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A purchase mistake!

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Topic: A purchase mistake!
Posted By: Cranberry
Subject: A purchase mistake!
Date Posted: September 13 2003 at 7:33pm
That stupid moment when you buy something and later realize it is a true impulse purchase. Never worn, never really needed.
I bought a jacket not too long ago that I now realize I'm not truly happy with, and I'm not sure what to do about it. I bought it at an outlet store that is miles away, and it would be quite a process to return it (seeing as the return policy is that I can only return the outlet item to an outlet store). I still have the tags on it and the receipt, though.
Do you chalk it up to learning, still try to return it, or sell it secondhand, etc? What would you do about it?

Posted By: BaldJasmine
Date Posted: September 13 2003 at 8:04pm
Unless you are rich and can afford to throw away money, why not return it? So you have to drive a few miles, that's easy enough to do.


Posted By: demodoll
Date Posted: September 13 2003 at 8:53pm
I might try to consign it or sell it to a secondhand store. Sometimes they will give you more than you might expect.

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Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: September 14 2003 at 6:41pm
Don't worry about it, just take it back.

Posted By: dana073
Date Posted: October 02 2003 at 1:53pm
I am not rich, nor do I have money just laying, on that note I would DEFINITELY return it! I have no problems driving a while to return long as the money you would receive back out does the gas it would costs. Just my 2 cents.

Posted By: enfys
Date Posted: October 03 2003 at 2:10pm
Give it to someone as a Chrimbo prezzie.

Seriously, you should take it back, but ring them up first to check the returns policy so it's not a wasted trip.

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Posted By: ballet dancer
Date Posted: January 26 2004 at 2:35pm
Hey, you could sell it online at ebay.

Posted By: jasmine2g3
Date Posted: March 15 2005 at 11:11pm
I was about to say the same thing... e Bay...I'm addicted to that website


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Posted By: Karen Shelton
Date Posted: March 16 2005 at 3:17pm

What about a trading party?

A good friend of mine has about 4 a year.  She invites everyone to her house and it is potluck.  Everyone chips in a few bucks for drinks and they bring items that they bought and don't like or bought and never wore or whatever.

Usually she does one clothing party, one hair product party, one beauty products and miscellaneous.  Sometimes she puts together an email list in advance where people can list what they are bringing and you can even do an advance trade.

It is an amazing deal and fun and everyone gets to catch up, have a frozen margarita or some coffee and do a trade.

It costs so much less than driving across town to return something and you can really get some great deals in trade.  Of coures you don't have to trade if you don't see anything you want to trade for.  I once had someone buy a cuff right off my wrist.  I wasn't looking to trade the cuff but the person wanted it for her mom and paid me what I paid for it even after I had worn it for a few months.

Anyway...something to consider and another option for products that don't work for you after you get them home.

Best wishes,

Karen Shelton

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Posted By: moonlessbraclet
Date Posted: July 31 2005 at 3:00pm
Just take it back. Probably cheaper on gas then to waste money on something you dont like .

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