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ARTec Is Winning My Votes

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Topic: ARTec Is Winning My Votes
Posted By: KAREN
Subject: ARTec Is Winning My Votes
Date Posted: January 12 2000 at 1:41am
Hi Everyone,Five days ago my long hair stylist recommended that I try the ARTec smoothing shampoo for my newly highlighted hair. I was skeptical coming off disasters testing Aura and Abba.She used the ARTec on my hair at the salon and my hair felt really great. So I bought a small bottle (13oz) of the Smoothing shampoo. I paid $9.00 for it plus tax.I have to tell you all, I have been experiementing like crazy. The first day I used the ARTec smoothing shampoo and the smoothing conditioner. WOW. My hair, 1st day after a highlight was like silk. I also used the Aveda Curressence leave in spray (but only used a tiny squirt).Day #2 I used the shampoo and Aveda Cherry Almond Bark. My hair was silky but the Cherry Almond Bark cranked up the waves, so I have silky layers of soft waves. WOW again. I did try some Joico leave in spray similar to the Curressence. I liked the Joico spray too but I don't think it made much of an impact on the overal condition of my hair.Day #3 I used the shampoo and Aveda's Curressence. I used Aveda Elixer. My picks were sliding through my hair like it was unbelievable.Day #4 & #5 I went back to ARTec shampoo and matching conditioner. I also used the ARTec Hydrating Treatment. Super WOW.I have been getting more compliments on my hair than I have in a long time. I am going to write up all my notes and put them in the Tips & Articles section on ARTec. I went back to the beauty store tonight and bought one of all their products. They have a new color line like Aveda and I bought the Lemon Flower. Also, I bought the Kiwi shampoo to try in Clare and Cher's honor. :-)I must say, I am impressed. As you all know, I try lots of products every year and rarely find one that competes in my opinion with Aveda. Only Phytologie and Fuerter got really close. At this rate, I may be hanging out in the ARTec aisle for awhile.I am not giving up Aveda, just playing and mixing and matching. I did find the Aveda to really add to the combination of the ARTec shampoo.Thanks for encouraging me to do a test on this product line.KarenPS. 12 ounces costs from $6.75 to around $9.00 and 32 ounces goes for anywhere from $14.45 to $18.00.You can find ARTec at the big name beauty supply stores like Ultra3 and Cosmetics Plus and Rickey's in NYC.


Posted By: Marsha
Date Posted: January 12 2000 at 1:42am
Dear Karen,What exactly does ARTec smoothing shampoo do for your hair? Maybe I should buy some of that. I am really into trying new products. I recently discovered Sebastian Laminates Conditoner which is very good for curly hair. Maybe ARTec has something simillar. I am going to the salon tomorrow. I will ask. Thanks so much for bringing this line to my atttention. If you find any other line of products made for curly hair that can be purchase at a local salon. Please let me know. I have being dying to use Ouidad, but I am a bit skeptical on mail-order hair products. Thanks again and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!Marsha :-)