Bohyme/Pro-Tac Install!!!!

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Bohyme/Pro-Tac Install!!!!
Direct Link To This Post Aphrodite February 09 2006 at 11:32pm  Quote Aphrodite Quote  Post Reply Reply
Sher - Wow...your hair is gorgeous!  Cute top too...
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Direct Link To This Post sherrie215 February 17 2006 at 6:56pm  Quote sherrie215 Quote  Post Reply Reply

ok...another week... another update! I know this thread may be getting old...but I just want to give a really thorough review on the wear time of this pro-tac. It kinda helps everyone to know what to expect as the tape starts to break down. In my 4th week update I had to fix the very top short side rows with LG. Just a little LG to sandwich the hair back down to the top of the tape. Well this week I had to do the top full row. The tape itself is still very secure. And most of the rows at this point the top of the tape is at least somewhat exposed. (The hair sandwiched over the tape is no longer stuck to the tape.) But the rest of the rows dont concern me, it was just the top row that could become visable that I felt needed a little fixing. I can feel the stickiness of the tape a little more. I think less hair is actually stuck to the tapes. But I guess thats to be expected at 5 weeks. Although they are still very secure.

I have absolutely ZERO matting at the bond area. This is the first and ONLY method that Ive not had at least a little tangling or matting near the bonded area. Im not sure about this, but my thoughts are that as the tape starts to break down, some of the hairs become unstuck to the tape...and results in less tangling or matting at the bond area.  

Im in serious need of a root Im not sure if Ill let it go for another week or re-do on Sunday...will update when I do a removal!

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Direct Link To This Post Syren123 February 17 2006 at 9:40pm  Quote Syren123 Quote  Post Reply Reply
go Sherrie...go Sherrie...go Sherrie...
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Direct Link To This Post LuvSherriesHair February 19 2006 at 1:57pm  Quote LuvSherriesHair Quote  Post Reply Reply

Hi Sherrie!

I just Love your hair (lol u saw my nick) and I want to use the same method but with the kinda hair that's here: &KW=curly+long

just because it looks the most like my hair and now im wondering exactly what i need to do something with "pro-tac method". I live in sweden so i would love if you gave some sites that ship internationally  I cant wait to do the same, but maybe longer, as you!  I went to but didnt exactly know where to go to find the hair i want and see prices.. mayeb you know?

Another question, im not so good with the english terms of the hair so if you could say exactly what terms i need to look for. You didnt use strand by strand but you bought hair thats on a long straight line that u cut yourself, right? And all I need is hair on long line + LG and tape, right?

Hope you can help me with my questions! Caant wait to extend my hair

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Direct Link To This Post sherrie215 February 19 2006 at 3:40pm  Quote sherrie215 Quote  Post Reply Reply

Hi Im *blushing*! Thank you for the compliment...I never think my hair is that great, and I also envy and love some of the other girls hair! LOL.

As far as the indianhair...hmmm Im assuming you are a blonde too? If your a blonde, the indianhair experience I had wasnt so good...and some of the others here didnt have good experiences with the RK hair (which was the double drawn hair from a another site that indianhairs used to own) The darker hair on the other hand, got some good reviews. I believe it was the single drawn that everyone had better luck with.

Im not sure about which companies ship to Sweden, maybe one of the other board members can answer that.

The term your looking for is 'weft'. The hair that you use that is on a track is a weft of hair. All you need is the pro-tac tape and the wefts of hair. The LG isnt necessary but I like to have it on hand for little touch ups!

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Direct Link To This Post LuvSherriesHair February 19 2006 at 5:44pm  Quote LuvSherriesHair Quote  Post Reply Reply

Naww in my opinion it Is great

I'm actually born in sweden but my parent are persian so I have semi-thick dark curls, and when i brush my hair it gets wavy. So the indian would suit me the best.. I wish someone could direct me to some good indianhair site 'cause the i went to perhaps costed too much, cause i need 8 oz and 1 oz costs more than 40 dollars :s i want Long hair, so im like Omg. no. hahah.

Ive also seen some other hairs for ex on and i chose one of the longest and all in all it would cost me less than 100 dollars but i would prefer the indianhair. =)

Aha now i know. I always thought that was what weft means but wasnt sure. we have a word in swedish for it too :P.

Where do you buy your pro tac tape? and i wonder if anybody has ever tried using double-sided tape for putting in wefts hehe. cause theyre sooo sticky and would stay in your hair foreever.. but im guessing that idea would be a huge mistake ;|

hehe. Nicee seeing how quick you answered me. Im off drinking some soy milk, hope moderators see my hair-questions too :)

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Direct Link To This Post Naked Eye February 19 2006 at 10:44pm  Quote Naked Eye Quote  Post Reply Reply
OMG, BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so excited to try all of this, I can't even explain.

