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Topic ClosedOfficial 360 Wave Methods Thread

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: Official 360 Wave Methods Thread
    Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:09pm
Hey guys,

The original 360 vet method thread got too cluttered, so I'm making a new one.  I'm going to lock it so that nothing but methods are posted and so it's easy for people to come in and just browse through a list of good methods.

I've transferred over a bunch of already posted methods that I feel had a good amount of detail and added a couple of new ones.  If you'd like your method posted here, just send me a PM or email me at and if it's detailed and helpful I'll add it.  Providing pics of your waves is preferred.


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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm
KingJames23's Method

How To Get Waves 

(New updated pictures coming soon)

The curls/coils in your hair are the key to getting waves. If your hair is straight the you will not get waves because a wave is a straightened out curl. The curlier (or nappy) your hair is, the more waves you will have in your hair. Deep waves comes from letting your hair grow. Everyones waves will not look the same, it depends on your hair type.
Some people have different textures throughout their head, therefore your waves may have a slightly different look or may not be totally the same. Though it may not be noticeable.
Pomade is not what develops waves. So if you dont use it, it doesnt matter. Pomade is used to help hold down your hair and help define them, but it isnt necessary for the process.

Use pomade before your brush/du rag
Brush hair at most 1/1 hours daily
Clean hair at least every other day to keep hair healthy
Brush hair in shower to make them more uniform
Wear du rag when not busy and to bed.
Spray du rag with water or moisturizer while wearing.
Get a hair cut every 2-4 weeks to make them deeper
While hair is long, comb hair as well as brush (hard brush)

Brushing: When brushing your hair start from the center of your head and brush out in every direction towards your lining. Example: From the crown to your forehead, crown to your left temple, etc. From your crown it should make a circle.

Pomade: Pomade is not what makes waves so if you dont use it, it doesnt matter. Pomade is used to help hold down your hair and help define them, but it isnt necessary for the process. Either place a fingertip of pomade into your hand and rub it until it softens, place it in a sink of hot water until it melts, or melt it with a blow drier, then apply it evenly into your hair. Thoroughly rub it into your hair with your palm. If the pomade isnt melted, take a hot towel and place it on your head to melt the grease, or you can use a blow drier. After you apply the pomade brush it into your hair.

Moisturizing: Use pink lotion or Scurl Moisturizer to keep your hair from drying out. Whenever you think you need it throughout the day.

Ice Pomade: Use this pomade sparingly (going out, etc.), it is possible that it will damage or irritate the skin near your lining.

Water technique: While you are brushing, spray your hair with water and brush it dry. Keep repeating this until youre finished brushing.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm

Blazer15's Method

1Brush hair in shower the same way you normaly, do the top-straight, sides-angle, and back-down.

2. Then dry your hair the same way you brushed, but don't let it dry all da way.

3. Brush your hair till it dries. Brush for 15-20 minutes.

4. Put in some activator in your hair to help better develope your waves or to get your waves started.

5. Then brush for 15-20 minutes.

6. Then put in what ever pomade you want and brush for 20 -30 min

7. Do this every other day to keep your hair healthy.

Example: Wash it wednesday, skip washing thursday, then wash it on friday. On the days you don't wash, you brush it. Then put on your du rag or wave cap. Do not put it on both at the same time. If you are going to put on your wave cap, take the du rag off for air and brush it for like 20-40 min before you put the cap on.

If you dedicate your time to this method you should see results in 2-3 weeks depending on how short your hair is. Also never give up, you have to always be patient.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm


1. A few good brushes
2. A couple of du-rags
3. Moisturizer, pomade and or conditioning gel(I use let's jam, shea butter, luster pink oil moisturizer, doo gro and sportin' waves gold)
4. Shampoo and conditioner
5. A timer or clock
6. Facial cleanser


1. Place your head under the flow of water and brush each section for 30sec.
2. Rub in shampoo in the direction of your desired wave pattern and then brush in the shampoo for 1-2minutes each section.
3. Rinse out shampoo while brushing.
4. Repeat step 2 with conditioner, brush in for 20sec each side and leave it in until your done showering.
***shampoo/condition hair every 2-3 days and on off days just brush in shower for a couple of minutes***
5. Use a towel to get rid of the extra water.
6. Rub moisturizer or doo gro in hair and brush hair for a couple of minutes, then du-rag it.

**make sure you use a comfortable brush**

1a. Apply a generous amout of moisturizer, pomade, or conditioning gel to top of head.
1b. With 2 of the same brushes, brush top-left and top-middle for 1minute.
1c. Next brush the top-middle and top-right for 1minute
1d. Repeat step 1b. and 1c. again.
1e. Don't rest when going through steps 1b-1d, Rest for 1minute after completing step 1d and move on to step 2a.

