Colorful Protein Filler Advice!

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Colorful Protein Filler Advice!
Direct Link To This Post elliemae December 23 2005 at 3:34pm  Quote elliemae Quote  Post Reply Reply

So I have been researching quite a bit on this forum about what to do about my hair. I have been dyeing (home) it for about 5 years now, and for the past 3 years I have used only permanent hair color. My hair has always been slightly frizzy (well, more a fluffy type thing), and this hasn't changed at all -- but recently my hair just does not hold color at all (and so I imagine my hair cortex is damaged, but not severely). I dye it and about two washes later it will be this brassy orangey color (which I used to actually kind of like, but now I am just sick of it).

so anyway. as I have said, I have been researching and have decided to use a protein filler with demi-permanent color to get the color that I desire (a dark brown).
Now, my question is -- on the Colorful Protein Filler #2 (warm brown), it is not clear on the directions. It says that when coloring, to pour the filler in with the developer? But how would that help at all?

Has anyone used this exact brand (not Goldwells and such, I am interested only in the Colorful brand) and this exact product?
I am really confused at how exactly I am supposed to apply this filler, and how long to wait to color, etc.

Thank you!

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Direct Link To This Post Rebekah December 23 2005 at 3:42pm  Quote Rebekah Quote  Post Reply Reply

I'm not sure why you want to add more warmth to your orangey brassy hair.  If I were you, I'd try adding a neutral protein filler.  Also, when you color your hair don't pull the color through to the ends to refresh, this makes the hair porous.  Rather use a demi to touch up midsection and ends. 

Pretty sure you apply the protein filler and then color hair.  No need to wait.  I believe it's just a conditioning agent made to help porous hair grab and hold color. 

One more thing, if you want to get a dark brown color on your ends, then use a light brown...because porous hair usually grabs color and makes it darker than what you want. 

PLEASE STRAND TEST prior to doing the entire head. 

Good luck!

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Direct Link To This Post elliemae December 23 2005 at 4:00pm  Quote elliemae Quote  Post Reply Reply
Yeah, I got the Neutral Protein Filler by Colorful as well, just in case. But wouldn't the toned filler just go over the lightened hair and cause it to become that warm brown color? Or would it really be affected by the bleach from the prior Permanent hair coloring that I did?
And with the Demi-permanent color that I got (dark brown), would it really matter that I have orangey hair underneath? Since it just sits on the hair folicle instead of seeping into the cortex?

sorry I really just don't understand much of the chemistry of hair!
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Direct Link To This Post Rebekah December 23 2005 at 4:45pm  Quote Rebekah Quote  Post Reply Reply

Toners work by neutralizing.  Hence, orange would be neutralized by blue...think color wheel.  If the hair is orange and you add red/orange, it will just get warmer. 

So you bleached your hair prior to permenant coloring?  What stage did you bleach to?

Well, think about coloring hair like water colors.  If you want to neutralize an orangey color you'd need to add a blue...if you have water colors at home to paint with try this...paint these dots on paper and let them dry--orange, yellow, red--then add blue to the orange, violet to the yellow, and green onto the red...what you should get are browns...

When hair is dyed the cuticle is opened and color is lifted out of the hair and deposited into the inside of the hair.  When bleaching, bleach actually removes the underlying pigments of the hair and can get to white (which I don't recommend) if bleached long enough.  It's not really that complicated.  Hair just reflects light and depending on what color you have combined is the resulting color. 

Also, underlying contribuiting pigment + dye applied = final result of hair color...when bleaching  hair bleached to an underlying pigment + toner = resulting color. 

Anyway, hope this helps...


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Direct Link To This Post elliemae December 23 2005 at 5:56pm  Quote elliemae Quote  Post Reply Reply
No I never bleached my hair, but permanent hair color contains a certain amount of bleach I thought.
& I understand the idea of neutralizing colors, & thank you for explaining it, it does make a lot more sense now.

but I am just wondering if:
colored Protein filler + demipermanent hair color = the color that I am set out to have, which would be a warm dark brown. or if it really is necessary to neutralize the brassy color before hand?

my hair color now is pretty much like this:

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Direct Link To This Post Rebekah December 23 2005 at 6:48pm  Quote Rebekah Quote  Post Reply Reply

Your hair is already pretty warm, nice color too, I like it.  Looks like a lightest golden brown. 

Permanent color doensn't have bleach rather there is ammonia in the color and then you mix that with a vol of peroxide 10 - 40 vol. to get different levels of lift.  It's supposed to work like this 20 vols, 2 levels of lift; 30 vol, three levels of lift; 40 vol, 4 levels of lift.  However, this doesn't always work with all hair and can be quite unpredictable. 

Colored Protein filler + demi color = (some color, depending on what you choose, but you are forgetting that your hair, which is rather warm has some underlying tones that either can be enhanced or neutralized)  So, colored protein filler + demi + underlying pigment = resulting color.  If you like warm and want more warm then add a warm protein filler. 

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Direct Link To This Post elliemae December 23 2005 at 9:00pm  Quote elliemae Quote  Post Reply Reply
Thanks, I've really liked this color for a long time and even though it is probably the result of bad coloring, it looks really good on me.
But a month ago or so I tried a dark brown and I loved it completely and got so many compliments that I really want to keep that color (but then that fading happened after 2 washes =( )

but wow yeah I can imagine now why normally, permanent hair colors do not work well with my hair!

Alright well I have decided after much deliberation that I will go with the neutral protein filler + demi, since a cooler tone would work better with my skin tone.
thank you for breaking it down for me so well (and for being so patient at my ignorance to the subject!)
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Direct Link To This Post Rebekah December 23 2005 at 10:17pm  Quote Rebekah Quote  Post Reply Reply
No problem and remember to strand test when trying something new. 
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