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I Am Steamed...Cher Check This Out

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Topic: I Am Steamed...Cher Check This Out
Posted By: KAREN
Subject: I Am Steamed...Cher Check This Out
Date Posted: January 12 2000 at 1:53am
I just bought the June/July 1998 issue of Bride's mag and there is a special issue on Getting Married at 20,30,40 with hair and beauty tips. As you know, I review as many of the mags as possible to find recommended features on hair to put in Hair News.So I read the Bride's hair suggestions for the 20s bride. It says that while regal twists and buns have been the longtime fav, the sleek, glassy, well conditioned hairstyle is really hot right now.For 30s brides it says to check out lots of curls for the new popular ultraromantic hair styles.So far so good. Then I turn to the 40s. It starts out by saying that the 40s bride should keep it simple. Then they quote Damien Miano of the Miano-Viel Salon in NYC who says that "long hair can make an older woman look garish" the article says that Damien provides shorter, sleeker cuts that are a little away from the face.Miano also says that the 40s something brunettes should "limit themselves to red/gold highlights for light brown hair or burgundy for very dark brown hair to black hair". It appears that he frowns on lighter or blonde colors because of the age factor.So who IS this guy and why does he feel the need to promote the myth that brides or woman in their 40s look garish with long hair.How many unsuspecting 40s women will read this and head for the scissors? This myth of long hair is bad for over 40s makes me nuts.Hair that is healthy and well cared for looks gorgeous on ANY age. I am a little steamed and knew that some of the beautiful 40s woman on this board would love to chew on this a little.Should be march in front of his shop, burn his head in effigy or just bash a little on this board. :-)Karen


Posted By: Ally
Date Posted: January 12 2000 at 1:53am
Karen--No one I know agrees with the "chop your hair when you hit 40" philosophy--except for certain professionals who have been brainwashed by trade magazines. Look at Cher and Jane Seymour! And Meryl Streep made a huge mistake when she cut hers off. As at any age, it's an issue of face shape, hair type, and hair condition.I'm upset that the trend in general is shorter, elaborately layered hair. The magazines keep dismissing long hair as "dated" and "lacking in style." All my long-haired friends say that stylists are always urging them to go shorter. Are these professionals just bored?One thing is clear: Men--the real men we date, love, and marry, who couldn't give a damn about fashion trends--love long hair. I hope no one cuts hers as a result of that article.Ally