2a. Repeat step 1a on the back of your head.
2b. With 2 brushes, brush left-middle and right-middle for 1 minute.
2c. Brush left and right side for 1minute.
2d. Brush the area right behind each ear where the sides connect to the back at for 1minute.
2e. Repeat steps 2b-2d
2f. Don't rest during steps 2b-2e, rest for 1minute after 2e and move on to step 3a.

3a. Repeat step 1a on both sides of your head.
3b. With 2 brushes, brush both sides for 3minutes without stopping.
3c. Rest for 1minute and move on to step 4.

4. Repeat steps 1a-3b 2 more times(only put in pomade, conditioning gel or moisturizer when you need it) then cleanse your face to remove any build up of pomade, gel or moisturizer to prevent acne.

5. Rub in doo gro and Du-rag it for the night, or for a hour and then move on to step 6.

6. Repeat the whole process 1-3 more times if you feel you need it, rub in doo gro, cleanse your face, then du-rag it for the night.

*steps 1a-3b takes about 16minutes(rest included) to do.

*this routine is great for the big head brothas , but can be adjusted to better suit the normal size head brothas, instead of brushing the top-left and top-middle at the same time you can just do top-left and top-right, the same for the back.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm


This is the method I used after I got that jacked up cut a month ago, as yall can see it works.


1. 2 soft brushes and 2 medium brushes
2. A couple of du-rags
3. Carrot cream and doo gro
4. Shampoo and conditioner
5. A timer or clock
6. Facial cleanser


*soft brush only*

1. Place your head under the flow of water and brush each section for 30seconds.
2. Rub in shampoo in the direction of your desired wave pattern and then brush in the shampoo for 1-2minutes each section.
3. Rinse out shampoo while brushing.
4. Rub in conditioner, brush in for 20sec each side and leave it in
until your done showering.
***shampoo/condition hair every 2-3days and on off days just brush in shower for a couple of minutes***
5. Use a towel to get rid of the extra water.
6. Apply Carrot cream in hair and brush each side for a minute, then du-rag it.


1. Apply a generous amount of carrot cream to top of head.
2. With 2 medium brushes, brush the top of your head for 5minutes.
3. Apply generous amount of carrot cream to the back of your head.
4. With 2 medium brushes, brush the back of your head for 5minutes.
5. Apply generous amount of carrot cream to both of your sides.
6. With 2 medium brushes, brush both of your sides for 5 minutes.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 with a soft brush, and instead of brushing for
5minutes brush for 10minutes.

*steps 1-7 takes about  45minutes to complete. I usually do steps 1-7

8. When done brushing, clean your face with a facial cleanser.
*apply doo gro if your hair is thinning or if you want it to grow faster*

9. Throw on a fresh du-rag

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm

Blackwallstreet's Method


2 brushes. one hard and one medium/soft

pomades. sportin waves and s-curl 360 style

du-rag and wave cap

s-curl moisturizer activator spray

shampoo and conditioner which contains a moisturizing formula



The process starts at night when you take your shower. Apply the shamppo first like your applying pomade. Brush it in and brush it out. Then do the same for the conditioner. When done take your towel and just wipe in the direction you brush once or just dab to take some water off but leave hair damp a lil.

Apply the s-curl activator/moisturizer to head evenly and brush for 15 mins. Brush so that the moisturizer/activator soaks in your head but leave it a lil moist.

Apply your pomade. I recommend 360 Style after your hair cut and use a hard brush to brush it in. Your head may be sore but after a day or two it'll be fine. When your hair grows out step up to sportin waves. You may use your hard brush in the shower and use your medium/soft brush for this process. It depends on you.

Now go and rinse your face with whatever product you use. This should be the last step because all the moisturizer and pomade will be washed clear and facial bacterias form at night mostly.

Now it should be time to sleep or chill so throw on a wave cap and and du rag. This combo allows side hair to stay flat and it allows you to tie your du-rag looser so there are no more marks on your head. However unless your on the westcoast take your wave cap off and wear a du-rag. Repeat the next night.


