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Do you want to have healthy hair?

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Topic: Do you want to have healthy hair?
Posted By: yolanda
Subject: Do you want to have healthy hair?
Date Posted: January 12 2000 at 4:15am
Back in 1977, I had quite long hair, about halfway down my back. I went to a salon and had it cut very short. First, I asked the lady to cut off a large hank of it before she started the final cut so I could keep it. She and the other woman working there both were amazed at the health and beauty of my hair. She asked me, "what do you do to your hair? It is in wonderful condition!" I was startled, because at that point in time, we were quite poor (financially) and all I ever did was wash my hair with Sauve shampoo (the cheapest I could find), comb it out and let it air dry, except once a week when I would put it in hot rollers to spruce it up to wear to Church. I used nothing else. I had 4 small children, no time, no money, and had done nothing special at all. Now I realize that health, etc. can have a big effect on one's hair, but I think I had such a glorious mane because I did almost nothing to it.