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Torain, X-10, Monkey Barzz, AAAAHHH!

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Topic: Torain, X-10, Monkey Barzz, AAAAHHH!
Posted By: BirdOfEden
Subject: Torain, X-10, Monkey Barzz, AAAAHHH!
Date Posted: January 12 2005 at 7:36pm
Okay, I bought some glue sticks from my local beauty supply to try out. The lady at the counter said she didn't know what brand they were. I called another day and spoke with another person (who undertstood english a little better) who was able to tell me that they are Torain glue sticks. I tried them out and I like the texture (seems like a hard rubber/flexible) but they dry too quickly before I can roll them well enough. I read somewhere that Torain is wax, and one person was actually saying that the Torain glue was total crap. Does anyone else here agree with that? I have hear a few people speak good of keratin, particularly Monkey Barz glue sticks and X-10 glue sticks. Can anyone who's used any of these 3 glue sticks tell me more about them? Which ones are easier to roll, which ones hold the best, which ones are most damaging to natural hair, which ones can be removed easiest, etc.... I'm just curious because I'm going out of town to a huge event and I want to put extensions in, but I want to use the best possible glue and I haven't tried these brands. If anyone would share their experiences, I'd GREATLY appreciate it....thanks!

Posted By: sherrie215
Date Posted: January 12 2005 at 7:46pm
That might have been me that posted that about Torain being crap....I think I did say that once back in my days of early experimenting with hand fusion! No Torain really isnt was my technique that needed improvement! Torain melts easier than Keratin but that also means the bonds wont last as well as Keratin. I learned really quick that a hotpot was the best way of hand fusion for me. I dont have to much experience with hand fusion I have done some, but liked other techniques better so I moved on. I have heard good and bad on all the fusion methods but I dont have enough experience with the hand fusion to be helpful!

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Posted By: Cali-Kristin
Date Posted: January 12 2005 at 8:02pm
Hehe... I wrote you back on your Quinnster post... -

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