I used this process with straight hair. I see results usually about 3 weeks after. So the key ingredient is to be patient and brush. Never break your pattern. Once you see "S" curls appearing your doing something right. So just keep following my meth and your straight hair will be spinning. My spinners took almost 4 months to fully accomplish. Remember to switch hands for each half of your head when brushing. Also remember to tell the barber to cut your hair in a Ceasar and cut with your grain.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm
pmp4lfjmike's Method

1. Wash your hair with shampoo every day if you want (don't use soap on hair)

2. Next get a lil pomade in yo hand, a lil, and rub it on your hair while your still in the shower

3. Brush your hair while there is still pomade in your head after your done

4. Wash you hair completely out then dry your hair until your hair is nice and smooth

5. Get a hot rag and lay it on your hair for while and then repeat step

6. Use any pomade after the hot towel, but for me I use sportinwaves in the gold can or when newly cut, I use 360 scurl

7. And after you are finished, put your wave cap or du rag on. I use a durag cuase it's better to me

8. After your have done steps 1 - 7 and 30 min have passed, get a hot rag and lay it on your hair 2 times again so you can get that smoothness going on!

After you have been doing this for 3 years and 5 mounths and have never broken your pattern you will truely understand what 360 Spinnin is all about.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm

My main meth

Heres what u need:

  • carrot cream (I use hollywood beauty)
  • conditioner
  • carrot oil
  • shea butter (I use palmers)
  • 1 spray bottle wit water
  • soft brush
IIght we'll start in the shower first, brush all part of ya head for a good min then apply some conditioner then apply a lil bit of the carrot oil in ya hair put on a shower cap so it dosnt wash out. Turn up the hot water n put ya whole head under the water. Were doing this to kinda heat up the oil in ya head. U aint gotta keep ya head unda the water for to long only like a min or 2. But make sure u keep the shower cap on for at least 5 mins. Brush out the conditioner then ur done.

Brush just a lil bit then put on ya wavecap or durag while hair is still very wet. When ya hair is almost dry apply some of the carrot creme then brush in n wavecap or durag for at least 30min.

Now the next couple days just use the shea when ur in the shower instead or the conditioner but dont cover wit a shower cap just brush it.

U can do a h20 meth if u want also after u apply a lil bit of carrot creme just keep sprayin ya hair wit water n brushin this lays down ya hair real good after a couple of cycles of sprayin n brushing

But most of the time I just take my wavecap off n brush dry

My lazy meth but effective

What u need:
  • Lets jam
  • Soft Brush
  • Hard brush
brush n the shower n when i get out I brush some more till my hair is almost dry it should b damp den i put n some lets jam a lil bit at a time n sections then add some more till ya hair has that kitted look. then I brush wit da hard n ya hair will have all this white stuff n it but dont worry. Then brush it for a minute or so wit da soft but be quick cause u wanna hurry up before that kitted look goes away. So after some brushin I just wavecap den spary my hair wit a lil bit of water n leave my durag on till my hair drys bout like 30mins.

If i aint comin out the shower i just spray my hair wit some water to get it damp n use the lets jam like i said before.

I think its best if u do this before u bout to goto bed cause when u wake bout 6+ hours later ya waves gon b spinnin in da morning, n I just use a soft brush to touch up

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm

Jae-Till's Method

1 get a dark cesear

2 the nex morning in da shower shampoo and in waves direction

3 wen im done in da shower (hair still wet) i apply pomade in my hair (enough to cover head)

4 i brush each side for 2 minutes

5 put on durag or wave cap until ready for school

6 get in school take durag or wave cap off go to bathroom and put in pink lotion and brush for about 2 minutes.

7 at lunch i add more pink lotion

8 wen school is over i put back on durag and that night i start over again ( wash hair every 3 days).

Materials- Soft brush, Hard Brush, Black Can Sport'n waves, durag or wave cap, pink lotion, shampoo and water

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:13pm

Sjay's wave method

first of all

short hair= soft brush only

long hair= medium to hard brush (unless hair is fine). soft for connection/straightening of waves and through out day incase of need for touch ups.

soft brush in shower

so when i say "brush", brush accordingly unless stated otherwise.

materials needed

  • carrot cream (hollywood beauty)
  • lets jam green top
  • water bottle
  • du rag
  • soft, medium, hard brush. (should own all 3 eventually)

1. wash hair with a good shampoo. not soap. brush shampoo in and out underneath steady flow of water.

2. dont dry hair completely, only pat damp.

3. apply a generous amount of carrot cream. dont worry if ur hair turns white because it will be brushed in. spray with water from water bottle and brush for desired amount of time. (i dont put a certain time limit on brushing because some need more brushin than others depending on hair texture. know ur limit, and try to hit it everytime.)

4. if hair gets dry, reapplication of carrot cream and water may be in need.

5. apply small amount of lets jam green top. brush hair over with a few stokes of a soft brush.

