Damaged curly hair still growing out straight

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Damaged curly hair still growing out straight
Direct Link To This Post Chich May 09 2013 at 8:45am  Quote Chich Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hello all,

I have no idea of what to do so I hope someone can offer advice.

I have slightly Afro European hair, I'm North African origin. When I was much younger it was thick but relatively bushy/curly.

When I was in my teens I learn that I could ringlet curl my hair just but twisting it into segments whilst wet and then opening the segments out into ringlets after it was dry. (Just to try and explain the texture of my hair!)

My hair later became very damaged after years of straightening and I had it cut about 6 months ago to around my ears.

The problem is the regrowth of my hair starts curly for about an inch and the the ends become straight and scraggly again.

I no longer use any heat, and curlers any blow drying or straightening

I have been using kerastase shampoo conditioner and leave in oil for two months, but it doesn't appear to have done any good.

I understand that when hair is damaged beyond repair, you must wait until it grows out ie that you can't nurse the damaged hair back to health, but I'm concerned because the new hair appears to be dry and brittle too.

I have attached some photos showing my hair and the curly hair from the root appears to only be around an inch or two. But around 6 inches of my hair is was has grown from my root since the cut.

What am I doing wrong.

Please note that I'm currently travelling in South east Asia and because the hair type here is so different to my own, I haven't been able to go to a salon or buy hair products.

I'm currently using just Pantene shampoo and conditioner as my kerastase ran out about two weeks ago.

Any advice is appreciated!!!!

Ps - my photo uploads are not working but I can send photos by mail if that's allowed

Thank you xx

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Direct Link To This Post teresimpson April 30 2014 at 3:03am  Quote teresimpson Quote  Post Reply Reply
Here's what you can do now.

1.  Have regular trims to cut out the damaged hair,
2.  Search for hair care products which provide help for damaged hair. The right products really help repair damaged and chemically processed hair. 

The best products are (a) sulfate free, so it's guaranteed easy on the scalp and head, and; (b) It has high concentrations of argan oil which rehydrates and fortifies hair.

Good luck to you.

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Direct Link To This Post mailtoKIRILLKIR May 16 2014 at 4:54am  Quote mailtoKIRILLKIR Quote  Post Reply Reply
Commercial shampoo is most likely doing the damage. The sad thing is the many salon professionals also using the same staff that contains harsh chemicals.

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Direct Link To This Post lion099 May 16 2014 at 5:46am  Quote lion099 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Unfortunately sometimes the ONLY answer when hair is damaged is time and lots of patience. 

A good friend of mine who has naturally curly hair which used to form into lovely ringlets was severely damaged. 

It was fried from lots of terrible treatment.She bleached her dark brunette hair platinum blonde.  She had extensions put in and she had several relaxing treatments to take out the curls.  Her hair turned into a total ball of frizz that grew straight out from her scalp with no texture at all.  The curls were completely destroyed.

It took her hair 4 years to grow completely out where all the damage was gone.  She now has beautiful ringlets again.  She also swears she will never deliberately damaged her curls every again. 

What did she do? 

1.  Had the damage removed on a very regular basis (trims every 8-10 weeks)
2.  Only shampooed her hair once a month with a diluted shampoo formula BUT did conditioner diluted hair rinses 1x a week. 
3.  She stopped all use of heat of any kind and when she did wash her hair, she would roll it in sponge rollers or rag rollers or old fashioned pin curls.
4.  She use jojoba oil deep treatments once a month.
5.  Took special hair vitamins to cure her hair from the inside out.
6.  Drank lots of water to help add moisture back to her hair.
7.  Had a lot of patience. 
8.  Found a good hairdresser she could trust to help her grow back her hair.

Good luck to you on getting your curls back.  Fingers crossed on your behalf.

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Direct Link To This Post teresimpson May 28 2014 at 8:08pm  Quote teresimpson Quote  Post Reply Reply
Here's a good question Lion.  How can you be sure who is a good hairdresser that you can trust?  Is there is checklist you should follow? 

What do you do to make sure you have an authentically good hairdresser and not one who just claims they are good?
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