So HOW on earth do you get those beautiful curls in your hair? How long
does that take?? I can't curl my natural hair, and I can't even curl the
extensions!! Well, when I do, it sure doesn't look like THAT!!!

Am I curling retarded??
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Direct Link To This Post Longhairdreams February 19 2006 at 10:57pm  Quote Longhairdreams Quote  Post Reply Reply

LSH- Maybe you read the prices wrong.I just bought 1 lb( or 16 ounces!) for $240.That included shipping.And I got 24". Indianhairs actually has really good prices for virgin indian hair.Most places charge as much as I paid for 8 ounces.And shipping would be extra.

But I'm not reccomending it,cause I havent worn it yet.Plus there arent many reviews of it yet.I just hope it doesnt turn out like r.k.

If you want hair that is guaranteed to be good i'd get Amms elite remy.I'd order it,but I cant afford it,lol.

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Direct Link To This Post LuvSherriesHair February 20 2006 at 8:07am  Quote LuvSherriesHair Quote  Post Reply Reply

LHD oh I see now. After going to the onlinestore part of the site I saw that I pay per LB.. pound?

I dont need that much. Hmm, the perfect thing would be if there is any other site that buys them in LB's and sells per 100g. I need 200 grams for a full head ive heard and is it still true, if i want to use this Super long indian hair? =)

Im thinking about saving up money and buying an LB like you. Wonder how much the shipping would cost to sweden. Ill check it again! Really want this. :)

How do you revive? do you use conditioner? and if u do, wont the hair stay in ur hair shorter time if the top is smoother.. maybe you only use the conditioner in the length? -smiles- 

I'll check the site again. Just scared that they will rip me off or something and there i stand and lost 300 dollars :P

I think the part that freaked me out is where it says on that they wont take hair back or something like that.

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Direct Link To This Post LuvSherriesHair February 20 2006 at 8:15am  Quote LuvSherriesHair Quote  Post Reply Reply

Alright now i have looked through the site and im wonderning (because im not used to the hair-terms in english) what kind of hair i should buy.

I looked at

and i want Curly long hair, and see 3 different kinds. Please tell me if im wrong :) and the 3 i see are:


And are these hair-forms curly?

Thank you for your help. :)
i didnt really understand what they meant and on some they dont have pictures.

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Direct Link To This Post sherrie215 February 20 2006 at 8:21am  Quote sherrie215 Quote  Post Reply Reply
well you dont want the braid, becuase thats bulk loose hair. And if you are planning to install with pro-tac tape then you would want the machine weft. Seems to hold better with tape than the hand weaving/handtied wefts. I think from what others have posted, the single drawn is better quality. The double drawn was a poorer least for lighter colored hair. Darker colors had better experiences with the double drawn.
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Direct Link To This Post sherrie215 February 20 2006 at 8:24am  Quote sherrie215 Quote  Post Reply Reply
by the way if your hair is darker in color. I would definitely recommend the elite remy from and you can also buy the pro-tac tape there too. But Im not sure if she is shipping internationally. You would need to email her to ask.
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Direct Link To This Post LuvSherriesHair February 20 2006 at 8:28am  Quote LuvSherriesHair Quote  Post Reply Reply

Aha alright. Thanks for the quick answer! SO now I have narrowed it down to either

*Natural curly machine weaving
26" (65 cms) = 305.00 us dollars


 32" (80 cms) = 275.00 us dollars

Just a question. Whats the difference between these 2? is the remy double drawn machine weaving, CURLy hair? thats what i want. :) and they dont have apicture =(

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Direct Link To This Post LuvSherriesHair February 20 2006 at 8:53am  Quote LuvSherriesHair Quote  Post Reply Reply

I looked through the shrinkies site and after checking it out, and on the 1st page its in red/yellowi think it was it said that she doesnt ship internationally, however i think ordering from would cost me less, even though i will be buying the double amount that i need, but i can sell half of the hair i buy, so it wont cost me too much. The only 'bad' part of it will be to revive it but i can look through the forum and find tips and tricks of how to do it (=

Now i just need to know which one to buy.

*Natural curly machine weaving
26" (65 cms) = 305.00 us dollars


 32" (80 cms) = 275.00 us dollars

 Just so you know my natural hair is Curly, and im persian. Not african curls, but like in_club.jpg


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Direct Link To This Post sherrie215 February 25 2006 at 10:22pm  Quote sherrie215 Quote  Post Reply Reply

Heres my final update on this thread. Its been 6 weeks and I was ready for a roots were an absolute mess (need color touch up badly) and the tapes were hanging over an inch from my head so it was time! The tape was still very secure and could have lasted alot longer.

