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Why won`t my hair perm!!!

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Topic: Why won`t my hair perm!!!
Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Subject: Why won`t my hair perm!!!
Date Posted: February 19 2001 at 8:08pm
Okay, all my life I have wanted curly hair. I have shoulder length, stick straight hair that is very fine and thin. I am 15 and I had been contemplating getting a perm for a long time, so I finally decided to do it. I got my hair permed 2 weeks ago and I loved the way it turned out. Gradually, it lost most it`s curl, so the next week I went back and got it repermed with tighter curls. My hair stylist had to leave the solution on for the max. amt. of time- 25 minutes. It looked great when I left the salon, but as soon as I washed it, the front of my hair became completely straight, the back was way, and underneath it was tight curls. It`s been a little over a week sice I got my second perm, and my hair only has loose waves. Not even cute waves, these are uneven, big, floppy waves. I don`t want to get a relaxer, my hair has been chemically processed twice in the last 2 weeks! What did I do wrong?! How can I get my hair back to it`s natural straitness? I there any way I can make the grow out process shorter? Can ya`ll give me any tips on how to get my hair permed? I would still like to perm my hair in maybe a year or something. Thanks for listening!

Posted By: Sarah
Date Posted: March 03 2001 at 9:38am
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Hi, I know exactly what you mean. My aunt is a beautician and she said my hair had no inner protein. Whatever that means. You could try the hard to curl perm. It might work. Hope I helped!!

Sarah Brooke

Posted By: Merlin
Date Posted: March 07 2001 at 10:42am
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Sorry to read about your problem getting a perm to stay in your hair. You really should give it a rest after putting it through all of that. There are ways to get the look of a perm without the chemicals. One is Sleepers Hair Curlers ( - ), they are soft, come in different sizes, and produce terrific results. A similar product is Wrap, Snap, & Go! They too are soft rollers and QVC sells them. If you want more of a spiral look, try the Sassy Curler ( These all produce terrific curls without any putting your hair through a rough chemical process and if you don`t like it, YOU JUST SHAMPOO! Worth a try.


Posted By: demodoll
Date Posted: March 09 2001 at 5:51pm
Your hair is just like mine, and believe me, perms are NOT the answer. They just don`t work on fine hair most of the time. With luck, the worst that will happen to you is that you will be out a bunch of money. I once had my hair permed and then repermed because the curl didn`t "take." After about two weeks a lot of it broke off and I really looked horrible. I ended up with a really short cut and had to grow it all back out over the next year. My advice would be to use a lot of deep conditioning treatments and leave them on your hair for several hours since the second perm probably caused a lot of damage. I would also see another stylist pretty quickly to see what kind of advise they give you. Maybe with a new style and good blowdry your hair will look nice and thick. Good luck.

"It is better to look marvelous than to feel marvelous" Billy Crystal

Posted By: lgp82
Date Posted: May 17 2001 at 5:03pm
You could try hot rollers or steam rollers until it grows out...


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