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This is my routine

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Topic: This is my routine
Posted By: 2nd Coming
Subject: This is my routine
Date Posted: July 26 2004 at 9:06am
This Hater right here, but I ain't hatin no more...(Mods got to me)
Take it for what its worth but this is my routine and how I got waves

I said before that going to jail got you waves and when my uncle and my oldhead came home they both gave me tips...I started like 97-98, stopped now im at it again

here we go...

First like everybody know you wash your hair but brush it aint the same time ( that aint nothing new)...My uncle told me to use soap, but i aint locked up i always used shampoo fvck the bullish

Second, use conditioner and do the same thing like when you wash ( I'm sure people do that)

While your hair is wet brush ( I dont have a specific time) then durag it up...I use a this stockin cap from back in the day, its really the sh*t

Once your **** is dry I throw pink lotion( my uncle was knocked he used regular lotion)...then I brush( for longer than when my hair is wet) then I put the cap back on

Comment: I know yall do the pink lotion when you hair wet, but this is just how i was told who knows which works better

Little sh*t I do that probably has no effect is like while I got the stockin cap in i rub the side of the brush over my head...I always rub my hand over my head when i brush

I brush throughout the day too...when i first had waves, they used to call me chicago(i bet yall youngsters dont know why, just ask)

My cousin said put in some vaseline but I just cant do that

there is a simple way i did to get this turned out to be a damn essay

dont ever, eva, eva, eva come roun
he no mo

Posted By: jarell1944
Date Posted: July 26 2004 at 1:03pm
i always rub my head with my other hand while i brush 2...i like 2 feel the ripples i guess

Bet you never even felt the heat till i put the M-1 next to ya waves and melt the greaseWhat Im Workin WitDiane brush & Soft Brush both militaryMurrys Super Light Pomade/Nu Nile

Posted By: lawless
Date Posted: July 26 2004 at 1:37pm
Originally posted by jarell1944 jarell1944 wrote:

i always rub my head with my other hand while i brush 2...i like 2 feel the ripples i guess
i do too

change is good

Posted By: BxRiverYoung02
Date Posted: July 26 2004 at 8:53pm
yea they say doing that brings out the pattern quicker but dunno if that true.

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Posted By: NewEraOg
Date Posted: July 26 2004 at 8:56pm
i dunno if iss tru but i do it neway.everybody prolly do it

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Posted By: seaTown
Date Posted: July 26 2004 at 11:36pm
Yeah it's kinda a habit. Can't really control it.


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