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my natural hair color is medium brown, i died it black about two months ago and its been gradually washing out..however..i really want to go platinum blonde!!! But i dont want to wait a long time to get there any possible way i can have my black hair become blonde in a short amount of time like one day?


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Direct Link To This Post karen s November 02 2006 at 4:19pm  Quote karen s Quote  Post Reply Reply
Sorry, but it would take some time , if it was at all possible, when you colour your hair black, its a very hard colour to remove from your hair. The only thing I can advise you with is to keep getting it cut until the black has gone, or you could try using colour removers, this will maybe strip most if not all the black from your hair. Sorry, but its a long process.
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Direct Link To This Post babycheeks24 November 03 2006 at 10:40am  Quote babycheeks24 Quote  Post Reply Reply
youll be fine with winter -dark hair would be best, by summer maybe you can have the blonde color.
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Direct Link To This Post FiTCHBiTCH November 03 2006 at 4:39pm  Quote FiTCHBiTCH Quote  Post Reply Reply
thanks for the adviceee
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Direct Link To This Post suki November 04 2006 at 6:22pm  Quote suki Quote  Post Reply Reply
hey! i have naturally really really DARKKKK brown hair... it basically is black almost... every single time i go into the salon they are always so surprised that the dark part of my hair isn't dyed.

well anyway... i have done the whole black to platinum... and my advice is to WAIT! my hair is sooo hard to lift... so i had to go back twice to get it to platinum... i waited about 3-4 weeks after the first time i went to go do it again to let my hair rest... if you don't... you'll really really damage your hair. i did a whole post about the whole thing... you could probably search for it... ill try to do the same.. it has pix of it and everything.

good luck if u decide to do it!! i can say i love love LOVEEE the platinum in my hair...  (=

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Direct Link To This Post suki November 04 2006 at 6:26pm  Quote suki Quote  Post Reply Reply
i found the link... hope it helps some! i say if u wanna do it, go for it! u can always do part of it...and if u really like it do more.
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Direct Link To This Post karen s November 04 2006 at 6:55pm  Quote karen s Quote  Post Reply Reply
Can I just add, because the girl in that posted the message has had previous colour on her hair , it will be a little more difficult to get to a platinum blonde. A good colourist in your area should give you the best way to Smileachieving your desired colour.
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Direct Link To This Post suki November 07 2006 at 12:31pm  Quote suki Quote  Post Reply Reply
hey just to note... that girl in the post is me... lol. i didn't have previous color in my hair...thats my NATURAL dark hair.

my hair is just really really hard to lift. which sucks cuz i basically have to spend double to actually get it to platinum.

i do agree just go to the salon.. you'll end up damaging your hair.
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Direct Link To This Post karen s November 07 2006 at 3:08pm  Quote karen s Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hi Suki, Sorry , there seem's to have been a mix up, I ment the girl who started this post has previous coloured hair, I didn't mean you, I can imagin it takes longer to lift your hair colour , cos your hair is dark, but i like your hair in your picture.
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Direct Link To This Post suki November 08 2006 at 4:51pm  Quote suki Quote  Post Reply Reply
oohhh... haha oops! (=

dyeing your hair dark is a big mistake if you want to have it light later... i learned that the hard way aka growing it ALLL out. blah. lol.

thanks. it only took me 2 years. haha but i guess its okay since i eventually got it.
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Direct Link To This Post sbtayl November 11 2006 at 11:33am  Quote sbtayl Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hi Suki or anyone who can help me with this....
I have very dark brunette hair. Everyone in my family is blonde.  Now that I am older I want to try being blonde .  I went to my hair stylist and she did the best she could to lift off the dark hair.  She never told me I'd become carrot top. I freaked.  So the next day I went back and she took it as close to blonde as possible.  Needless to say I have ruined long hair.  The top of my head is "urine yellow" and the inside is a carmel red color.  I look horrible.  Also, my head is burnt and scabbed from the experience and my hair is fuzzy with no body to it.  Any advise on next step?  I realize I need to wait a month or so to get it back to healthy or at least to let the hair relax.  I don't want to go back to this gal and need to find a color expert that can explain to me what to expect.  Thanks for any help.
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Direct Link To This Post Foxyloxy November 12 2006 at 11:17pm  Quote Foxyloxy Quote  Post Reply Reply
Start some deep conditioning treatments pronto! K-pak, hot oil, protein recontructors....I will put my treatment on right after my shower and put a plastic bag over my hair, put a towel over my pillow and wrap it around my hair for extra warmth and sleep that way.....rinse in the morning very lightly or not at all....if I rinse, I still lightly condition. When my hair is in very bad shape, I don't even rinse it out. I like to put an oil-shine-leave-in lotion on it too....esp. the ends. Get a trim too. Goodluck. And give it a rest for a wee bit.
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Direct Link To This Post Bambilee November 21 2006 at 12:03pm  Quote Bambilee Quote  Post Reply Reply
It is possible to lift teh black out, but if you dont' want a MISS hap (like two tone hair, which is LIKELY to happen.) then you will most likely have to go to a salon to have it lifted.
Going from dyed black to blonde is a very damaging process that could most likely not exactly turn otu he way you want.... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's a gamble. lol
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Direct Link To This Post bigb00 November 23 2006 at 9:38pm  Quote bigb00 Quote  Post Reply Reply
yes ive done this before.. I had drugstore black for years & wanted bleach blonde on the top. It took me 2 times.. and my hairdreser was smart and said "you cant get platinum blonde from the getgo.. so i want you to pick a color... in the brown or reds.. that you can deal with having your hair that color for a couple weeks"
so I picked a carmel blonde and had my hair that color for a month then the next go round my hair went a awsome platinum.
i suggest you do the same thing.. that way you dont hate the halfway color.

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Direct Link To This Post xNoirx November 26 2006 at 4:10am  Quote xNoirx Quote  Post Reply Reply
It is possible to go platinum from black. Like my story. I did it all by myself with my bf's help. My hair's natural black but have dyed my hair many times.

Dec. 2005 - dyed my highlighted hair black
March 2006 - got brown highlights atop dyed black
April 2006 - used colorfix (it's a gentle color stripper) to lift out the black and dyed with a medium brown
July 2006 - had a trim then used colorfix again (2 times) to get the brown out, then bleached it once to dye it a dark blonde
September 2006 - did the roots and re bleached the dark blonde ends to a medium blonde by toning it with ash blonde
November 2006 - did roots and re bleached my medium blond ends to pale blonde (level 9) with some pale yellow, toned it with light ash blonde toner (violet based)

My hair is very light blonde now with minimal damage and I'm happy. I had to trim again though to get rid of dead ends. It's not platinum, though, but it's quite close. You can do this but I agree it is required to have some experience and knowledge before doing this yourself. Salon tends to be on the safe side, although not all salons will give you want you desire like it did in my case. I had lousy colorists and they never give me what I really wanted.
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