OK to use 30 volume developer with toner?

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OK to use 30 volume developer with toner?
Direct Link To This Post chinastop June 23 2006 at 11:12pm  Quote chinastop Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hey helpful people...

My light brown hair has been bleached with drug-store brands "Feria Bleach Blonde" ONE month ago (I know it's metallic but they do use developer) and then again with "L'Oreal Blondissima Perfect Blondissima Crème Décolorant" TWO WEEKS ago-----but they didn't change the color from golden/orangey yellow to the platinum that I want. Still my hair still seems to be in good condition when wet and I've deep conditioned quite a bit. It's short, about 2 inches, and I cut every few months and I'm not really worried about damage in the long-term.

So I just bought 4 oz of 30 vol. developer, 1 oz/packet of lightening powder, and "white lady" toner from Sally's.

The toner says to use 20 vol. but I don't have that at home.. What I want to do:

--use the 30 vol. + lightening packet to bleach my hair to pale yellow stage

(deep condition in between)

--then, mix the 30 vol and the "white lady" toner, and apply to hair

Is that too harmful to my short hair?

Also....if the 30 volume is too much for the toner (I've been reading and apparently too high of a volume can make your hair take too much of the toner and turn blue!), can I use half developer and half distilled water to dilute it?

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Direct Link To This Post ahen151 June 24 2006 at 2:38am  Quote ahen151 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Be sure to only use the developer indicated in the directions.  If it says to use 20, use 20.  If you use 30 instead a lot of bad things could happen.  1)  your hair could break off 2)  Your hair could turn an ash grey or blue color 3) your ends could melt off.  Believe me, it's worth a trip to Sally's to get the right developer. 
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Direct Link To This Post chinastop June 24 2006 at 4:44am  Quote chinastop Quote  Post Reply Reply
ahen thanks a lot for the response. Do you think I could dilute the developer with distilled water though?

[[I will prob go to Sallys on Monday if I can't do that, but I agree I don't want my hair to break. yikes!!]]

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Direct Link To This Post caysee June 25 2006 at 10:41am  Quote caysee Quote  Post Reply Reply

Wow that is a lot of processing.  I have light blond hair and had brassy tones coming through and I used a wella violet toner with a 20 volume after 5 minutes it turned almost black, but hey my gold brassiness is gone.  Well I washed it with Prell today and deep conditioned it and it faded and looks much better. I guess I am just letting you know to be careful with the toner.

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Direct Link To This Post ahen151 June 25 2006 at 6:23pm  Quote ahen151 Quote  Post Reply Reply
I wouldn't try to dilute it with water.  Don't risk it!  Just get the 20 volume developer.  It's only about $3 & it's definitely worth it.  Also, the first time you use it, only leave it on for about 30 seconds.  If it doesn't do the trick, use it again the next day for another 30 seconds.  It's better to leave it on for too short a time and re-tone than to leave it on too long and end up with grey hair for a week.  Hope that helped!
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Direct Link To This Post chinastop June 26 2006 at 12:28am  Quote chinastop Quote  Post Reply Reply
Thanks ahen! And DOUBLE Thanks for the tip about 30 seconds cuz I was going to leave it for half an hour. Grey hair is definitely not the look I'm going for, lol

I do have another question if anyone else is up to it: I usually use an applicator bottle with a little nozzle to apply the bleach, but since I'm only going to leave the toner + developer on for such a short time, I guess I'll brush it on with my hands or buy one of those hair dye applicator brushes at Sally's....

eta: thanks caysee, just saw your post. I am going to be v. careful with this toner and I'll prob do a strand test too..which I hate and never do anyways! Good idea about the prell shampoo, it's funny how a "bad" shampoo can be so useful in situations like this. I'm glad your color is what you want now.

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Direct Link To This Post chinastop June 28 2006 at 5:49am  Quote chinastop Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hello again...just to let you all know my parents refused to go to the hair store again because they already hate that I dyed my hair once, so I had to stick with the 30 volume.

It turned out great though--I did a strand test and I checked it every 30 seconds, and it turned out that I had ot leave it on the rest of my hair for 2 minutes. The hair at the back and top had to have it on a bit longer though, prob another minute or so. I just waited until I could see the hair turn purple and then washed it out (boy did it feel fried!!!) and deep conditioned for 20 minutes wiht a hot towel. After all that, my hair feels great again and is the perfect platinum color I wanted all along.

One thing for sure-I won't use drug store brands agai. Feria turned only my roots and side-hair the color I wanted. So, take a trip to a beauty store for the perfect color and do some research and hopefully everything will turn out good. If not, this forum is the best :D
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Direct Link To This Post KarenNJ June 28 2006 at 8:37pm  Quote KarenNJ Quote  Post Reply Reply
Glad to hear it went well!
I've got to admit I was watching this thread with a bit of curiousity.  I wouldn't have had the guts to try it with the 30 vol.  Whew!
Congrats on your successful results.

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Direct Link To This Post Tommie G March 15 2011 at 7:38am  Quote Tommie G Quote  Post Reply Reply
If you bleach your hair from natural also known as a 'virgin hair' depending on your natural base (base 6 - dark blonde) or above, if your natural base is lower ti will take longer to achieve.

If you apply the bleach like a tint e.g. on the roots first your not going to achieve white blonde. The roots will develop quicker & the ends will be orangey/yellow if your lucky. Think about it, apply the bleach mid-lengths & ends wait till that goes orangey/yellow then apply to the roots then put a place bag over your head to keep the heat in & help it achieve better results.

Then wash off shampoo once, towel dry & but a toner on like a tint from roots to ends but work VERY quick or else the colour will be uneven. DON'T just put it on like a shampoo o the ends will absorb the colour to much & the roots wont. If the toner says only use with a certain developer then only use that!

A good crystal white toner is L'Oreal Proffensional - Luo 'P0' with 7.5% developer, leave on for upto 20 mins to clean out the blonde.

Hope this helps
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