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Fattening holidays coming...

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Topic: Fattening holidays coming...
Posted By: Elissa
Subject: Fattening holidays coming...
Date Posted: November 02 2003 at 7:33pm
So it's almost time for the holidays again. Thanksgiving's coming early this year. The holidays bring so many food challenges.

Last year was so easy for me, being in my "honeymoon" dieting period. This year will already be a bit more difficult. Already I've been asked to bring an appetizer. This will be my first year married and part of my husband's family, so I want to impress and make something great. So far I can't think of anything I'm really interested in making other than individual, triangular shaped chicken parmiagiana. I think that would be original and great. But a bit fattening (well, not if you only have one!)

I need suggestions for Thanksgiving appetizers, and holiday overeating avoidance strategies!




Posted By: whitney_brett
Date Posted: November 03 2003 at 5:15pm
I personally have a big issue with having to eat everything on my plate. At my family get togethers, usually people serve each when I say I'd like some mashed potatoes, I end up with a helping that fills half of my plate. I would recommend to drink lots of water before eating to help fill you up, and fix your own plate. Take very small portions of everything and wait a while before getting a second plate. That way you can really decide if you're hungry enough for seconds. Hope that helped, Elissa!

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Posted By: uzma
Date Posted: November 03 2003 at 5:47pm
I intend to make a lot of nourishing (low fat) soup during the festivities.

- Sweet chestnut soup with crushed walnut croutons

- Brussel sprout soup with creme fraiche

- Duckmeat and cranberry soup

Yummy, healthy, festive and filling.


Posted By: KathyAnn
Date Posted: November 04 2003 at 9:16pm
I work out and watch my diet. I'm pretty athletic and fit, so I don't have a weight problem.
*... I really don't worry about eating a bit too much during the holidays. I usually do put on a few lbs. but then I go right back to my usual healthy, moderate diet and I exercise, so it really isn't a problem. Within a few weeks the weight I gained is gone and I'm back to my usual weight.
*You have to be a little extravagant once in a while so enjoy the holidays. Just don't make a habit of overeating and make sure you get some exercise and you will be fine.

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