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A few questions for anyone who can answer...

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Topic: A few questions for anyone who can answer...
Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Subject: A few questions for anyone who can answer...
Date Posted: February 12 2000 at 2:09pm
Hello all...!

Remember the Jennifer Aniston shag that was in style a few years ago? Well, my "stylist" went ahead and gave that to me when I went for a cut a week and a half ago. I HAD one-length, sleek straight hair past my shoulders, exactly what's in style right now. Now it's shaggy and ugly, and I want to grow these layers out as FAST as I can. (You might think I'm a silly girl, but I've cried myself to sleep over this several nights since the dreaded cut.) The bottom part of my hair is at my shoulder blades, while the shortest layers end at the base of my skull. Can you picture the horror??

SO. I ordered Hair Formula 37. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. Now I have some questions, for both the administrators of this site and folks who have used the product.

1) What is the average I can expect in terms of how fast hair grows when using this product? I realize individual results vary, but I've read some of the testimonials... one that even said a gal had hair grow 3-inches in a month. That's probably not realistic, but I'm curious what is.

2) What is Viviscal? A few folks have talked about it in this forum, but nobody has actually explained what it is, or where it's found. I get the impression it's not safe to take that product. I've already ordered H.F.37, but I'll buy whatever I have to to grow my pretty hair back.

3) With the H.F.37, how should it be used in order to see maximum results? Is it a case of "the-more-the-better", or is it just a waste of product if you use more than what's suggested on the bottle?

That's it for now. Looking forward to everyone's input.


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