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healthy way to lose weight

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Topic: healthy way to lose weight
Posted By: xx buela muerte
Subject: healthy way to lose weight
Date Posted: January 01 2005 at 1:38pm
What is the healthiest way to lose weight?

Posted By: kmarykv1
Date Posted: January 13 2005 at 7:50pm
I'm overweight and trying to lose pounds, too. I think the best way (for me, at least) is a healthy, sensible diet and exercise. Nothing else has worked. I guess we're all different, though.

Best of luck :)


Posted By: Kuroneko
Date Posted: January 14 2005 at 12:34am
Drink milk, eat whole grains rather than refined whenever possible, and try to eat more fruits and veggies. Also, try to stay away from fast food as much as possible. That's what I'm trying to do. I've lost a little weight so far. . . not nearly as much as I'd like, but that's probably because I don't exercise as much as I should. *is lazy*

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Posted By: MoNiCaxOC
Date Posted: January 14 2005 at 1:04pm
I've lost 20 lbs. in 2 months by only have some coffee (w/fat free creamer) for breakfast and lunch, and a small dinner. Then I excercise for about 30 mins. 3 times a week (treadmill) and I DO NOT DRINK SODA. Or touch anything with added sugar. On Sundays I eat whatever I want (well usually just a fast food lunch & dinner).

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Posted By: xx buela muerte
Date Posted: January 14 2005 at 4:35pm
but coffee isn`t good for you...right?
i heard it does help to lose weight, but come on, its coffee? `=/ it has it's advantages and disvantages i guess...


Posted By: Kuroneko
Date Posted: January 15 2005 at 12:29am
The only problem with that is, if you start to eat normally again, you're likely to put the weight back on. You'd have to continue skipping meals indefinitely. . . it's like when people lose weight on Slim-Fast shakes, they have to keep drinking them every day even after they lose the weight, because if they go back to eating the way they were, they'll gain it back.

Originally posted by MoNiCaxOC MoNiCaxOC wrote:

I've lost 20 lbs. in 2 months by only have some coffee (w/fat free creamer) for breakfast and lunch, and a small dinner. Then I excercise for about 30 mins. 3 times a week (treadmill) and I DO NOT DRINK SODA. Or touch anything with added sugar. On Sundays I eat whatever I want (well usually just a fast food lunch & dinner).

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Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: February 20 2005 at 6:52pm
What really works for me (I've lost about 30-25 pounds or so's really cool ^_^), is just exersising 10 minutes, three times a day. :) I do it 6 times a week, and I just walk outside. :) If you can do that, then it really works. ^_^ (I've actually been just walking once a day for ten minutes until recently, and it still worked really well... XD Do it three times a day, and see what happens! ^_~) I didn't even diet at all...but of course, cause I have no access to things like pop ect., just cut back on the suger. ^_^

Good day, and good luck! XD

Posted By: Millalina
Date Posted: February 28 2005 at 2:32pm
The best way to lose weight and still basically eat what you like is to calorie count. Iím your same height and was 130 pounds at your age. Even though people told me I should lose about five pounds, I wish I was still at that weight. I got so sick of dieting that I finally gave up and now twenty years later Iíve gotten way too heavy.

What I wish I knew then that I know now is that you can eat pretty many calories to maintain a 130-pound body. If you only eat the calories to maintain a 130 pound body (or any other weight) you will eventually get down to that weight without killing yourself.

Decide to go slowly and stick to it. Donít shoot for fast weight loss because you will never stick to it. So here is the formula. Choose a weight you want to be and Iíll use 130 as an example. There is a simple formula for determining how many calories to eat a day. If you donít exercise at all, multiply the weight by 13. Example: 130 x 13 = 1690 calories. If you are moderately active, multiply the weight by 15. 130 x 15 = 1950. If you are very active, multiply by 17 and if you are extremely active multiply by 20.

I took a nutrition class in college that had a very complicated formula to get pretty much the same numeric results. I found this simple formula years ago in Prevention magazine I believe.

Anyway, the point is, if you are at 151 pounds now and you are not active, then 151 x 13 = 1963 calories a day. That is how much you are eating on average. If you calculate 1963 calories (to maintain 151) minus 1690 calories (to maintain 130) then it shows that you are only eating 273 extra calories a day to be 151 pounds. That is not very much. It could be only a soda or two, two or three cookies or even only a couple tablespoons of peanut butter.

So donít kill yourself trying to lose weight fast on a 1000-1200 calorie a day diet like I used to do. 1690 calories should let you eat quite a bit and over time you WILL lose the weight and get down to 130 (or less Ė whatever weight you choose Ė just follow the formula). It is Math that is your friend. Your body cannot maintain 151 pounds unless you are feeding it enough calories to do so.

