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Category: Hair Talk
Forum Name: Short Hair
Forum Description: Devoted to the special needs of short hair
Printed Date: May 17 2022 at 9:26am

Topic: Advice?
Posted By: sweetxcalamity
Subject: Advice?
Date Posted: June 30 2003 at 9:39pm
I'm thinking about getting a pixie bob sort of thing. Something like this:

The problem is, I've never had short hair and I don't know exactly how that would look on me.

This is a bad/scary picture of me but I just wanted you to get an idea of how my hair looks now...

I dyed it a brownish color today so it's a tad darker then that.

Do you think a cut like that would work for me?
I'm kind of dumb with these kinds of things


Posted By: tina m
Date Posted: July 02 2003 at 2:48am
Try a bob cut, above the shoulders. You don't have to go real short right away.
I have seen many women wear bobs. I guarantee you that you have great features for a bob and you would look more sophisticated and sexy with a bob cut!
Try it, with your features I doubt you would regret it.
You can always try a short pixie later if you feel like a short haired lady. You are a very cute and pretty young lady. I'm sure you will be just fine going shorter!


Posted By: Kuroneko
Date Posted: July 02 2003 at 4:20am
Ooh, kind of a '60s-looking girl. . . maybe do something '60s-inspired, like Twiggy! Really cute and retro!

Posted By: turquoise_girl
Date Posted: July 06 2003 at 8:00pm
wow, first let me say that you are really a beautiful girl. If only i knew how to skillfully apply eyeliner like that!:)
from the picture it seems that you have the kind of face shape where almost any kind of hair cut would look good. you have really smooth long hair. is that your natural texture? also, i can't see the top picture where you say that the cut would be kinda like this... all i see is a red X.


Posted By: LiliBeach
Date Posted: July 06 2003 at 10:05pm
Oh I'm partial to long hair. Especially when it is healthy like yours.

Think long and hard before choosing to cut.

I am a professional Hairstylist/Haircolorist with 19 years experience. I have traveled all over the country for my advanced education. I am also a salon owner.:)........and I LOVE Redken!!!

Posted By: Rod
Date Posted: July 06 2003 at 11:04pm
Originally posted by LiliBeach LiliBeach wrote:

Oh I'm partial to long hair. Especially when it is healthy like yours.

Think long and hard before choosing to cut.

Lili, this is the short hair board, so it isn't exactly the place to shout to someone you're partial to long hair. If she had posted on the long hair board for you to talk her out of it, then you should do that.

I imagine that she has thought long and hard about cutting her hair. When hair gets that long, she's probably decided to cut it several times, but decided against it. Maybe it's time.

I couldn't see the first picture, so I don't know if it's a good cut. I don't like to give advice to someone off one picture. I don't really know her, so it's tough advice to give. If I knew more about her life and personality, it would be easier. Cut it if you no longer feel long hair is you. Don't cut it right after breaking up with the boyfriend. etc.

She is young and at that age experimenting should be embraced. That was my age for the beard, then mustache phase. I lived in New York and girls I was in college with had very funky hairstyles. One that stands out is one side shoulder length and the other buzzed close. It may not be that attractive, but there was a major amount of freedom attached to it.

I've long advocated that all women should try short hair once and try long hair once just to see how each looks on them. Just to experience each. Short hair makes some women feel different. If she doesn't like it, plenty of time to grow back.

She may look good in short hair because she has a pretty face. IMO, a pretty face is emphasized with short hair. If she's ready, and it's for the right reasons, she should go for it. If she regrets it, she regrets something she did. Our mistakes are the only ones we can really own. It's better than regreting not doing it.


Posted By: tina m
Date Posted: July 06 2003 at 11:39pm
I like LileBeach , she is a good person and I know she meant no harm,
.... but this is the Short Hair board where people like to encourage each other to appreciate short hair, much like how on the Long Hair board they show their appreciation for long hair.

I agree, if this beautiful young lady wants to try a short hairstyle I think it would work for her, she has lovely features and would probably look good in the short style that is right for her.

Some beauty salons have "virtual" machines where they can show you pictures of how you would look in different harstyles. Maybe there is a salon with a virtual machine near her where she can see what she would look like in different short hairstyles and just go from there!


Posted By: loveshorthair
Date Posted: July 08 2003 at 11:50pm
I couldn't open the pic of the hairstyle you were considering but was able to see you. I think a kind of wild cut that features layers and flips about chin length with bangs to show off those big beautiful eyes of yours.

Posted By: fallon
Date Posted: July 09 2003 at 3:44pm
wow, you have really beautiful hair! speaking from some experience with this....i would agree with kinda shortening it slowly rather than just chopping it all of at once. i used to have hair that was waist length, now its reeeally short, and i LOVE it. but its not for everyone, and the shock of cutting too much at once can kinda scare you away from it. i think you should start with maybe like shoulder length with some bangs or something, that would look sooo adorable on you, maybe even dye it black (you can always use the wash out stuff) if youre not opposed to that, i love the retro bettie page look, especially with the dramatic eye makeup you wear. and then kinda work your way up, like from there get a bob, a v-line style where its tapered shorter in the back longer in the front is great for getting used to the whole short hair thing and would look super cute also. i didnt see the picture of the cut you were thinking of so im just going off of your picture of your current hair. anyways, what do i know? have fun with it, i find that now having short hair is so fun because of the versatility in style and color i can have. plus its quite annoying spending a half hour in the shower to just wash and rinse hair!


Posted By: DaveDecker
Date Posted: July 09 2003 at 6:47pm
Originally posted by fallon fallon wrote:

... i find that now having short hair is so fun because of the versatility in...

Hi fallon,

How is your hair cut? I'm curious to know about the versatility of your hair now... what kinds of styles can you do? TIA


Posted By: fallon
Date Posted: July 09 2003 at 8:26pm
well, my hair is clipped in the back with a number 2 with the clipper and then its razor cut really short underneath the hair in the front with some choppy longish pieces on top and then razor cut bits right at the crown in the back that stick up all spikey. sorry, i dont know if this makes sense...i'll find some recent pictures for ya'll if youre interested anyways. i usually put a bunch of bed head manipulator in it and stick the front long pieces down and the shorty bangs i have straight. then the crown is all spiked up with some glue. and the back, well theres nothing you can do with hair that short! sometimes i spike the long pieces up in the front as well and then its really quite tall. i guess mostly what i mean with versatility though is that i can go in another month and get it cut into a different short style and i can color and bleach it more often without freaking out about it breaking cause its already short so it wouldnt be much of a shock (although ive layed off the bleach for a bit to let my hair recover). whereas when its long, well, its just long, to me anyways, i couldnt do a whole lot with it cause it was super mega thick and wavy...which its still really beautiful and there are days i miss it. but i play drums and live in a really hot climate so its really annoying having all that long thick hair in my face.


Posted By: surf_sweetie
Date Posted: August 07 2003 at 7:32pm
i used to have long hair like yours and i cut it in a really short spiky style but yea my advice is dont go really short just yet, get like a chin length cut at first then get a really short style


Posted By: Ellestin
Date Posted: August 08 2003 at 3:57am
Same as most other advices. Proceed in stages. Most importantly, choose a good stylist who will be willing to discuss what he/she's doing and take you through the stages.
On the other hand, your features are surpisingly alike to this lovely brunette girl in the band t.A.T.u., and she does look amazing with short hair, so that's a point of refernce already...


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