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I think taking vitamins make me a better blood donor!

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Topic: I think taking vitamins make me a better blood donor!
Posted By: SuperGrover
Subject: I think taking vitamins make me a better blood donor!
Date Posted: July 03 2003 at 1:40pm
I went out to donate blood yesterday at a local drive. I'm so glad I did! It's the only useful thing I accomplished all day.

Anyhue, I've been donating blood since I was 17. Or 18?
I've never been a good donor. First of all, my blood often doesn't sink in that little jar, which means I have low iron. Secondly, I have no visible veins in my arm, and it's always a challenge for the nurse to find a vein to use. Thirdly, very rarely do I ever fill the whole bag! And when that happens, they can't use it in an emergency or surgery. They just use it for experiments. But I always figure, oh well, at least it's somethinng. They have to use something for experiments, after all.

But yesterday, no problems at all! For the first time in my life! OK, maybe 2nd time. The blood sank, which was no surprise, since I've been taking iron supplements. I had a stellar nurse who had no problems finding my vein and getting the needle in just right. And best of all, I filled the bag!
Yippee! I'm so pleased.

It has to be because I've been taking vitamins. I can't think of any other explanation!

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Posted By: LiliBeach
Date Posted: July 03 2003 at 11:28pm
wow, that is so great!!!

I would have never thought of that aspect of vitamins.

Thank you for sharing that!!!

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