I dont want to lose my hair again!

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I dont want to lose my hair again!
Direct Link To This Post Joginny August 24 2006 at 11:05am  Quote Joginny Quote  Post Reply Reply
History about me natural #6, color up to a #4 - lost all hair year and a half ago due to illness, finally had some growth about 5-6 inches (colored #4) good condition was coming in full and thick. 
Decided to bleach out over the weekend - bad idea! overprocessed and hair starting breaking off and and melting.  reminder I only have 5-6 inches of hair to begin with.
What can I do, I quickly purchased biolusture - did the treatment on Tuesday with little results, I have been using hair fixer by loreal and have been leaving in Goldwell biosilk treatment in between.  I havent even tried to dry my hair - even finger combing seems to cause more breakage.
Please advise me what to do.  I would like to go back to #4, but consulted with a hair colorist online and they told me my hair would not hold the color and it may turn green!
I meet with another local colorist yesterday they put on a toner and deep conditioned me for $150 - I cant afford that everyday.
what are my options? I dont want to be bald again.  I just recently lost the wig.  Do I have to stay blonde until I grow out?  what am I going to do about roots etc..  I am heart sick.  My husband is so mad at me, he of course had to deal with my hairloss last year and doesnt want to become hermits again.
Please give rec's for products, treatments I am so desperate.
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Direct Link To This Post mustbcrazy August 25 2006 at 3:24am  Quote mustbcrazy Quote  Post Reply Reply
About 9 months ago I had the same problem but a Hair Color Specialist left me under the dryer for an hour and a half and I had mush for hair so I cut all of my hair off and started all over again. I used every product available my bathroom really looks like a Hair Salon. I doubt there is any miracle cure for your hair once it is fried it is fried. There are 2 products that I used that did do a little bit for my hair and they were Sebastian Laminates Masque shampoo your hair and leave it on for an hour or more then rinse in cool water, the other product is L' Oreal Natures Therapy you get it at Sally's Beauty Supply to me it work the same as the Kerastase Masque which costs alot and they are both made by L'Oreal. I wish you the best of luck and hope everything works out for you.
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Direct Link To This Post hannebash August 26 2006 at 2:48pm  Quote hannebash Quote  Post Reply Reply
I'm really sorry you are in that situation.  I can't really recommend anything for you but just wanted to tell you that I hope you feel better soon and it will grow back out. I remember at the start of last year lamenting my horrible fried, colored hair and time flew by, now it all grew back and it's wonderful. 
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Direct Link To This Post Sharyg11 August 26 2006 at 3:30pm  Quote Sharyg11 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Run to your nearest beauty supply store and get a bottle of Oleocap. Is a big bottle of a hot oil treatment (is like 6 or 8 ounces).  It will last for several treatments. Also get a bottle of lecithin if they have any. Treat the hair with the lecithin first. And then do the Oleocap treatment. Just follow the directions on the bottle. If you can't find the lecithin that's fine. Just use the Oleocap then.
My aunt was a beutician for over 30 years and has every trick under her sleeve you can imagine. She says that lecithin (or is it lecithine?) is so good, that when a chemical treatment went wrong and the client's hair would start falling off in the shampoo bowl, right in front of them, they would run, grab a bottle of lecithin, put it in the clients hair and it would stop falling out immediatly, and the client wouldn't even know it ever happened.
My other aunt was the one who taught me about the Oleocap(is made by L'oreal). Years ago she had the bright idea of putting hair relaxer and hair dye in her hair AT THE SAME TIME!!!. So off course you can imagine what happened. Her hair started falling out. And the texture of it changed to what she describes as freshly picked cotton. She ran and bought a bottle of Oleocap (or may be is Oleo Cap) and from the first treatment her hair stopped falling out. She kept treating it with it every week. Her hair kept getting stronger and healthier until it finally got back to normal. It will take a month or two, but at least you will still have your hair. You are going to have to deal with the roots for now. It is better than having no hair at all. Start some protein treatements at home. Nexxus emergencee works wonders, also Redken deep fuel. Do them once a month(Actually you know what, I think with your degree of damage you should do the Nexxus Emergencee once a week). And deep condition after, or your hair will feel like straw. All you need to deep condition is a good conditioner (Redken all soft heavy cream, Biolage, Joico etc) put it on at home, cover your head with a shower cap for 15 to 20 minutes. If you have a head drier or a heat cap even better. Go under the dryer or the heat cap for 15 minutes. Or if you have access to a sauna that will work great too.  Oh! there is also another great protein repair treatment. Sebastian 2+1. It is expensive but it works. Any of those should do the trick. Don't worry the right products and TLC will do the trick. And please don't ever let any stylist charge you $150 for a deep conditioner (yes I know he did a color wash but still). All they do is use a good conditioner and use some heat to open up the cutticle and let the conditioner penetrate. So do it yourself and save some $$.
Good luck and keep us posted on what happens.

