My puppy is a ponytail yanker!

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My puppy is a ponytail yanker!
Direct Link To This Post Susan W March 01 2007 at 6:53am  Quote Susan W Quote  Post Reply Reply I have a couple of questions for the dog owners among you!

I have a new puppy, he is 14 weeks old and already bigger than many medium sized dogs (he is about 30 pounds, and a muscular type of dog).  Yesterday, he pulled my ponytail, and I thought it was an accident as he did it from behind me - then later when I was standing up, he stood on his back legs and jumped up to bite my ponytail right in my face!  It was hanging over my shoulder in the front, he clamped on and yanked me downward as he went back down to the floor!  Ow!!

So my questions are these, as I've always had cats and don't know much about dogs.  Clearly I've got to wear my hair in an updo at home, but for how long?  When does puppyhood end?  Is there a chance he won't do this again after he's an adult?
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Direct Link To This Post hairbraider March 01 2007 at 9:57am  Quote hairbraider Quote  Post Reply Reply
What kind of dog is he? (I love big dogs!)  I've never had one do that to me, but I've never kept one in the house either.  The other day, one of our cats climbed up on my shoulders and got his feet tangled in my hair. Confused
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Direct Link To This Post Susan W March 01 2007 at 2:11pm  Quote Susan W Quote  Post Reply Reply
Ha ha!  My cat loves to chew on my hair after I wash it, especially if I use one of her favorite flavors of shampoo, but that's never been a big problem.  My pup looks half lab and half chow, though I don't really know for sure what he is.  
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Direct Link To This Post Wendy Kim March 01 2007 at 7:40pm  Quote Wendy Kim Quote  Post Reply Reply
I have two dogs, but neither of them are as large as yours. I haven't had them try anything like that even when I'm lying down, but it sounds like he's just trying to get your attention to play. We've taken our older dog to a trainer to correct some behavior problems and he told us to use a spray bottle when they do something they shouldnt do. Dogs stay in their puppy playfullness for a long time, I would say you would have this go on for at least a year, so better to show him not to do it. Next time he goes after it just spray him right between the eyes with the spray bottle (of water) and it should stop him from trying it, unless he likes water, then you'll have to find something he doesn't like, maybe a noise maker of some kind. Anyways, good luck!
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Direct Link To This Post Susan W March 02 2007 at 8:14am  Quote Susan W Quote  Post Reply Reply
Thanks for the tips!  I know he's just playing, but he can be so crazy sometimes.  
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Direct Link To This Post Alisa06 March 03 2007 at 10:34am  Quote Alisa06 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Ok. Here we go.... I breed and train German Shepherds.Schutzhund bloodlines, my female's parents were both imported from Germany.
You have to take care of it at the moment it happens, waiting will only confuse him. When he jumps from the front, put your knee up so he runs into it. It may seem to knock him down, mabye make him whine, but he will be fine. If he grabs at your hair, grab the loose neck on the back of his neck ( called scruf), hard, almost squeezing, and give him a  shake. This is how mother dogs disipline the pups. it will let him know in his own langueage that what he did was a no no. While doing this say in a firm load voice , but not yelling, "NO!".
Also, if you catch him going for your hair, step back and clap really load one time and say NO  again in a firm load voice.
Labs can be either really smart, or really dumb, and Chows were breed to be fighting dogs. I don't know alot about chows, but I know that they can be unpredictable with children. a tell tale sign is if he has a purple/black  spot in his mouth.
With a big dog, you have to make sure that he knows that you are the dominate one, or he will try to challenge you as he gets older. At 14 weeks, he is till young ,but around one, he will be staring to do this.
I hope this helps some. If you have a picture of hime I might be able to help more with breed type.
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Direct Link To This Post Susan W March 05 2007 at 8:09am  Quote Susan W Quote  Post Reply Reply
Yes, he does have plenty of black spots on his tongue, and a curled up tail (but otherwise looks like a lab).  I'd say he's pretty smart.  I will try the clapping and the thing you said the mother dog would do, that is a good idea about using his own language so he'll understand.  Thanks so much!  
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Direct Link To This Post Alisa06 March 05 2007 at 8:22am  Quote Alisa06 Quote  Post Reply Reply

You are so welcome, Susan.

Puppies can be so much fun, but thay can also be alot of work. I have found that with my dogs, the harder they are as puppies, the better dog they will be as an adult. Don't get discouraged, he will grow up some time!Clap 
My husbands best friend has a lab that is extremely smart, and my sister-in-law's parents have had labs for years and swear that they are very smart. When I was going to dog training shool with my dogs, I kept hearing stories that countradicted each other on the inteligence of labs. So I think it depends on the breeding, as with alot of breeds.
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Direct Link To This Post Susan W March 06 2007 at 8:49am  Quote Susan W Quote  Post Reply Reply
Yes, he is more work than I ever imagined!  But at least my husband takes the brunt of it, so I'm sure we'll survive!  I guess the intelligence is like with people, some are smart, some not.  It doesn't matter to me if he's smart or not, but I guess him being smart will help a lot with training (unless he is too smart and doesn't see any good reason to do what we tell him to!).  My cat can be really dense sometimes, but she is the sweetest cat I ever had, so its okay either way with me.

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Direct Link To This Post Alisa06 March 06 2007 at 2:28pm  Quote Alisa06 Quote  Post Reply Reply
We have a litter right now that is 7 weeks. They are so much fun, but so much work! It is a good thing that I have alot of kids around, because they love playing with the puppies.
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Direct Link To This Post Kimbearly March 06 2007 at 6:54pm  Quote Kimbearly Quote  Post Reply Reply
Awwwww - congratulations on the puppy.  Just get him lot's of new toys to keep him busy. 
something for you to read about chewing
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Direct Link To This Post Susan W March 07 2007 at 7:31am  Quote Susan W Quote  Post Reply Reply
Thanks Kimbearly, lots of good tips there!  He is actually pretty good about keeping his chewing to his toys, we are lucky - for now at least!

7 week old litter, boy that is a lot of work, good luck with them!
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Direct Link To This Post Alisa06 March 07 2007 at 8:28am  Quote Alisa06 Quote  Post Reply Reply
When a dog or puppy gets bored, that is when they will get into trouble. Lots of things to play with is a very good idea. I got out puppies some small rawhide sticks to chew on, but mamma stole them.I got her a soup bone, but I guess she thought that theirs was better!LOL
 We sold one male the night before last, to a lady who drove three hours one way to come and look. She was only going to put a deposit down, but we let her take him because she drove so far.Today there is another lady coming to look at a female, so they are starting to find homes.
I am going to get the mom fixed after this litter, it is alot of work. Besides, I get really nervous with the thought of one of our puppies going to a not so good home. The male the other night seems to have gone to a really good home. She has another GSD ( german shepherd dog),and golden retriever, and an acre fenced in yard. Her mom came with and said that her dogs are spoiled.
Sorry to go on like this, thank you for the good luck.
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Direct Link To This Post Susan W March 08 2007 at 6:50am  Quote Susan W Quote  Post Reply Reply
Its hard to find good homes, that's how I got mine, the lady that had him wasn't happy enough with any of the interviewees she had seen before me.  Good luck with that too!

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