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Question for you experts
Direct Link To This Post Pixiefan December 07 2007 at 10:42am  Quote Pixiefan Quote  Post Reply Reply
Thanks for the kind words and yes, I am a lucky dude. Not only the fact that she is enjoying the transformation to ultra short but is a self described enthusiast. By the way, I am a close cropped crewcut wearer, so our cuts nearly match.
Her exact words as I left for work this morning, "Hey, later today let's get on the internet and look at haircuts for my next clipper fun!!"
As well, we are talking about a barber shop visit to get the real feel of those clippers!
I am very, very fortunate!  

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Direct Link To This Post conrad December 06 2007 at 1:41pm  Quote conrad Quote  Post Reply Reply
Zoinkies Raggie!  congrats, its nice when your significant other shares the excitement they are experiencing with you, expecially when it is as exciting for you to see the end result as you envisioned it.  Now, you can have the anticipation build up for the next two weeks for the next shorter cut!  As a surprise to her, you can get the same or shorter style cut for yourself right after her?!
 Not sure what length you have, but it would be a treat for her possibly.  You may throw it out there when ya'll talk about her next cut and say " hey, i like that length, what do you think about me getting a cut like yours?"  She may not like short hair on guys at all, so you either know this already or you can pose it that way.
Let us know if you want to share!
Good lucky *#$!!*#$Wink

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Direct Link To This Post Pixiefan December 05 2007 at 11:11pm  Quote Pixiefan Quote  Post Reply Reply
My gosh this is a fun place to chat!Her feeling (I just asked her) as the clippers mowed thru 5 weeks of pixie growth "I love this and can not wait to get it cut again"
She is an enthusiast of sorts and totally supports my love of super short crops. She insists that I be present for the next "trim" and yes, she wants to go a bit shorter next time. Probably 1/2 inch on sides and top and a no guard high n tight on the neckline. Ummmm, we like each other a lot!
A little background on Elizabeth and her hair: She is 31, 5-8, 130, very beautiful girl inside and out.....
1975 thru 2000 long, usually mid back or longer
2001-2004 trimmed to shoulder length
2005-2007 bob with varying length
September 2007 Longish pixie
October 2007 boyish pixie (3 inches in length)
December 2007 Feminine Crewcut
Summer 2008 Discussions being held for a vacation head shave
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Direct Link To This Post Snipette December 05 2007 at 4:00pm  Quote Snipette Quote  Post Reply Reply
I'm glad you like the cut. It would be amazing if you could post before and after pictures of the cut (as i mentioned before just blur or block out the facial features if she is worried about her identity).
Shame you missed the clippers. Did she discribe how she felt at they ploughed their way through her hair, and how it felt first time she touch her newly shorn head?  Try and be there in 2 weeks when she goes for the trim.
Is it short enough for you or would you like her to go even shorter??
All the best
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Direct Link To This Post Pixiefan December 05 2007 at 11:17am  Quote Pixiefan Quote  Post Reply Reply
Good and bad news guys and girls.....
Techno prowess of Elizabeth and myself is still a work in progress, so the pictures may or may not appear!
As for the cut, yes it is a treat.....
Her stylist (after a couple of times asking if she was sure she wanted this done!) took the top and sides to 3/4 of an inch and tapered the back to a 1/2 inch....
I (darn it) was not present for the clipping but got the following insight:
Clippers were used on the sides and nape....
Cut was termed a feminine crewcut
Next appointment in two weeks! 
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Direct Link To This Post PurpleBubba December 02 2007 at 12:41pm  Quote PurpleBubba Quote  Post Reply Reply
Ok I now see on the link I gave that it says that Haute Tension is also known as High Tension in some other countries such as USA.
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Direct Link To This Post cyhairctr December 02 2007 at 10:49am  Quote cyhairctr Quote  Post Reply Reply
Here is the trailer:
Copy and paste in the URL
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Direct Link To This Post Snipette December 02 2007 at 9:21am  Quote Snipette Quote  Post Reply Reply

Well you are in for a treat.  The haircut is shorter than a pixie. Here is a picture i found which is even shorter than in the movie you mentioned.

I think this is a stunning haircut.  Would you possible post some pictures of your girlfriends hairstyles (blur the face if you want her identity to be kept secret). It's just i would like to see the transformation from bob to pixie to crop.
Let us know how it goes and whether you like it Smile
All the best
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Direct Link To This Post PurpleBubba December 01 2007 at 10:39pm  Quote PurpleBubba Quote  Post Reply Reply
Are you sure she means High Tension and not Haute Tension?
The only listing for High Tension I found on was for a 1930's movie
but here's the link for Haute Tension

It might be one of the actresses from that movie.
This is one of them but I don't know if this picture is from that movie or not,%20C%E9cile
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Direct Link To This Post Pixiefan December 01 2007 at 9:23pm  Quote Pixiefan Quote  Post Reply Reply
My girlfriend just informed me she has an appointment this week to go from her standard 3 inches long pixie to a haircut like the girl in the movie High Tension. She is enamored with this style and I being a computer novice (putting it mildly) have not found what new look I have to look forward to.  As a side note since we began dating she has gone from shoulder to bob to pixie, so is this the next step?
1. I have never seen the movie, can someone give me the scoop on this haircut
2. As the name states I like short hair and honestly the shorter she goes the happier I am.
3. Will this style please the short hair lover in me?
This is an awesome site! 
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