6 application of du rag- spray hair with water one last time. apply du rag. spray du rag while on head with water. (10 times for top, back, and both sides.)

7. go to sleep and wait on ur head to dry in the morning, and repeat 1-7 the next day.


Sjay's 10 min du-rag system

things needed:

  • 2 du rags. (preferably spartan stretch kind)
  • carrot cream and lets jam
  • spray bottle.
  • blow dryer.

the first thing you do is put in carrot cream. this will make your hair soft. then you will brush however long u usually do. apply small amount of lets jam evenly over head. after this you will spray hair wit water bottle till moistened all over. apply du rag number one(dont be afraid to tie it tight cuz it will only take a few minutes). spray this one with water. (abt 10 squirts on back, front, and sides). then apply du rag number two and spray it the same way. once this is done, u can get out the trusty blow dryer and use till u feel as if both du rags all the way to the hair are dry. when u take off the du rags, this will give u the appearance of just du ragging for an extended period of time w/o lines.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:14pm


1 soft brush, 1med brush, Hollywood Beauty carrot creme and slick stuff

LBoog's Method

1. I put a hot towel on my head and leave it there to soak into my head for 2-3mins.

2. I brush my hair dry with my soft brush until i feel  that i had brushed enough, u can repeat. I just brush, i dont count, but if i had to take a good guess i say 10-15mins.

3.After i finish brushing the water in my hair, i put Hollywood Beauty carrot creme in my hair, and brush with my soft brush for 10-15mins, but when my hair is long I use da med bursh  for 5mins then brush my hair with a softy for 10mins. 

4. I put this product that acts like lets jam, it is called SLICK STUFF>>SLICK%20STUFF%20Super%20Shine%20Hair%20Gloss, this stuff works great for my hair. Great hold, and shine i would recommand it to anyone but it does the samething as let jam (green top). Brush this stuff in for another 10mins with my softy or when my hair is long i use my med then soft brush

5. Now I tie up or put on my du-rag/wavecap, put water on it and i hit the bed

During the day like when i have free time or after school when im home i just put water and brush it dry. I wash my hairout, and clean my brush ever week with Pantene Pro-V conditioner, and shampoo.

tats my meth

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 1:14pm

Sorry it take me so long, I kept putting it off....anyway

I only told family my my real methods. I have 4 methods I use all depending on what i want to do.

Method#1 Maintain        &nbs p;         &nbs p;         &nbs p;         |...........No improvement at all
Method#2 Maintain/Development      &nbs p;          |.............Very slow improvement
Method#3 Development /with Pomade         | but without daily brushing

Method#4 Development /with out Pomade    |..................Very fast development but requires daily brushing        &nbs p;   

Beforce I explain my 4 simple methods im going to explain why I will 4 difference type of brushes daily.




Brush #1 is a med brush I use this brush when my hair is thick.
Brush #2 Is a med/hard brush I use this brush in the shower and out of the shower when my hair is thick(development brush)
Brush #3 is a soft brush I use this brush when my hair is low and when I add pomade and my carry around brush.
Brush #4 Is soft I use this brush when my hair is low (development brush)

One more thing before i explain my 4 simple methods. If you havn't noticed I use long brushes for my wave Development. I use long brushes because I can cover a hugh area the wide way to work on my connection and the long way to improve my deepness. Now for my methods

Method#1 Maintain 
If i only want to maintain what i got I brush 3-5 mins in the morning/evening/night
If my hair is low I use a very small amount of pomade.
If my hair is thick I add until I see fit.
I always (100 percent of the time) sleep with a du-rag on.
(with this method I wash my hair once aweek)


Method#2 Maintain/Development
This method is the same as above except I wash my hair 3-5 times aweek. When i get out of the shower I dont dry my dry but I use brush #2(thick hair) or brush #4(low hair) and brush until my hair is almost dry. then i add pomade and use brush # 3 to brush my pomade in until its even.


Method#3 Development /with Pomade
This method is the same as above but I brush during the day. I use brush #2(thick hair) or brush #4(low hair) to development my waves. If I want to improve my connection I brush the wide way and if I want to improve my deepness I use the long way. I brush for 1-3 hours. (2-3 times aweek)


Method#4 Development /with out Pomade
This is the fastest way to improve waves (for me anyway) BUt its the most risky, because with out pomade you are at risk of losing waves and defineness if you dont keep brushing and wearing your du-rag.

