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Amazing success stories on today's Oprah

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Topic: Amazing success stories on today's Oprah
Posted By: Elissa
Subject: Amazing success stories on today's Oprah
Date Posted: July 21 2003 at 3:12pm
I hope they repeat this tonight. I am watching the most amazing real life weight loss success stories right now on Oprah. I cry watching these stories. Hope some of you have the chance to catch this show.



Posted By: Sophie
Date Posted: July 21 2003 at 4:32pm
I saw it Ellisa, it was great!

I was inspired by them and happy for them.

Sophie -

Posted By: Elissa
Date Posted: July 21 2003 at 5:09pm
I am so glad that someone else saw it!!!!!

I am so inspired by these people, and I really did cry. I only lost 70, which isn't much compared to these people. To see someone go from having no life, from being virtually disfigured and in some cases disabled, to being healthy and happy and active--I cannot express in words how deeply this touches me.

I know what it feels like to be sick, ugly and out of control. It is a nightmare, and losing the weight is like having a big beautiful light shining upon you everywhere you go, and like opening the best present you could ever imagine--the gift of a whole new life.

I think the young mother in her 20's with the Disneyworld story inspired me most. And the blonde bride. And some of the men too! And there was a woman in her 50's who went from being about 50 lbs overweight to being a competitive bodybuilder in ONE YEAR. Oh my god what a great show!!!!!!

Anyone who has the chance to see the rebroadcast, please do and let me know if you saw it!



Posted By: reggia
Date Posted: July 21 2003 at 10:31pm
I also enjoyed watching the show! I don't know if it was Oprah's intent but it was sure a wonderful way to encourage more people. Two of those folks had her show in mind as a goal while losing weight. :)

However, it was a sad note to read the credits at the end and know that the 802 lb man who'd lost 560 (?) lbs passed away from heart failure before the show was broadcast. He also had difficulty walking but he looked great and I'm sure he felt so, too. :)


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