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Aubrey Organics: Die-Hard User Says Try Them. If Don't Like, MOVE ON:)

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Topic: Aubrey Organics: Die-Hard User Says Try Them. If Don't Like, MOVE ON:)
Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Subject: Aubrey Organics: Die-Hard User Says Try Them. If Don't Like, MOVE ON:)
Date Posted: January 12 2000 at 6:48am
I really can't say anymore than what's been said in the thread below except I have been using Aubrey Organics hair and skin care products for over 2 years and will never be without them. As for my hair, it's never looked or felt better. I cannot say enough about the products I've used. At this point, I've gone through practically the whole line re shampoos and conditioners. I know which work best on my hair and how to use products to maximize results (creatively using Aubrey, as I say:))What I can say is that Susan Hussey is the one who got me started on the products and how to use them. Those who have read my article here know this fact. I've tried to return that favor to others trying them and how to best apply them. I'm sorry that nothing worked for Roberta. I am surprised and frankly, she's in the minority from the hundreds of people with whom I've spoken via e-mail and in person. When I started my hair was bone-dry, damaged and I did not have the problem of the shampoos drying out my hair. In this respect, I've heard from some who do and simply cannot use them. The conditioners are some of the few that have been able to get the tangles out of my hair. That's why it's surprising to me that Roberta had the problems she did, even with the extra time and application of heat.The last thing I wanted to say is that Aubrey Organics is not some purportedly natural, organic company. It is certified-organic. To me and to others, that alone says a lot. I am familiar with several of the pseudo-natural lines of which some have spoken. Personally, I don't mess with them:)Like most things, if you use a product and the results are negative in any way and you cannot find a method to curtail the negativity, MOVE ON. Also, be sure to get your money back if you can:)Bye for now,Jade