I only use lotion pink lotion or Lets jam

I use my #2 brush (thick hair) or #4 brush (low hair)

I wet a very hot towel with water then I rub the area I want to brush for the next 20 mins. Then I repeat over and over until I get tired. (1-3 hours)

I also wash my hair everyday then add lotion or lets jam then brush until its dry then du-rag.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 2:33pm
King Cash's Du Rag Method

This may sound crazy but it works! Smile What I do is put an untied durag on my head with a stocking cap over it. Just let the two long strings hang and let the flap in the back do the same with the wave cap on the top covering your ears. This allows it to cover your hair line in the back so that you don't get left w/ a gap in your hair. as a matter of fact it pretty much helped me get waves down to my hair line in the back. Another advantage is that its much more comfortable than wearin a du rag.

If its a new wave cap, stretch it out so it won't be so tight on ya head but if its an older one then roll the edges up so it will cling to your head better. Plus you should spray your du rag with water b4 you put the wave cap on so your waves will be lookin crisp when you take it off. but don't tgake the durag off 'til it dry or else your hair won't lay down as long. 
PS: Don't go outside wearing it like'll look crazy lol. what you can do is tie the du rag like you'd usually do but looser than nomal. then put the wave cap on top of it
Here's some visual instuctions:
And that's it...just make sure that you spend sometime brushing the back bottom section of your head to get it to wave up

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January 25 2007 at 2:38pm


Whats up fellas, recently I've been getting a lot of  PM's about how i got waves, what products i use, my method, and so on.  Well i'm going to post ALL OF THAT INFORMATION HERE!

I first got into waves back in 1998, and had them but not connected until 2004, when i decided to try out dreads.  After a year of that, i cut my hair back low and began the wave process again.  Throughout 2005, i achieved waves on my top, back and some what on my left side.  After finding this site in early May, I realized i had a LOT of work to do in order to get my waves where i wanted them.
Before finding this site, I was like most ignorant people and felt that all you needed to get waves was a pomade and du rag.  Well, I was wrong!  I was using murray's original pomade and a med brush and had somewhat of a decent wave pattern. But they were not the 360s that I have today. I also tried out numerous Spartan products which i will say that NO ONE should BUY!!!
After finding this site, i learned that all you truely need to achieve waves is a brush, and determination. I began to use Carrot Creme and it was one of the best decisions i have made.  It has been 9 Weeks since Pomade has touched my hair, and my hair looks and feels better than ever!
Wash days:
Firstly, I wash my hair every day, or every 2days at the most.  I use Motions Shampoo and Motions Conditioner.  I brush ALOT while my hair is wet.  After i'm thru in the shower, I towel dry most of it, and brush til damp with a soft Annie 2080 brush.  I then apply carrot creme to my hair and brush brush brush! that is the key to it all, BRUSH! Occasionaly, if I'm going out or something, i'll thro in some Let's Jam! orange top and brush that with a softee.  At night, i always brush right until i'm about to go to sleep, and add a little more Carrot Creme.
No-Wash Days:
After I wake up and remove my Du-rag, I brush with a softee.  I know many guys on here say not to brush that Du-rag look, but i have to because my waves actually extened onto my hairline and my hairline will look like its crooked if i dont brush it! While brushing, i add some Carrot Creme.  Throughout the day, i brush as much as possible.
Products Used:
Currently, i only use my Carrot Creme, Annie 2060 for when hair is high, and Annie 2080 for when it is low.  Let's Jam! when needed...
HOw Long B/W Cutz:
My hair grows EXTREMELY fast...I try to wait 3-4 wks b/w cutz, but it really just depends on if its an event i want to look fresh for! nothin beats those waves looking silky smooth when you gotta step out to something! 
I'll be more than happy to answer any questions pertaining to my waves or waves in general, but i ask that you READ THIS FIRST! this will save both of our time! aight fellaz, stay up!

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: May 07 2007 at 10:34am
Jman14 method
wash your hair every other day,
brush for at least an hour and a half a day.
Throughout the day i use the h2o method and just brush whenever i have a chance. at night when i take a shower i brush brush and brush, and on the days that i wash my hair i use hollywood beauty cholesterol to make my hair soft then i brush it while its still wet. i then right before im about to go to bed i apply some carrot creme and brush right before i go to bed and when my hair is long i throw in some lets jam to keep my hair down. I dont wear durags unless im doing kingcash durag method. i wear a stocking cap that is wet and a dry one on top if u want so your pillow will stay dry. In the morning i brush with a softy while im taking a shower so i can wash all the products out of my hair. throughout the day at school i just ask my teacher to go to the bathroom to wet my hair and my hair to do the h2o method  but bring a paper towel so u can wipe the water of your neck so it doesnt get your shirt wet. hope this method works for u it works for me and im still tryin to improve
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: August 13 2007 at 11:00pm
Wave Connection's Crown Method
Your crown is located in the back center area of your head.  It's exact position tends to vary from person to person.  For persons with low cuts, the crown is usually characterized by its unruliness and it must be trained/tamed in order to improve your 360 wave appearance.  Although many wavers say use a soft brush for the crown, I have developed my own theory that is based on the contrary.  More specifically, I think a hard brush is a better option for developing and maintaining a tightly waved up crown.

