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Pre-Natal vitimins

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Topic: Pre-Natal vitimins
Posted By: msmiz
Subject: Pre-Natal vitimins
Date Posted: June 25 2003 at 6:56pm
Has anyone used pre-natal vitimins to graow your hair? Successful? what brand?

Posted By: princessmonica
Date Posted: June 26 2003 at 12:06am
i wish people would stop with the darn prenatal vitamins! they do NOT make hair grow! it's the pegnant woman harmones that may make her hair grow fast. alot of prenatal vitamins don't have biotin. biotin can help the hair grow so i've heard.

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Posted By: Lyris
Date Posted: June 26 2003 at 7:45am
Monica is right: PRENATAL vitamins do NOT make your hair grow faster anymore than taking regular vitamins would. The hormonal changes during pregnancy sometimes make a woman's hair grow faster. It has nothing to do with taking vitamins, which are simply taken to ensure a healthy mother and child.

Here is a link to a site debunking this myth: -

ANY vitamin supplements (even Flintstone chewables) will help you overcome deficiencies, which is in turn can lead to healthier hair (and more importantly, a healthier YOU.) There is nothing special about PRE-NATAL supplements.
Hope this helps! :-)

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