The pro-tac held up wonderfully....absolutely the easiest DIY method out there. The only problem I had with this method, is that for me with my fine hair, is that most of the hair on the top of the tape came loose after a couple of weeks exposing the top of the tape. The only rows that Im concerned about the exposed tape is the top rows.

As you know I used LG to sandwich the hair back to the tape, and had an absolute mess getting those tapes out..which I posted in this thread amp; amp; amp;PN=1

To remove, I used pantene intense conditioning mask (really thick) on all but the top rows. I put the conditioner on and let it sit for about 30 minutes and the wefts and tapes came out quite easily. I ran the weft under warm water washing the conditioner off and was able to pull the tape off the wefts leaving no residue or tape on the wefts. It took a little work but all the tape came off. No goo no gumminess.

Im sold on the pro-tac and will reinstall with pro-tac again. The triple wefts held up fine too, but the few rows that were triple wefted did hang slightly further away from my head than the ones that were double wefted. So maybe the extra weight makes the tapes slide a bit faster.

The only thing I will do differently with the next install is that I wont use pro-tac on my top row and short side rows, due to the visiblity issue. I will use LG ONLY ( LOL) and bond the top row! NO Pro-tac/ LG combo!

Edited by sherrie215
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Direct Link To This Post corpuskristen February 26 2006 at 1:29pm  Quote corpuskristen Quote  Post Reply Reply
Sherrie I almost used LG on my protac too! I had problems with my hair staying on top of the weft too but just decided to ignore it for the last week and chose creative styling. But to my absolute horror I think sandwiching the weft caused breakage on that thin layer on top. Does anyone think the tapes would stay alright if I cut the protac in half and didn't fold it over the weft?
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Direct Link To This Post sherrie215 February 26 2006 at 1:36pm  Quote sherrie215 Quote  Post Reply Reply

I think the wefts will hold fine without sandwiching it. This tape is some strong stuff. 

Personally its too visable for me to NOT sandwich. I will try it this time with cutting the tape in half and NO I WONT use LG to touch up again once the tape starts to become visable....Ill just remove and reinstall the top row when that happens! Or Ill just use LG alone to bond my top row...not sure yet!

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Direct Link To This Post kristie m February 26 2006 at 4:18pm  Quote kristie m Quote  Post Reply Reply
My Pro-Tac/Elite Remy installation has been in almost four weeks. All the
lower wefts are still very firmly in place.

I too have had problems keeping the top two wefts in place. I've had to
re-do (with fresh Pro-Tac) the second to top and top side weft once, and
the top small piece in the back almost every time I shampoo. Personally, I
don't find this a major problem as it takes about a minute to fix.

I've now also got a layer of individual strands with shrinkies along the
very top around almost to the back, as well. I'm planning on taking
everything down in week or two, using only conditioner. For my next
install, I'm going to double all but the top layers of weft and put them in
in three pieces rather than all the way around my head.

I'm not sure what to do about the top layer, though -- I'm getting some
silicon-lined microrings this week and may try to do my top layer with
microring individual strands. The shrinkies just are too bumpy and
visible in my fine hair. Alternatively, I may try gluing the top layer with
LG. I know I'm going to get this top-layer thing figured out...however,
worst case scenario, having to take those two rows of weft out and
reattaching them after two weeks does give me a great opportunity to
touch up my roots where they're most visible.

Sherrie, Amm's remover gets the LG off your hair and the wefts pretty
well, doesn't it, as long as it isn't combined with Pro-Tac? (Your take-
down sound like it was brutal...glad you got all the tape out of your hair!)
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Direct Link To This Post monsterita February 26 2006 at 6:03pm  Quote monsterita Quote  Post Reply Reply

Kristie M,  be careful with the LG on the top wefts.  The glue turns a light tan color when it sets and it is not invisible.  It's fine for blondes, but for us brunettes, it can show through, especially if your hair is fine and thin.

I'm still wondering if the silicone lined micro-rings will hold on slippery fine straight hair or if they will slip out.


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Direct Link To This Post kristie m February 26 2006 at 6:33pm  Quote kristie m Quote  Post Reply Reply
Yeah, I am concerned about the LG turning light and being obvious in my
dark hair. If I go this route for the top wefts I will only put it on the
underside of the weft. I'll let you know, Monsterita, when I put those
microrings in whether they stay well in slippery hair.
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