The first thing you should do is find the center of your crown.  This can be accomplished by using a hand held mirror that will allow you to see your crown in a wall mounted mirror or something similiar.  As you look at the center of your crown, imagine it as a traditional analog clock.  Place your hard brush parallel to the center of your crown and brush outward toward what would be 12 o'clock.  Make sure that you only brush a few inches outward.  This will concentrate your brushing action to the specific area of interest.  Do this several times, then rotate your brush 45 degrees clockwise and repeat.  If you are rotating your brush correctly, then the third rotation will place your brush perpendicular to its starting position.  Keep rotating your brush 45 degrees, while brushing outward, until you have covered your whole crown.  It is important that you start the brushing motion as close to the center of your crown as possible after you complete each brush rotation.  Your brush should rotate 8 times because 360, which is the wave pattern, divided by 45, which is the degrees of rotation, equals 8.  Although it isn't mandatory, I recommend rotating your brush clockwise, because most crowns tend to spin out to the right.  Make sure that your barber cuts your crown similiar to the way you are training it.  Also, keep in mind, that the minimum wavelength for your crown is usually more than the rest of your hair.  Therefore, it should be cut slightly higher to increase wave visibility and definition.

Finally, the reason I recommend a hard brush is because the crown has no set grain pattern.  Since you're trying to train the crown's hair in a set 360 pattern and help it develop an appropiate grain pattern/angle, a hard brush is essential.  If you use a standard nine inch hard brush, you can use a seven inch mini hard brush to increase brushing concentration accuracy.  Club and military hard brushes are also effective.

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S.C.King's Shower Brushing Theory and Meth
o.k. isn't the purpose of shower brushing iz to get yo hair to lay down??? (am i right or what here) so why spend almost and hour in the shower brushing and definately running up the water bill (most importanly)???
so why not just get ur shampooing and condtioning done with like brushing each section 15 times with each one of these in tp get all the dirt out and put on ur du-rag/wave-cap in da shower???
Actual Method
Shampoo/Condtion daily...and brush each section of ur hair 15 times with both products in...(i realli only shampoo once every 2 days cause it strips ur hair of natural oils if done everyday) but condtion everyday.... and put on the du-rag/wave cap (wave-cap works better) with the conditioner still in...(trust me it will rinse outta ya hair with it on) and then you wash ur body and get out da shower and dry ur-self off then remove the du-rag/wavecap when done and add ur products... just make sure you dont let the du-rag/wavecap dry on ur head cause you will have a super line going across ur 4 head when u take the du-rag/wavecap off...
of cousre you already know i did that...and yes it works great 4 me... leaves my hair flat az hell... without all the 1 hours worth of shower brushing....
Hope This Helps PPL!!!!!!!!!

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TSOH's How to put the OH! In 360


(How to put the OH! In 360)

A beginners guide

Training your hair

Training your hair is just brushing it the way you want it to grow. Its really like training a dog. It takes a lot of work at first, but once you have it trained then you don't have to tell it what to do as much, if at all (brushin it).

Its good to start with low hair when you first start to train you hair. (My waves look even better than before now that I cut off my fro and started from scratch) Get a short haircut and use the brushing habits below.

Until your waves are in deep, DO NOT return your hair to its original training length when it is time to get a haircut. (Remember your hair shouldn't get your hair cut too short after you begin training. If you are used to short haircuts then the length your hair would normally be when you get a haircut is the perfect length that you want your hair to be when you go in for a trim.)

You should wait about a week and a half longer than usual and then go in for a TRIM NOT A HAIRCUT.   This may seem a little long but it helps your waves form better.) After your first trim you should get a trim about every week or so. Until you finish training. It is quite expensive at first, but after your waves are trained the benefit is that you can get your hair cut all the way down like you used to AND wait a little longer than you used to before you have to go get a haircut. It actually starts to look nicer towards the time you may decide to get a haircut.

(I get mine cut about once every 3 or 4 weeks and a line up when I need it but every now and then I go a LONG time without cutting it by laying it down really good. If you get real good at laying it down then you may not cut your hair until about a month or so. Believe it or not, the waves look a lot better.)

