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Acne pills - aquataine

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Topic: Acne pills - aquataine
Posted By: Harvy
Subject: Acne pills - aquataine
Date Posted: February 23 2004 at 7:43pm
Has anyone heard of aquataine?. they r pills for acne. dermotolagist recommended.

Posted By: melina
Date Posted: February 25 2004 at 7:36pm
yea i've been on it before. i'm pretty sure that accutaine shrinks the size of your oil glands...well, if u decide to go on accutaine u will be on it for a minimum of 4 months. u will definitely experience dry skin and lips. moisturize your skin with cream not lotion and using a heavy duty lip balm is a must! there are other symptoms that go along with the medication such as dry eyes, nosebleeds, and in some cases it may cause depression. it varies from person to person. women have to take a pregnancy test every doctor visit (once a month) to obviously ensure that they are not pregnant. there are serious side effects that can harm the baby. although the side effects aren''t the most pleasing in the world, the end result is magnificant. my face is clear and i rarely get zits any more although i still have a few faded scars from where i used to break out badly, but no one even notices them. this is a good medication to go on when ur acne is really bad or it just will not subside with other prescriptions. good luck!

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: March 03 2004 at 4:37pm
I'm on it. It has wonderful results, but not without a price, my friend. It makes your face look REALLY bad for about a month because it pushes all the pimples that have not erupted yet to the surface. It also makes your skin dry enough to split and flake. My skin is looking way better, so the pain is worth it.

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