LONG inverted bob (pics)

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LONG inverted bob (pics)
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Hi everyone, I'm posting to see if anyone has some input about an inverted bob haircut, but longer and with a bit of a twist.

I've had said haircut for many years now. It's pretty typical, but I always try to get my hair stylist to leave the front really long and cut the back really short, so it's a little different from other people.

I like the cut, but It never quite turns out how I picture it in my head, but I think maybe it's a matter that they are scared that the back will look strange (my mom called the look 'dog ears'), so I can sorta understand the problem. Here's what I'm talking about:

Any idea how the back could look less awkward when the front is really long? I think if I could bring in some pictures, I might finally get the cut I want. I found quite a few pictures of the length I want in the front, but they never show what the back looks like.

Here's some pics so you can see the length I'm talking about for the front:

I also liked these, they were less extreme so might be more realistic:

Basically, I'm trying to get away from the 'dog ear' look. Any ideas? Anyone have ideas or pictures? I realize lots of people have the cut without the 'dog ears', but those tend to be when the front is only slightly longer than the back.

(Edit: Images didn't upload properly first time....)

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Direct Link To This Post loveshorthair May 16 2010 at 9:10pm  Quote loveshorthair Quote  Post Reply Reply
To me it needs to blend the back with the sides.  I would have the stylist cut the back into a curve, with the middle of the back the shortest and then gradually curving longer to the sides.
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