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Damage Control pt. 2, Karen, I need immediate help!

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Topic: Damage Control pt. 2, Karen, I need immediate help!
Posted By: Stephanie
Subject: Damage Control pt. 2, Karen, I need immediate help!
Date Posted: January 12 2000 at 2:27am
Remember me, starring role in the theatrical production where our own hair had to be put into big 50's bouffants? I'm home from our first dress rehersal, and we had the hair done so we could get used to dancing in it and troubleshoot any problems.My stylist was very nice and understanding that I wanted minimal damage done to my waist length hair. She started off trying to do as little teasing, etc... as necessary but for the demands of the production and of having a style that wouldn't fall apart during the dances, etc... she ended up having to do a great deal of teasing and use a ton of hairspray. The finished style was kind of a big poofy french twist up the back and kind of a big beehive on top, but with a a side part that kind of draped across one eye before getting swept up into the beehive. She did a really good job with it and it was quite entertaining to watch being created and really a marvel in engineering. I was nervous at first and kind of biting my lip but after a while just kind of said "What the Hell" and enjoyed it since this is going to happen again for 2 more dress rehearsals and 9 performances. It did hold together for the whole performance even though I could feel it sway a bit from time to time. It definitely needed all the teasing and spraying she did to stay up.But anyway, here I am at home and for the past hour I've tried to get my hair back to normal using detangler and T.L.C. but I obviously don't know what I'm doing. I've got this giant 12 inch high mass of teased hair on my head that is so stiff it is almost one solid mass. Can someone take me step by step through the unteasing process for VERY long, VERY teased and VERY sprayed hair? I'll wait up for a little bit and then I'm going to bed. I hope sleeping on it doesn't do any further damage. I need to get good at this because I'm going to have to do it 11 more times!Karen or someone, please help me out ASAP. For the record my hair is all one length to my waist and very straight and in excellent condition, although right now you would never know that.Stephanie