After at least 2 or 3 weeks you should see a difference and after about 5 or 6 weeks (at most) your hair should be through training and your waves should be in deep enough to get a lower haircut if you want to.

Brushing Habits
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Just use a medium brush and brush your hair at least 10-15 minutes a day

(short or long hair)

If your hair is thick and its long then you should use a harder brush.
(Never brush more than 20 minutes straight with a hard brush; it can irritate your scalp).

If you want 360s brush your hair in the direction it grows away from the center of your crown on all sides. (Think of throwing a rock in water and wrapping the waves around your head) Your hair will have parts in it after you're done brushing so make sure after you're done brushing, just touch up the crown by brushing the parts out.

Make sure you treat all the sides equal so your waves don't break up and make you have gaps in your 360s..
(Sometimes your hair might not wave in some places as much as others anyway though)

Also brush your hair for short periods of time WHENEVER YOURU CAN. Even if its just while your walking to class or watchin T.V., it helps. If you don't brush your hair any place else, at least brush it in the shower every morning cause when your hair is wet it is easier for your hair to lay down and go the way you want it ("train") which makes it easier for it to form waves. (I got a brush I use only in the shower)

Layin it Down

ALWAYS brush your hair when you take a shower and ALWAYS rinse your hair. Make sure you shampoo it at least once a week but DONT shampoo everyday. Use a conditioner EVERYDAY and after you rinse it out brush your hair hair until its around 80% dry.

It should still be moisturized from the water and now you should put your grease on. Any grease is fine just dont use a grease that rinses out easy. If you use a heavy grease like Murrays or bees wax then put the grease on your hair and put a hot wet towel on your hair to melt it (You can melt it with a blow dryer too)(Just dont use too much grease!).

Brush it through so its on even everywhere. After you got your grease on now take a really wet warm towel and rub it across your head in the direction your waves go (thats why your dont want to use an easy rinse grease yet cause it will rinse right out)

Your hair should be real wet again now (like when you got out the shower) and you should have grease on too. Now put your durag on and leave it on until your hair is dry.

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If your still training your hair, then After your hair dries you should brush it on all your free time and before you go to bed. When your hair gets longer after you lay it down, IF YOU HAVE YOUR WAVES HOW YOU WANT THEM then you shouldn't brush it if you going out or want it to look neat, because it will never lay back down exactly the way it was, unless you do it over.


Final Stretch

NEVER go to bed without a durag on cause itll mess up the way your hair is tryin to grow and thats a waste of brushin. NEVER go against the grain. (while you training it)

If you do this EVERY DAY after about a week or two your hair should be growin the way you brush it and you wont have to brush it as much. You should have pretty good waves by then. NOW you can just use a easy rinse grease if you don't like using heavy stuff. Or if you just want your waves to look harder.

You should get a trim every 2to3 weeks and if you want then tell your barber to cut your hair in the direction it grows. (Sometimes they cant though because of cow licks but after your waves are in deep cutting against the grain doesn't matter too much)

Dont get it cut too low if you still trying to train your hair to get waves.
(You can get it cut low after your waves in pretty deep though but if they aint you gon be practically starting over) (You know they in deep when you can look at your hair real close and see it curlin up like a S)

The longer your hair get the better your waves will form and look. After you get your waves in tight NOW you can use a soft brush when your hair is short to make them more defined or when its long, just to touch it up without messing up the way you layed it down.

If your want waves though you gotta let your hair get a little long and stick wit it. Once you got your waves in deep then you don't even have to spend too much time brushin your hair, just lay it down and brush it alil then go. And you can wear a low haircut all you want.


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Christian TN8IS's fresh wave theory! Deep
Okay, I have a new theory based on observations of statements, methods, product usage, and my own results. 

First, let me start of by saying I think the most important aspect of waving is... duragging.  Brushing lays your hair down the way you want it to in the right direction. 

Now, does anybody have any concept as to how waves are formed besides the old "a wave's a straightened out curl!!!"

Well.. what Im thinking is, when you brush your hair, you are straightening out curly hair temporarily.  Okay we all know that much right duh.  But whats happening (theoretically..) is even though until the end of your brushing session, your waves are slightly straightened out, your hair naturally wants to curl again since its texture hasnt changed.  After brushing, you durag.  this forces the straightened out hairs to stay relatively straight and layed out.  But the hairs try their best to curl again.  being so dense as hairs on your head are, curly, and flattened to your head, the hairs are forced to intertwine.  When the hairs start curling again, they curl together in uniform rows.  this im not sure of why.  But I'm thinking durag pressure is far more important and should vary differently for what level of wolfing, or how curly your hair is.  I am thinking after getting a very light or low cut, you want to have lower durag pressure because you dont want your aftercut fragile waves to get too much straighter.  also, for heavy wolfing, you really gotta get them naps layed out, so tighten as much as you can bear!  stretchy material durags make tighter hair holds with not a huge amount of forehead pressure easier. 

