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Why using Aubrey Organics natural products is so important to me :)

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Topic: Why using Aubrey Organics natural products is so important to me :)
Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Subject: Why using Aubrey Organics natural products is so important to me :)
Date Posted: January 12 2000 at 6:51am
Hello :)I thought it might be a good idea to share with you why natural hair products such as Aubrey Organics are so important to me.Yes, I was blessed with enough hair for three people (I've heard this all my life), but all my life I've also had very sensitive skin and been in and out of dermatologist's offices since I was eight and a half years old (I joke to people that I'm a dermatologist's dream with my sensitive former acne skin, sebborheic dermatitis on my scalp, excema on my elbows. LOL!). When I was eight and a half until I was sixteen and then again from age twenty two until twenty nine, the problem was acne (Lucky for me there was Accutane which I was prescribed twice and now my complexion is still sensitive, still somewhat oily, but basically clear. YAY!! Unless you have suffered from acne, you have no idea what it's like to look in the mirror and see a clear face looking back at you. It's amazing!) However inbetween the bouts of acne, my scalp started acting up, and it was back to the dermatologist's office when I was about twenty two. She told me I had sebborhea and just to use a dandruff shampoo (Insert rolling of the eyes here), but when I asked her specific questions like which one to use, how to treat this, ect. she never answered me (She didn't have much of a bed side manner and when I tried to tell her my concerns, she wouldn't listen.) She just said to "use dandruff shampoo" and gave me a whole bag of Neutragena T-gel samples before I left. Lovely! NOT!So what did I do? I decided to experiment, did some reasearch, and read a lot during that period. I learned a lot about different ingrediants, their effects on the body, and then one day I stumbled across Aubrey Hampton's book "Natural Skin and Hair Care". That's where I learned about natural ingrediants, how herbs could be used to treat different skin and scalp conditions, ect. One of the first natural hair care products I used for many years ago was Tom's of Maine's Aloe and Almond shampoo.It was very important for me to use natural skin and hair products because of the problems I had with my sensitive skin and hair. I wanted to use products that would treat my skin gently, have a positive effect on them, and feel good about using. I found out by trial and error that when I used drugstore and even some salon products, that they irritated my skin, broke them out, and then it was back again to the doctor's office where I always heard the same thing again and again which was "Don't use Suave. Try Pantene. Oh, and don't use conditioner either." (Actually my regular doctor was a lot more helpful than the dermatologist) When I used natural skin and hair products, I found out that I didn't have those problems anymore.The best natural hair care and skin products I've ever used are Aubrey Organics. I LOVE Aubrey Organics not only because they are natural, but because of the wonderful things they are doing for my skin and hair.Maria :)Related Link:Maria In Mass