What's the ULTIMATE flat iron?

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What's the ULTIMATE flat iron?
Direct Link To This Post LinF December 15 2014 at 4:22am  Quote LinF Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hi Electro Fairy,
I'm new but this is the 2nd post.  Thanks for sharing all the scoops on irons.

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Direct Link To This Post black&white August 30 2014 at 6:35am  Quote black&white Quote  Post Reply Reply
There are many different flat irons.  Just do your research before you decide to buy.  Good luck.

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Direct Link To This Post minos April 12 2014 at 8:50am  Quote minos Quote  Post Reply Reply
I recommend the Paul Mitchell flat iron.  It's the best flat iron that I've ever used.

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Direct Link To This Post imane March 19 2014 at 6:56am  Quote imane Quote  Post Reply Reply
Go for sedu or T3, they're great and give great results


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Direct Link To This Post dcssalman June 14 2013 at 1:37am  Quote dcssalman Quote  Post Reply Reply
nice information great blog

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Direct Link To This Post monicawebb November 22 2011 at 2:37pm  Quote monicawebb Quote  Post Reply Reply

I personally think CHI  is the best flat iron ever! .

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Direct Link To This Post beachbum88 September 08 2011 at 4:11pm  Quote beachbum88 Quote  Post Reply Reply
I would say if you're looking for the best flat iron on the market there are a lot of great brands but HANA is the best! Adjustable heat is very important, so is the plate material.

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Direct Link To This Post Aimee0801 September 02 2011 at 1:43pm  Quote Aimee0801 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Go with any iron which heats all the way up to 450 degrees but has temperature control so you can choose your setting so you don't damage your hair.

Some irons will automatically turn off when it gets to 480 degrees which can help the fuse from blowing.  It will help the life of the iron.

There are many on the market which offer these features.

Good luck.

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Direct Link To This Post beachbum88 August 31 2011 at 5:02pm  Quote beachbum88 Quote  Post Reply Reply
The best flat iron is easily the HANA elite. If you can't afford that one (it's around $220) then go HANA pro. I've used CHIs, Sedus, and Paul Browns before and the HANA works better and lasts longer than them all!
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Direct Link To This Post Kirbie August 18 2011 at 12:14am  Quote Kirbie Quote  Post Reply Reply
The FHI iron is hands down my favorite thus far. If you google Chi versus FHI, you will get some shpeel about the difference in plate sizes, the lengths of the cords, some ergo crap etc. It all boils down to what your preference is and in the end, what really matters is what the product does for your hair.
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Direct Link To This Post askvivi June 09 2011 at 1:00pm  Quote askvivi Quote  Post Reply Reply
I recommend an iron which has tourmaline ceramic plates with rounded edges which makes it great for also curling your hair. I love it! my hair looks very straight, smooth and resilient. :)   

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Direct Link To This Post Karen Shelton June 28 2010 at 10:40pm  Quote Karen Shelton Quote  Post Reply Reply
The real truth?  There is absolutely NO best or worst iron. 

In fact, the majority of all irons...pro and consumer...are made by a small handful of manufacturing factories in China or South America.

The key difference amongst irons is how they are marketed and whether they are marketed to the professional hair market or the consumer hair market.

The BEST iron is the one that is best for you.  An iron that is great for your friend may really suck for you and your hair.

How should you select the best iron for you?

Select it by:
1.  Your type of hair (thin, fine, medium, thick, super thick)
2.  Your texture (straight, naturally curly, wavy, kinky, combo)
3.  Your hair's length (short, medium, long)
4.  How often you plan to use your iron (daily, weekly, monthly, special events only)
5.  How damaged your hair is currently.
6.  Whether you chemically treat your hair.
7.  What types of options and features you desire (heat settings etc.,)
8.  What your hairdresser recommends for your hair.
9.  How the iron feels in your hand.  Some are lighter and easier to use than others.
10.  Your budget (yes you can get great irons for good prices).
11.  Whether you are swayed by glossy marketing campaigns.
12.  How long you plan to keep your iron (some last longer than others).

After you have evaluated these categories than you can narrow your selection down to irons that custom fit you and your hair.  Not the other way around.

I can't comment about Sedu except to say it is very annoying how often I have to remove advertisements from them or their sales people from HairTalk.  It seems they (Sedu marketers) are some of the worst offenders (although GHD is a close second) which makes me dislike the irons just for that reason.

I ask myself, why does a company have to be so aggressive about promoting their irons.  Most irons can stand on their own merits.  Right?  Some of the greatest hair products and tools don't need to aggressively market.  Their products speak volumes on the merits of how they perform.

As a person who went to cosmetology school who has a hair license (I am constantly updating my education), I find that many hot iron brands are very similar.  As they should be, due to the fact they are ALL being manufactured by the same factories. 

This is such a key point that so many hair consumers miss.  I know it's true, I've talked to the reps of some of the factories and my vendors have confirmed this to me many times.

Remember that with any hair tool or product ultimately you deserve to get the best that is the best for you and no one else.

So forget the glossy marketing hypes and buy an iron that works best for you.

Remember, any iron that you use too often or improperly or with too much heat can over time damage your hair.  Find the best for you.  Your hair deserves it.

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Direct Link To This Post nati84 June 28 2010 at 1:26am  Quote nati84 Quote  Post Reply Reply
I just gave up using a flat iron but the SEDU does sound pretty amazing. Maybe I will reconsider and try it :)

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Direct Link To This Post emma61 June 18 2010 at 9:04am  Quote emma61 Quote  Post Reply Reply
 It's so awesome and has lasted me much longer than other flat irons. It's not as expensive as some other brands and works better.

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Direct Link To This Post straightener March 18 2009 at 2:27pm  Quote straightener Quote  Post Reply Reply
The 2 inch chi flat iron is just perfect for everyone.

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Direct Link To This Post krystlegarrison March 16 2009 at 1:42pm  Quote krystlegarrison Quote  Post Reply Reply
I love the CHI nano iron. It works great on all hair types and it gets super hot in about 5 seconds.
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Direct Link To This Post 616x September 24 2008 at 10:15pm  Quote 616x Quote  Post Reply Reply
I think if you're going by price and customer reviews, it has to be the FHI Runway at MSRP $450.  I've checked all the reviews, and rarely does anyone give it 4/5 stars, it usually gets 5 stars and glowing reviews.

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Direct Link To This Post bubbly March 24 2008 at 1:11am  Quote bubbly Quote  Post Reply Reply
GHD is overrated....I used it & it pulls my hair when I try to curl it and it leaves my hair looking sizzled.  I use MARCOS hair straightener and it's just lush! The other day at work one of my friends commented on how healthy my hair was looking and I just wanted to laugh because I naturally have curly hair (which means frizzy hair ..hee hee) but somehow it is making my hair look really glossy.  I also use a heat protectant before using it.
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Direct Link To This Post Crimsonsugar March 18 2008 at 10:22pm  Quote Crimsonsugar Quote  Post Reply Reply
I have coarse hair and it is difficult to straighten even with a relaxer.  Once relaxed washed and dried under a hairdryer, usually the stylist has to use the flat iron that you put in an iron oven.
 My last stylist tried the chi on me and it didn't look like it did anything to straighten my hair. The real test would be my hair air dried.Cry
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Direct Link To This Post erinlk October 22 2007 at 3:40pm  Quote erinlk Quote  Post Reply Reply
The new Karmin Titanium is the best, I have tried GHD and Sedu and now I will only ever use my Karmin hair iron. I have really frizzy hair and you would never know after I use this iron, plus it has a better price tag considering it's just as good, if not better.
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