Most food packages have the calorie counts per serving on them. Make sure you look at how big a serving is! There are usually multiple servings per package. And get a good calorie counting book from the store, or look on-line.

You will find that you can eat much more food if you choose lots of vegetables. And of course exercising helps, but if you hate to do it, then the calorie counting should still work.

Good luck. The best thing to do is lose the weight now while you are young, but SLOWLY. Then, once you are down to your desired weight, follow my momís rule; weigh yourself every day and when you gain two pounds Ė go back to the calorie counting!

Remember, only 65 calories extra a day (if you donít exercise) will keep FIVE extra pounds on you. That is like half a soda a day!!!!! (If you donít believe me, then do the formula above for 130 pounds and then for 135 pounds.)

One more thing, if you are in school and eat the cafeteria lunches, then you should try to bring your lunch so you can control the calories. If this is not possible, then I would calculate the school lunches at around 800 calories (usually loaded with fat). But that still leaves over 800 calories for the rest of the day! You can do it! Just stay away from the regular sodas and juices. They are loaded!

Posted By: Kuroneko
Date Posted: March 06 2005 at 6:35am
Blee. . . by that formula I'm eating over 700 extra calories :-( . I must really be overestimating portion sizes to be that far off! I guess I need to buy one of those weird little food scales or something.

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Posted By: Kuroneko
Date Posted: March 28 2005 at 1:16am

Okay, trying to watch what I eat a little more closely now (especially the late-night snacking, which is probably one of my biggest problems), and trying to exercise more (using the weights more regularly again, and trying to increase my exercise from 40 to 60 minutes as often as I can stand it, as many days of the week as I'm able to fit it in).  I guess I'll see how much that helps.  I'll probably weigh and measure myself again in a week or two and see if it's helping.

More awesome than a manatee!

Posted By: mark9159
Date Posted: March 29 2005 at 6:38am

watch not only calories but also the saturated fat body needs it but not too much

sat. fat= bad stuff if you have too much

Posted By: dollymolly
Date Posted: March 30 2005 at 5:27pm
what do you think would be the best thing to buy in a school cafeteria? its hard to make good choices, e`specially since im a vegetarian!


Posted By: _thumbelina_
Date Posted: December 05 2005 at 11:17am

Ahhh, school food, I always avoid that, but then if you went to my school you'd understand why *shudders*. I usually just take in a bottle of water, a sandwich (wholegrain) with cheese and onion relish of course And also either a small pot of fruit or veg, I try to alternate. I find this filling and is a healthy alternative to burgers and fries! ... Furthermore, most days my schools only 'veggie' option is fries... Yea right. So even if I wanted something cooked (Braving the canteen here), it wouldn't be possible. (I'm a vegetarian too). I've heard about schools that do serve nice meals, and if anyone has seen Supersize Me, that school for kids with problems or something, that's how all canteens for schools should be. Saying that... Only 4 months till I leave for good! Yay for college 

I think I'll stop talking now, I'm rambling....

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Posted By: palikane
Date Posted: March 22 2006 at 4:42pm

Ever since I went on a diet...I learned  A LOT about what to eat.
Don't hate friend told me that its not the calories but the calories from fat. I also know to stay away from saturated fats, and refined grains. I also learned that if you are excercising a should have a little sugar in your diet after a work out it helps the muscles..I don't know a lot on that subject...but a friend of mine who plays baseball about five times a week puts sugar in his water becuase he says it helps his muscles .... Drink a lot of water...of course... stay away from destroys your bone mass as well...and your its overall better anyways. As for coffee...I have heard it speeds up your metabolism...I use to drink it everyday...but if i drank it on an empty stomach...I found myself extremely hungry and then overeating or getting headaches...

pears, raisens, and prunes help you... You want a LOT of fiber...This may all be old news...but I use to eat badly...ONLY looking at the calories...not the fat...fiber...fat grams...etc

Posted By: katay
Date Posted: March 23 2006 at 1:29pm

 You all are doing very well with healthy living which includes excersise!

 I usually go for 30 minute fast walks at least 4 days a week. Or I'll dance. I eat a balanced diet and look at fat, cholesterol, trans fat too. I stay away from alot of salt, sugar, and processed foods. I rarely eat fast food.

 When My Husband and I eat out, we split a meal to save both money and fat and calories.

 I am strong and athleticly slender.

 I feel good, and I don't compare my 135 pound 5'5" height medium bone structure with anyone.

 I am proud of myself. I wear a size 7/8.

 I have great muscle tone. P.S. I get arms toned by swinging on a swing in the park, even all year(yes even in the cold.) I hate push ups.

