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Anyone here veggie?

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Topic: Anyone here veggie?
Posted By: tina m
Subject: Anyone here veggie?
Date Posted: May 21 2003 at 7:05pm
I was a complete vegetarian for over a year. Went back to eating meat and fish after I had my kid five years ago. I still don't eat much meat and have considered going back to being a vegetarian.

....-(Anyone here into vegetarian food?


Posted By: Isla Q.
Date Posted: May 22 2003 at 3:23am
Yes! I've been a vegetarian for three or four years (I've lost count). It was easy to become one because I've never really liked meat or fish to begin with, but my main motive for banning meat and fish from my life is that I love animals so much I don't want to eat them. I just cannot do it. At this point I can't imagine I'll ever eat meat or fish again.


Posted By: Elissa
Date Posted: May 22 2003 at 4:36am
Welcome to the board, Tina!

I admire vegetarians, both for the healthiness aspect and because I too love animals.

I always joke around that I'd starve to death if I had to become one, because I am such a picky eater and don't like any of the alternative protein sources, especially eggs. I couldn't even be a partial veggie because I HATE HATE HATE all fish and seafood. I tried tofu once and found its consistency downright yucky (there's a good, adult word for a soon-to-be 37 year old!).

I'd like to hear more about alternatives to meat protein sources. Maybe there are some things I haven't heard of that I could try. By the way, I LOVE Boca Burgers (the "original" formula only, very low in fat) and eat them all the time. They tast just like hamburgers.




Posted By: Isla Q.
Date Posted: May 22 2003 at 6:16am
Admitted, soy burgers, tofu, etc. can take some getting used to. But after a while you do get used to it. It's a bit like switching from regular Coke do Diet Coke really.

I personally love the products my local supermarket sells, but I live in Europe so that's not very useful if you live in the US. Sorry!


Posted By: Giles
Date Posted: May 22 2003 at 7:47pm

Yes, I have been in the past, had periods when I wasn't and am again. ELissa asked about different sources of protein. Most plants have plenty of protein, and I read somewhere (I will have to look it up) that many green vegs have more protein per calorie than steak. Note that is protein per CALORIE, not per WEIGHT. There are many good sources on info on vegitarian eating (including several diets designed by M.D.'s.).

That said, vegetrains can still have problems with their eating, which discussions on this board have solutions for



Posted By: tina m
Date Posted: May 23 2003 at 1:23am
I love soyburgers, soyburgers are a perfect subsitute for your basic hamburger.
Rice and vegetables , stir fry vegetarian .
Big garden salads with cheese and croutons. Fruit salads. Yogurt with fruit. Grilled cheese sandwich with tomato slices and green pepper. Lentil bean soup. Veggie stews. ....the list goes on and on darlings. Yum. Makes me hungry right now for some veggie chow!


Posted By: Elissa
Date Posted: May 23 2003 at 7:34am
ya makin me hungry :)


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: May 23 2003 at 7:52am
i'm vegetarian and try to aim for complete vegan , since it's sad to say vegetarian is just not good enough anymore in respect to the animals part. i like the soy burgers and meatless alternatives and found creative ways to make simple recipe i make often thats quick is extra firm tofu fried/grilled with some teriyaki  sauce.

Posted By: _thumbelina_
Date Posted: December 04 2005 at 12:01pm
I've been a vegetarian all my life (I'm 15). My parents are both vegetarians too, and my brother. Although, it wasn't a case of "you eat what we eat" at all, I've been given the option to eat meat since I was old enough to choose, I just can't understand the idea of eating meat... It looks really grodey, but I guess that's just cause I've never eaten it, maybe anyway! I think I also like animals too much. Saying that, I have no objections to people who eat meat, as it's a personal choice everyone has got to make! The only thing that bugs me is when people I know say "I am basically a vegetarian", and then tuck into a steak a kidney pie or something, eww. Being a vegetarian isn't a big deal, so I can't understand people wanting to try and attatch themselves to the 'label'!

"You were the movie of my life, starring you instead of me"

Posted By: Spaci32
Date Posted: December 11 2005 at 1:57pm

I've been a vegetarian for 7 years now since a run in with a chicken truck on a roadtrip to a concert.  Never was a big meat or fish eater so it wasn't a hard switch to me at all. People still can't figure it out since I'm from Iowa which is known for it's hogs and cows but my parents were very accepting to the idea (I was 20 and living with them at the time) and now my grandmother makes me a baked potato for every holiday instead of turkey and my mom always cooks a small pot of chilli with boca meat. The loose meat tastes the exact same. 