Now, to address the use of lets jam / pomades.
Lets Jams or pomades put in overnight, they have a huge history with waves.  we cant just discredit them for being bad for our hair, they been used for a reason, cuz it works.  or what i think it is, it makes it easier.  throughout the day, after taking your durag off WITH lets jam or pomade in, it acts as the force keeping your waves to your head, like a invisible durag... in a sense.  I think using hold products, you can brush less daily.  If you are an avid several hours a day natural product brusher, that works too because you are constantly laying your hair out all day.  Thats why some dudes are all for get up n brush, while others are like after takin off the rag dont toch da brush.  when u brush in the morning after lettin your pomade/ lets jam harden, you be breakin the glue like bonds the ish got on your hair holdin it down and in place.  thats why i think it be makin ur hair stickup jus a lil bit evem brushin wtg after that.

Now for evidence supporting my claims.  Check out the King Cash meth.  ever wolf without king cash meth and see your hair under the durag line that dont get held?  u gotta brush it every morning so it dont look like a big mess!  and yeah no waves there either, so that helps support the idea of duragging or whenever hair is held down is when waves form. 

next, pomade / lets jam theory.
lets check something out
skip down and take a look at cedclark's methods, a real legend for wavers.  I think his info would be reliable.

note his 4 methods, which without explanation, agree with my theory.

his maintanance and other 2 development meths with pomade include minimal brushing.
but his 4th, with no pomade or holding substance suggests lots of brushing, or wearing durags in home time or else u could possibly even lose waves.
yup, gotta keep ur ish held down to make them waves.  so, im glad u read everything.

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Jkid's A short strategy guide for rookies

The key to getting waves is to be consistent with brushing , you don't need any products or anything like that to actually get waves, I seen somewhere in somebodies quote that brushing is like the gym and products are like the supplements so how you gonna get big if you don't work out right. Products are there to help your waves lay down better if you have very unruly hair.
I went around and did alittle bit of research on the type of products most vets use and I have compiled a short list.

Veteran's Preference of Products:
-Carrot/Olive Cream
-Pink Oil Moisterizer
-Let's Jam Extra Hold(Orange Top or LJOT)
-Motion's Pink Lotion
-Indian Hemp

Those appear to be the most popular products.


When you are brushing make sure that you are brushing in every direction from your crown(middle of your head) out to your hairline . It is better to have a high quality 100% boar bristle brush (Diane, Annie is also top end quality), higher quality brushes may cost you more now but trust me it will pay off in the long run remember brushing is the gym so your brush is your weight the better the weight the better the progress.

Types of Brushes:

Now I will go over the types of brushes and what each brush is for.

Soft brush: For low haircuts and helps CONNECTIONS

Medium brush: For medium-low hair and early stage wolfing.

Hard brush: For super nappy-headed hoes(jus kidding) and for serious wolfing.

What is wolfing?

Wolfing is growing out your hair for longer periods than you normally do to get good depth and also to aid your connections. For example If you normally grow your hair out for 3-5 weeks before getting a cut then go for 6-8 (most black people)

*Note: if you are just starting in the wave game do not wolf until after you are on to your 3rd or 4th cut or you might do more harm to your waves than good.


Once again if you are new and you are finally starting to see waves and you are about to get a cut DO NOT get anything lower than a #2 for your first cut with waves because you want to build depth and make sure that your waves are set in, after 3 or 4 cuts (or 3-4 months whichever comes first) then you can get a lower cut like a #1.5 . If your hair texture is naturally very nappy you can generally get low cuts and the waves will be crystal clear. If you have finer hair you probably might not want to go under a 1.5 or you possibly run the risk of "washout".

Haircut Preperation:
Before you get a cut (3-5 hours before going to the barbershop) make sure you wash all products out of your hair, and after your hair dries you should be brushing until your ass is literally in the barber's chair.
Shampoo and Conditioner:
Wash your hair no more than 3 or 4 times a week or you run the risk of washing out various essential nutrients and oils from your scalp use warm or lukewarm water
Good Hair Washing products:
-Luster's Pink Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner
-Pantene Pro-V
Any questions you can pm me and I will try to get to it whenever I can.

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