Tipping etiquette

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Tipping etiquette
Direct Link To This Post Ajslady70 April 21 2006 at 9:01pm  Quote Ajslady70 Quote  Post Reply Reply

I tried to do a search on here but the crazy thing timed out each time.  Anyway, I've read tipping is normally up to 15% on extensions but she's charging me $800 for it and owns her own salon so I don't know what the norm would be.  I normally don't go anywhere that charges this much for a service like this and never tipped $120 for anything.

Suggestions?  I was thinking $20-$40 but not sure I should even tip anything as it's her own place. Help!!


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Direct Link To This Post neosoulsenhora April 21 2006 at 9:38pm  Quote neosoulsenhora Quote  Post Reply Reply
I think $800 is enough tip. I don't like tipping because then it becomes expected. ( that only goes for hair stylist ) I mean if you have been going to her for a while and you know that he or she does a wonderful job it's up too you, but then aren't they suppose to be doing a FANTASTIC job anyway for $800 bills.
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Direct Link To This Post gerrigirl April 21 2006 at 9:53pm  Quote gerrigirl Quote  Post Reply Reply
I think that the saying You don't have to tip an owner is very Passe'. Just because they own the salon doesn't mean that they are pocketing the whole $800. They have supplies to buy and other expenses to pay out of that. And some salon owners are paid just like stylist working for them , Commission. SO out of that $800 take out what the hair and supplies cost, then take 40%-50% of that (some are paid even less). so maybe they may make $300 or less on your full install. And depending on how long that takes, it doesn't add up to much per hour.
So, yes I would tip anyone, owner or not who works on your hair at the least $50.
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Direct Link To This Post sherrie215 April 21 2006 at 10:47pm  Quote sherrie215 Quote  Post Reply Reply

This was discussed here along time ago with alot of different opinions.

I think for standard sevices (waitress, bartender, hair cut, color etc.) a % tip is the norm. But when you get up into the hundreds, and even thousands for this type of service the 10-20 % isnt necessarily expected. $50 is a wonderful tip in any profession. (Im a bartender, so yes I do get tips and 'expect' them to some degree, they are what makes my job a decent paying job)

I dont get the 'dont need to tip the owner' thing myself. A tip is given for good service, or services performed well. So it doesnt matter to me whether its the owner or who it is, if I get good service I give a good tip. 

Something to think about....we REMEMBER who tips well and believe me, I take care of those who do! I still give good service to those who dont, but I do go the extra mile for my tippers!

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Direct Link To This Post Ajslady70 April 21 2006 at 11:04pm  Quote Ajslady70 Quote  Post Reply Reply
That's part of my dilemma.  I've never gone to this woman before.  I don't live in this town.  I probably won't ever be going back to her once I'm in California and find people out there to do it so I'm wondering if I even need to worry about it unless she just does some phenomenal thing that I don't think could ever be duplicated and then I'll have to come back in to see her on my way to see my mother whenever I fly back in for that.  If that's the case, I'm sure I will be tipping well but wondering if she doesn't include it in her price.  She took $150 deposit to buy the hair with and said the remaining $650 was what she was charging to do it.  Not sure how long she takes to do it but she made my appointment for 3 p.m. with the client before me who also was having extensions done at 11 a.m. but then called today asking when we set mine up so she could schedule someone for a cut and color around my appointment.
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Direct Link To This Post TanglesRC April 21 2006 at 11:04pm  Quote TanglesRC Quote  Post Reply Reply

as a stylist and salon owner, i am most always tipped, while i never ever expect it i ALWAYS appreciate it,

i have received tips for extension work from  $50 and as high as $300.

do what your heart tells you.

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Direct Link To This Post kristie m April 22 2006 at 12:31am  Quote kristie m Quote  Post Reply Reply
Gosh, even if I knew I were only going to be at a restaurant one time
in my life, if I got good service it would still be the right thing to
to leave a decent tip. Just my two cents worth here, but if one
can afford a good meal, or hundreds of dollars for hair service, one
should be willing to give a decent tip for good service.

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Direct Link To This Post Naked Eye April 22 2006 at 1:05am  Quote Naked Eye Quote  Post Reply Reply
Yeah kristie, I agree completely, I hate when out of towners do that to me
I don't care about the money, but it makes me feel bad, because I
don't know if they didn't like my service.

I don't think you should HAVE to tip the same percent. Again, according
to all "standards" they say you should "never" tip the owners. (Don't hate
me, I didn't make the rules, that's just what I am told) personally, if they
did a good job, it's a pat on the back, it's nice to tip.