What helped me is that I started shopping at Wild Oats and Whole Foods stores since they offer a wider variety of vegetarian foods but now I"m noticing that some newer grocery stores are incorporating some larger sections of organic and vegetarian foods. I also signed up for a few vegetarian cooking classes since I am a horrible cook and wanted to know a few good meals to eat.  I've always loved vegetables and fruits so those are a good fall back for me.  You can cook these in many different ways.  A good cookbook is the Moosewood series which you can find on Amazon.  They have simple and good recipes.

I still have my bad vices and am probably not the best vegetarian out there but I can tell a difference and I'm healthier and in better shape since I've changed my eating.  Most people think I'm years younger than my actual age too. 


A wish is a desire without any attempt to attain its end.

Posted By: katay
Date Posted: February 08 2006 at 8:40am


 Well, For a few years I was a semi-vegetarian. I would eat cheese, and a bit of fish. Lots of spinach salads too. Plus, I would eat alot of whole grains, next to no sugar, and soy milk.

 I did maintain great health, and people thought I was younger.

 However since 2004 I've graduated to meat on occasion.

 I'm still youthful looking. I'm in great health.

 But there are times, when, my soon to be hubby wants meat, and I'll have mostly vegies, and little meat. I try to find a balnce.

   I remember, being bored  at times,...It was easier to be vegetarian while I was single.

 But I strike a balance with my over all diet. Thanks,...

God Bless,...

Posted By: libragoddess
Date Posted: April 12 2006 at 11:39am
I've been a vegetarian for about a month now. It was an easy transition for me, because I never was a meat eater. I ate more veggie and fruits than meat. I chose to make a complete change for health reasons and the love I have for animals..

Posted By: mocha mama
Date Posted: January 15 2007 at 1:39pm
I live w/ 2 vegetarians.  Each became such for different reasons (one went out on tour and got sick from fast food restaurants, and the other was told to try it out and is).  I come from a family where a piece of meat came w/ each meal no matter what, so it's been a change.  I haven't eaten meat in about 2 weeks, but it wasn't really a conscious choice.  Our stove hasn't worked, so I haven't been able to cook anything.  I mostly eat chicken, and have a fairly weak stomach -- I rarely eat out in a restaurant and when I do, I order a salad anyway.  So LONG story short, I'm semi-vegetarian, I guess? 

Looking to buy a good vegatarian cookbook for my roommate.  Any suggestions?  She has next to NO cooking experience (ha) but wants to learn how to cook for herself.  This book would have to be easy to follow and not too complicated. LOL

PS: I am in love w/ garden burgers.  Rarely eat red meat (makes my stomach hurt), so it's real nice to be able to eat burgers again sans the stomachache. Clap


Posted By: Islandgurl
Date Posted: January 16 2007 at 5:35pm
I ve been vegetarian since almost 9 years now ( Im 25). I seen something on Tv 9 years ago it made me stop eating meat. It was just nasty. And Im tired of people asking..."oh you are a vegetarian you dont eat no meat ,not even chicken?" DUH!!! what kinda question is that chicken is meat!! Some people are just ignorant and dont respect it and Im tired of it.


Posted By: Lickalime
Date Posted: June 25 2007 at 12:54pm
so I know this is a really old post but I wanted to add a thing or two
I have been trying to become a vegetarian for a while.  I have little to no willpower.  I am trying to eat more veggies and fruit.  back in March I discovered Spicy Black Bean burgers.  I am in love.  I could eat them every day.  I also have discovered kidney beans and black beans.  I usually open a can of either bean (or mix them together) add a can of chili tomatoes and lots of Frank's Red Hot.  it's yummy

Posted By: ccmuffingirl
Date Posted: September 13 2007 at 10:27pm
I was a vegetarian for about 2 months.  I'm not one now, but I do have an admiration for them.  They have a conviction and they stick to it.  Personally, I don't believe meat is too healthy for you.  With all of the antibiotics and hormones they pump into it it's hardly even edible.  If a person does eat meat, I feel it healthier to eat fish and poultry, and organic at that, and it should be treated as a condiment instead of a main course.  Our body cannot metabolize too much protein.  In actuallity, our body already produces 9 out of the ll proteins that we need to survive, and soy provides all eleven!  So it is feasible to become a vegetarian.  As for me, I know I'm leaving the red meat alone for good!

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