advice// dying extensions?

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advice// dying extensions?
Direct Link To This Post nicci April 03 2006 at 5:53pm  Quote nicci Quote  Post Reply Reply
Oh, no! I  recieved some hair in the mail today and  was expecting it to be a completly diffrent  color.. I ordered  it off ebay and it was 100% human cuticle remy hair in color 24 well the color is so orange/ yellow,  I mean its almost daffy duck yellow, wow! (verry disapointed because I thought I had pretipps in remy 27, 24, and  613 and the 24 was not nearly as yellow..) so anyways.. anyone dye extensions before? i just need to maybe lightten them  and make them not so yellow.. oh boy!
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Direct Link To This Post moffpoff April 03 2006 at 5:59pm  Quote moffpoff Quote  Post Reply Reply
Ive done it a cuple of times....Extension hair can be quite dificult to lift....but i think it shall be alrigth since it already so ligth...May a suggest some Blue Bleach, cuts the orange good..:) Do a strand test first tough.....So that you dont fry it..:D Good luck honey
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Direct Link To This Post nicci April 03 2006 at 6:06pm  Quote nicci Quote  Post Reply Reply

what is Blue Bleach?, never heard of that before.. is it a brand?
thanks so much for the reply I was so shocked when I saw the hair..

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Direct Link To This Post moffpoff April 03 2006 at 6:12pm  Quote moffpoff Quote  Post Reply Reply

aaawh, well you know when you have regualr hair bleach white powder mixed with developer, this is BLUE powder bleach:D it helps tone down the orange and yellow in one step:) Most brands of bleach have a blue and white version, i use Indola Rapid Blonde professional bleach....I would advise you to go to the Hair Colour section on hairboutique:D you can get loads of recomendations there:D:D

Ur welcome honey:) hope it works out for yah

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Direct Link To This Post moffpoff April 03 2006 at 6:25pm  Quote moffpoff Quote  Post Reply Reply
oh i just remebered, Loreal Superblonde is a over the counter bleach wich is bluebased..:D
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Direct Link To This Post sherrie215 April 03 2006 at 9:28pm  Quote sherrie215 Quote  Post Reply Reply

I would HIGHLY recommend that you NOT try to LIFT the color. Please read the posts here or do a search. Depositing color can turn out ok most of the time if done carefully, but lifting is another story completely.

First off...blondes are already highly processed. Another process could FRY the hair. Second, sometimes the manufacturers use a fabric type dye instead of the usual hair type dyes, to dye the hair and will NOT lift correctly with bleach.

If its too yellow, you can use a purple shampoo or mousse or a few other products to help with the brassiness. But if the hair is too dark then you might either try selling it or exchanging it (sometimes they let you, sometimes they dont)

Im sure if you got remy cuticle hair, it was probably expensive. You wouldnt want to throw your money down the drain. If it was cheap hair then it wouldnt be a great loss if bleaching didnt work out.

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Direct Link To This Post pinkparadise42 April 04 2006 at 7:14am  Quote pinkparadise42 Quote  Post Reply Reply

Hey, being a blonde myself, I have run into the same problems as you.  The hair never seems to match identically from one time to the next.  I have ordered hair from Ebay and many different suppliers and I order the same color everytime and always end up with variations of colors!

I hate the brassy orange look your explaining, but I have to say I am with Sherrie on this one!

I have tried to color and lift my extension hair multiple times and have never had success.  The one time I did it it severely dried out my hair to the point where it wasn't really even wearable and I had to get rid of it and start fresh.

And when I tried to just color it a shade darker, I didn't have much success with that either.  I have read people on here having success dying dark colored hair but the blonde is a reall struggle!

Good luck!

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Direct Link To This Post gsmilie April 04 2006 at 9:52am  Quote gsmilie Quote  Post Reply Reply

My experience with bleaching extension hair that was not virgin indian remy, was not so good.  The hair turned purple and fell apart!!!  Try a toner on a strand, or use a color shampoo like Sherrie suggested.  If all else fails, try re-selling the hair.

Good luck.

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Direct Link To This Post nicci April 04 2006 at 9:56am  Quote nicci Quote  Post Reply Reply
your right sherri , it was expensive.  Ill try to see if the complany will let me exchange or return it first.. .. worth a try right Thanks everyone..
Its just really a brassy orange and I am afraind that even a strong purple shampoo/conditioner won't really take enought of it out
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Direct Link To This Post pinkparadise42 April 04 2006 at 10:21am  Quote pinkparadise42 Quote  Post Reply Reply


Yeah def. try to get the company to offer you a refund or something.  You haven't used it yet, but some companies don't offer a refund due to the nature of the product.

I absolutely hate the brassy orange look, however for some reason some of the hair I have received always has that color tone to it!


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Direct Link To This Post nicci April 04 2006 at 2:41pm  Quote nicci Quote  Post Reply Reply
YAY>> I can exchange it for another color..
better than trying to dye and ruin the hair
so the responce was that I could exchange it for remy 22 which is more ashy or remy 613 which is more golden.. now what color to get?? oh my!
so i want to say 22 but how ashy is ashy I sure don't want gray, i just need something that isn't orange.. more like beige.. any sugestions on that? I also emailed the seller this questions but I feel hear I am more likely to get a very honest responce
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Direct Link To This Post Naked Eye April 04 2006 at 2:50pm  Quote Naked Eye Quote  Post Reply Reply
Yeah, what I always do (since I always have to tone or dye the hair to
match my own) is buy a color that is a lot lighter than I need, that way I
know I can just tone it to make it the right color, and I know I am safe and
wont have to lift color, I've only heard bad things.

So, someone correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't did blonde extensions, but
613 is the lightest I think, from there you can do something to make it a
slightly ash-ier blonde?? Right?
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Direct Link To This Post tbctbc April 04 2006 at 8:35pm  Quote tbctbc Quote  Post Reply Reply
try a neutral usually dyes pretty well...
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