kelly's chin length bob from 2 years ago it is a desired hairstyle and though I usually prefer long hair Kelly being so petite diminutive think another bob is a perfect fit unless she was daring enough to pixie


Posted By: P-nut gallery
Date Posted: October 29 2020 at 1:47pm
i don't see a pixie happening for KR...despite the wishes from those in here, lol

Posted By: Ricc
Date Posted: November 13 2020 at 9:45am
I think she'd be cute with a pixie, but my problem with going very short is that so many women never go back to longer styles once they do. Look at Jane Pauley. She looked wonderful with long hair years ago, then cut it and it's been short ever since.

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