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Good Exercise Videos

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Printed Date: June 28 2022 at 4:37am

Topic: Good Exercise Videos
Posted By: Moonshadow
Subject: Good Exercise Videos
Date Posted: June 27 2003 at 3:03pm
Does anyone have any favorite exercise videos? I have a couple, but I'm getting kind of bored with them. Thanks!

Posted By: papillon_purple
Date Posted: June 27 2003 at 5:11pm
Try TheFIRM videos.. they're really good. It's aerobics with weights, so you build muscle and burn calories at the same time..


Posted By: SuperGrover
Date Posted: June 27 2003 at 8:22pm
OK, so it's not exactly an exercise video, but I love my "Back Care Yoga for Beginners with Rodney Yee" video! Great stretches! They don't totally cure my back pain, but on the other hand, I should really do the video more often.

I have no excuse not to do the video more often, I'm just lazy. The stretches are fun, feel good, and all you need is a chair. Best of all, you don't need to wear special clothes. I often do the video in my work clothes (so long as my work clothes that day involved pants, not a dress or skirt)

I have a Pilates for Beginners video by the same company as the yoga video: LivingArts. It was OK, but I wasn't too impressed. I only did it once. At least that was still cheaper than enrolling in a Pilates class I might not have liked either.

I am curious about the New York City Ballet workout video. I see my local Discovery store has them on clearance. But they are still 19.99.

I recommend trying videos at your local library before you buy, or at least renting them. And if you do buy, you can get some great bargains at But check the feedback on the person before you buy!

OK I'll stop sprouting advice now, I feel like someone's mother.

"Hair is a part of you. It is not a part of me, because I am a frog." - Kermit the Frog on Sesame Street1b/N/ii ~ ??"/27"/32"

Posted By: Moonshadow
Date Posted: June 29 2003 at 5:06pm
Thanks, Papillon, that sounds like the kind of thing I'm looking for. I don't really have time to do the aerobics and the weight training seperately, so combining the two would be great.

SuperGrover, sprout away! Sometimes I could use some motherly advice. I have wanted to try Yoga and/or Pilates (for those days when I don't quite feel energetic enough for weights and aerobics ). And it never occured to me to get exercise videos at the library. I need to get my kids in there anyway, so I might try that. The New York City Ballet video sounds kind of interesting, too, but I'm a total klutz, so I don't know.


Posted By: Elissa
Date Posted: June 30 2003 at 6:41am
My favorite is an old Jane Fonda video called "Jane Fonda's Complete Workout". I've been using it for so many years that I can do the aerobics routine in my sleep, which can be very good at times. It's fun and 30 minutes flies by.

I also enjoy Tae Bo and Denise Austin's Kickboxing. Sometimes I also use the Bodyshaping step video that came with my step (platform), but that is a bit hard on the knees so I haven't been using it often in the last several years.

I have the NYC ballet video but have not used it yet. It looks like fun but not necessarily the strongest cardio workout out there.

Great topic Moonshadow.



Posted By: uzma
Date Posted: June 30 2003 at 1:57pm
Yep - the New York City Ballet video is great.

However, if anyone hasn't got a little background in ballet, than the video is a little difficult to start with. It moves very fast and gets into steps pretty quickly.
I bought the book that accompanies the video and worked through it at my own pace, before I re-approached the video.

Ballet moves have done wonders for my posture, grace, muscle tone and...state of joy.
Dancing makes me very happy .


Posted By: papillon_purple
Date Posted: June 30 2003 at 3:15pm
I just remembered this great video site I looked at a while ago, trying to find fitness videos, but later deciding on taking classes instead.

It's - Collage Video . It's an online store, so you can purchase videos from them. I think they have a really good collection, everything from basic aerobics, to Pilates and Yoga, and even some specific dance routines.

The BEST part is that they have clips for most of the videos, and searching the site is really easy. When I watched some of the clips, I noticed that they're from different portions of the tape, ie warm up, exercise, cool down, so you get the general idea of the video. There's also reviews from visitors, and people who work there. The guide to the video description is really good.

Have fun!

Posted By: Elissa
Date Posted: June 30 2003 at 9:12pm
That is a GREAT SITE! Thank you. I've bookmarked it and will play with it more tomorrow.



Posted By: Moonshadow
Date Posted: July 01 2003 at 4:06pm
That is a great site- Thanks!


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