I think the concept behind it is that the owners typically make money
from other people working for them. I know they have expenses, but
Usually the amount they make is much more than they really need for
supplies. (again, I'm speaking from working at a spa, which is much
different than some place that does hair)

Anyways, bottom line, do what you feel is RIGHT. If she did a good job,
tip her what you can afford and what you think is right. Extensions is not
nessicary (haha, even though it seems like it sometimes) and if you can't
afford a decent tip with it, don't get it done. You know?
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Direct Link To This Post htowngirl April 22 2006 at 3:29am  Quote htowngirl Quote  Post Reply Reply

I think that tipping shows that you received a "great" service.  I paid 600.00 for my extension service and tipped a "great" amount.  I think most stylists are not looking at the "standard" percentage...I believe (my opinion only), they see a tip as representation that their work is valued and a "great job" is rewarded!!  I, too, traveled out of town to get my hair done, but that didn't have any bearing on whether I tipped or if I returned.  The stylist did a fanstastic job and aside from my verbal praise, I wanted her to know that her work was fantastic and greatly appreciated.  If a stylist values their profession, provides good service, provides a pleasant atmosphere, and meets or exceeds your expection...I think it is only right to provide them with a tip.

On the other hand...if the service is "bad or not up to par"...believe me...I don't feel any guilt paying for my service and excluding the tip.  In those scenarios...payment is enough.

Just my opinion.

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Direct Link To This Post Draakje April 22 2006 at 9:38am  Quote Draakje Quote  Post Reply Reply

Haha  My hairstylist would laugh her butt off when I gave something extra

It's not a costume to tip over here, only in restaurants (and I tip my piercer, but she laughed at me too.. But I MADE her keep the money!)

When I like or enjoyed something I just say "thank you so much! I love it!" or something. If somebody can't pay for what ever anymore, they raise their prices!

Useless "advise", just funny.

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Direct Link To This Post gsmilie April 22 2006 at 11:45am  Quote gsmilie Quote  Post Reply Reply

Well here is my two cents.  When I had GL's installed I asked my stylist if she expected a tip, yes I know, it probably wasn't the best etique, but I am a stay at home mom on a fixed expense account.  It took me a long time to save up for GL's and I didn't have very much left over.  Anyways, she said that the amount charged me included the tip amount and that she didn't expect me to pay her anymore, until take-down time.

Now I always tip when ever I am having a "normal" service done, and I always tip 20%.  I have even tipped for services that I have not been 100% pleased with.

Anyways, that my 2 cents.  You should do what feels right to you, and if that means talking to the stylist about it, at least you would both know what to expect.

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Direct Link To This Post gerrigirl April 23 2006 at 6:36am  Quote gerrigirl Quote  Post Reply Reply
Well for GL extension price I would hope that the tip is included. But for any other type that is not over priced like GL I would tip according to the service you receive.
When I do extensions I send the client home with a bag full of shampoo, conditioner, brushes,and the removal is included if they want to take them out and not have them put back in and I am available to them whenever they need to come in or have any worries. So for me a tip is greatly appreciated. But every stylist is different, so use your best judgement when you get them done.
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Direct Link To This Post metalgirl April 23 2006 at 11:53am  Quote metalgirl Quote  Post Reply Reply

Because I don't charge very much to begin with, (my installs are $300-400), yes I do very much appreciate a tip. 

And trust me, when clients call at the last minute wanting to get their hair done, I very well remember who tips and who doesn't!  For a client who tips well I'd come in on my day off, for someone who doesn't, they'd just have to wait.

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Direct Link To This Post zapevaj April 24 2006 at 5:17am  Quote zapevaj Quote  Post Reply Reply
I don't expect people to tip a percentage. Sure, I work hard and earn my money, but I also understand that, good lord, if you're already spending $200-300 on hair, $50 more is a lot. That said, I really appreciate it when people tip, because it's an extra little acknowledgement that they are happy with the service they received. Sometimes I get tipped and sometimes I don't, but when I receive even the smallest tip, it means something. I've been tipped $10 before, and I was happy, because I assumed it meant that they were happy with the service and would have tipped more if they could.

And metalgirl is exactly right; a professional person will do the same work for every client, but for the ones who tip well, we'll do the little extra things to make an appointment more convenient. As an example, I had an unexpected day off Sunday, and one of my favorite clients has been trying to schedule a weekend appointment- so I called her up and offered to see her that day. I kept myself from losing a day of work, and she got her appointment 2-3 weeks sooner than she would have otherwise!

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