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bobbed cuts

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Topic: bobbed cuts
Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Subject: bobbed cuts
Date Posted: June 13 2003 at 11:29am
hi everyone!

I have like a longer chin length bob and was thinking of something different but keeping it like bob style, I am just looking for ideas to what to get mabe with a little length stil.....thatnks


Posted By: Rod
Date Posted: June 13 2003 at 12:05pm
There are a few options if you want to keep the bob style.

You could cut it a little shorter, maybe lip or ear lobe length.

You could leave the front length, but get the hair angled shorter to the occipital bone with a stacked fringe.

Instead of blowing the ends under, you could flip them out.

You can have the ends chipped in a jagged style.

You can add bangs.

Posted By: tina m
Date Posted: June 13 2003 at 6:22pm
I love bob haircuts.
I used to wear one before I cut my hair shorter. My lover Kathy Ann wears her hair in a bob, a little longer one, just above the shoulders. The bob style I wore was a little shorter than that.

I agree, if you want to keep a bob style and go shorter obviously just go to a short bob cut! .....But there is really quite a variety of short bob styles. Different geometric shapes as it were. Some more rounded, others sharper angles. Some shorter in back, even buzzed in back and tapered.. Some are softer styles, some more hard edged.

A good bob cut needs a good hairstylist, DON'T try and do it yourself. Go to the salon, talk with the stylist, look at the photos of different bobcut styles. Ask questions of the beautician, get her opinion on what would look good on you with your features.

A good bob cut is very sexy and feminine. A delight!
It's something to enjoy. You will feel like a new woman AND a sophisticated one at that with an adorable short bob cut!!!

It's one of my favorite styles and I KNOW that men like it on women!!!!


Posted By: _steve_
Date Posted: June 20 2003 at 1:42am
look on this site

Posted By: demodoll
Date Posted: June 23 2003 at 7:40pm
Well, a bob is about the only way I can wear my hair. It does get boring but I am always sorry when I do something else. Right now, I have a chin length bob, bangs, and stacked back. It is sooo easy to deal with but my goal is to have it all a bit longer all the way around and maybe lose the stacked back eventually.

The only bad ones I have seen are on really round faced people and people with really bushy hair. Otherwise, it is an easy, classy way to go.

"It is better to look marvelous than to feel marvelous" Billy Crystal

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: June 24 2003 at 3:53pm
HI demodoll!
I lie bobs and I think they are very cute but to I want mine alittle longer mabe, but what do you mean by a loose stack,
and I was wondering if you have any pics of stacked bobs I cannot find any

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