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Direct Link To This Post SugarCube August 27 2006 at 8:54am  Quote SugarCube Quote  Post Reply Reply
couldn't have said it better myself Shary. and I hope your hair returns to its shining glory.
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Direct Link To This Post Joginny August 27 2006 at 4:44pm  Quote Joginny Quote  Post Reply Reply
Please tell me more about the oleocap oil.  Where can I find it? I did a search on the internet and all I can find is a relax oil called oleo.  Please direct me to the right product - It sounds so promising to me...Has given me hope.
I would be forever in you debt if you could give me a link....
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Direct Link To This Post Sharyg11 August 27 2006 at 5:05pm  Quote Sharyg11 Quote  Post Reply Reply
OMG, I have never bought it on the internet, I used to get it at my local beauty supply. Is there a Sally's around your area? They might have it. Anyway, meanwhile get the Nexxuss Emergencee, and start doing the treatments right away. Do them once a week. You will notice the difference usually immediatly and your hair should stop falling out (hey you may not even need the oleocap if the emergencee works well). Meanwhile, I'm going to look around my area and see if I can find the Oleocap for you. The beauty supply where I used to get it, closed down. But there are many other places around my area. I'm sure one of them has to have it. If I find it, I promise, I will mail it to you myself. I know how heart breaking hair problems can be. I'll do my best, I promise. You can get the Nexxuss emergencee at any beauty supply, Ulta, and even Walmart and Target are now carrying Nexxus products. So get yourself a bottle of tha stuff ASAP.
And I know it is easier said than done, but try not to stress yourself. It will only make it worse. Just keep repeating to yourself, "is no big deal, is going to be fine, it is fixable". Hang in there, we'll do our best to try and save your precious hair. I'll go out looking for the oleocap tomorrow and will get back to you asap.
Much love, Shary.
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Direct Link To This Post Joginny August 27 2006 at 9:02pm  Quote Joginny Quote  Post Reply Reply
Oh please do, I have checked online @ Sally's and I cant find it.  I also have a cosmetology license so I have access to other sites...I am lost.
Any more information you could give would be so helpful.
Thanks a million!!
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Direct Link To This Post Vicki Mittas December 03 2009 at 6:09am  Quote Vicki Mittas Quote  Post Reply Reply
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Direct Link To This Post Vicki Mittas December 03 2009 at 6:10am  Quote Vicki Mittas Quote  Post Reply Reply
I need Oleocap urgently. My mum is an old hairdresser and swears by it nut I can't find it. Is it off the market now? Please someone help I'mm losing all my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Direct Link To This Post barbz May 06 2011 at 1:42pm  Quote barbz Quote  Post Reply Reply
I was in the same predicament tho not bald but my hair was very very short. well i stopped trying to grow it again was frustrated with using all these products without reaping any reward so i jus stop trying all together, i would just wear caps every where i went. i didn't style boy it wasn,t till my husband got mad and gave me a piece of his mind i tried again and i found this great guide to help me grow my hair.
now my hair is long and beautiful every time i'm taking care of my hair and my hubby is around i go kiss him and say thanks for the telling off.
if i managed to do it you will do it stay strong.
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Direct Link To This Post Sparrowhawk1161 December 20 2011 at 4:56am  Quote Sparrowhawk1161 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Can you use another oil treatment?  There are other oil treatments out there.  But if your hair is falling apart, oil is not the only thing you need... you need protein.
Oil only seals hair.  It doesn't do anything for it, but keep it shiny and radaint...
Karatin:  not spelled like that... but it sounds like it... I am too tired to spell anything... but concerned about your hair.  Go to the vitamin isle and pick up something for hair and nails... it will have that substance in it.  Nails are fused hairs... and hair is not much different.  the same substance... pop them like candy and suddenly your nails will be growing out of control... and new fresh hair will be growing too...
Next. EAT every thing you can.. especially protein.. the more protein.. the more hair you get.  See easy... eat protien.. get protein hair.
Walk... or run or just get out and just do that... no it's not psych... it's physiological...  You need blood to go to your scalp... just like the hyper teen who could figure out what to do with all that hair... you need blood... so exercise... anbd message the scalp so blood get's in there.
Soon, nice healthy hair will be growing from you head like a weed
Dying hair will do you no good... but, new fresh hair will be fantastic!  Then, you can come to Illinois and show me it.  Guggles... right!
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Direct Link To This Post fadrickstar December 24 2011 at 8:06am  Quote fadrickstar Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hair transplant is not something you decide on easily. This is not a link to have sown in your hair or toupee right choice. Having a hair transplant is an invasive procedure and refers to a very limited amount of resources (your hair), so you have to consider it after discussing it right.
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Direct Link To This Post bullet875 August 18 2012 at 11:24pm  Quote bullet875 Quote  Post Reply Reply
I had this happen once and I was able to save my hair with Nexxus Emergence and Humectress conditioner.
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