 So Ladies I've got(feminine) Guns(if you will) ;)

 My nickname is Gunnie. LoL my father in law and I talk about the war(from vietnam) and that's my nick name, which I like, cause I'm strong, and fiesty but I also can be feminine too!


 God Bless You all!


God Bless,...

Posted By: Miffny
Date Posted: April 07 2006 at 4:46am
Forget dieting choose a food change for life-healthy foods know your good & bad fats.Example below & copy & paste the link for info about sugar & carbs.

Health Education

Good Fats, Bad Fats

Remember that all fats are high in calories.

The best choices for heart health are the monounsaturated, omega 3 fats and the polyunsaturated fats.

Best Fats
Monounsaturated Fat Foods

  • Avocado

  • Oil (canola, olive, peanut, sesame)

  • Olives (all)

  • Nuts
    • almonds, cashews

    • filberts, hazelnuts

    • macadamia nuts
    • peanuts, pecans
    • pistachios

  • Peanut butter, old-fashioned

  • Sesame seeds

Good Fats
Polyunsaturated Fat Foods

  • Margarine (first ingredient is polyunsaturated oil)

  • Mayonnaise (regular or reduced-fat)

  • Miracle Whip Salad Dressing (regular orreduced-fat)

  • Nuts (walnuts)

  • Oil (corn, safflower, soybean, cottonseed)

  • Salad dressing (regular & reduced-fat)

  • Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring)

  • All fish and shellfish contain these fats

  • Nuts & flaxseed

Bad Fats
Saturated Fats

  • Bacon & Bacon grease

  • Butter (stick, whipped, reduced-fat)

  • Coconut

  • Cream & half-and-half

  • Cream cheese

  • Ice cream

  • Lard & salt pork

  • Palm & palm kernel oil

Bad Fats
Trans Fats

  • Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats

  • Margarine (stick)

  • Nondairy creamers

  • Shortening

& the rest is common sense & excersise also remember muscle weights heavier than fat  good luck.


Posted By: Chi-Town_Boy
Date Posted: May 22 2006 at 9:04pm

Making A Big Comeback New Pics Coming Soon

Posted By: Yolligirl
Date Posted: May 23 2006 at 8:59am
Thanks for the chart

Life is a journey, Enjoy the ride.

Posted By: rubertnrubert
Date Posted: July 26 2011 at 5:57pm
- Do more exercise.
- Keep walking.
- Do not eat more fatty and high calorie contained food.
- Drink more water.
- Do Yoga.


Posted By: marklee
Date Posted: August 11 2011 at 1:43am
You can watch what you eat very closely, like see how many calories you SHOULD be eating a day & stick to it. Don't go over, don't go under. Also, exercise frequently. Not necessarily every single day. Run, jog, swim laps, hit up a gym, etc. I know it's not what you want to hear but that's the only way.

Posted By: shanwallan
Date Posted: August 23 2011 at 12:20pm
I think exercise is the greatest way to lose a weight.  The greatest exercises will include a cardio aspect and a toning aspect, as this will permit you to observe the results faster.

Posted By: aftonheaven
Date Posted: September 05 2011 at 12:07pm
I think exercise is best way to lose weight. It can maintain your health and very beneficial to lose weight. Eat always fresh and light weight. 


Posted By: davilgill
Date Posted: September 09 2011 at 1:20am
Now a days people are more conscious about their weight. People tries various ways to loss weight. Some of the healthy way to lose weight are
- Do yoga and exercise
- Do walking
- Avoid eating oily and junk food
- Do swimming
- Drink plenty of water
- Eat more salad


Posted By: richarnrich
Date Posted: October 15 2011 at 6:12am
- Do yoga and exercise
- Do walking
- Drink plenty of water
- Eat more salad and Green Vegetables
- Avoid eating oily and junk food
- Do swimming and Jogging


Posted By: edricstyras
Date Posted: February 09 2012 at 11:09pm
Well, Here I am giving some healthy ways of losing weight:
1.Increase the intake of healthy foods in your diet
2.Go for cardiovascular exercises that fit your body requirements.
3. Avoid taking wonder pills and crash diet
4. Take plenty of sleep around  8 hours
5.Try to change the unhealthy eating habits.


Posted By: Craigmark
Date Posted: March 12 2012 at 2:37pm
Well,Dieting is one of the best option for lose weight.Exercising is the healthy way to lose weight.The running and walking is also great way to lose weight.

------------- - Fibromyalgia

Posted By: Edric
Date Posted: April 12 2012 at 2:12pm
Weight lose is the very basic thing of the person. It is give the good and attractive body to the person. You have to drink more amount of water and also do exercise on regular basis which is very much useful for the person.


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