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I need a prom hairstyle

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Topic: I need a prom hairstyle
Posted By: huskychick
Subject: I need a prom hairstyle
Date Posted: March 10 2004 at 8:39pm
I need a prom hairstyle.
My hair is about to my shoulders or a little longer than that. I have a perm and would like it to stay curly for prom? If anyone has any ideas could you please email me?

Posted By: zxcvbnm
Date Posted: March 15 2004 at 10:22am
well my advice for you is to definitly have an updo, with a few ringlets coming down.


Posted By: ggflower
Date Posted: April 05 2004 at 10:16pm
If i had curly hair and I do! I would definitely do it into a romantic style like in the Titanic. If you are wearing a romantic type gown this would be perfect !Sort of pulled back at the nape of the neck and then a lot of curly tendrils hanging down around my face. This would mean you have to have the right facial features to do this.

Posted By: curligurli88
Date Posted: August 04 2004 at 2:46am
I need a hair style for homecoming and I don't have any ideas!! My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders and it's curly. I want an updo but nobody knows what they are doing in my house so I can't ask someone for help. I want something that will let my curls just go and I want to look like homecoming queen. Please help me!
ps... I have searched all over the internet... all over!


Posted By: Karen Shelton
Date Posted: August 07 2004 at 7:33am
Originally posted by curligurli88 curligurli88 wrote:

I need a hair style for homecoming and I don't have any ideas!! My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders and it's curly. I want an updo but nobody knows what they are doing in my house so I can't ask someone for help. I want something that will let my curls just go and I want to look like homecoming queen. Please help me!
ps... I have searched all over the internet... all over!


You mentioned that you want an updo. Since you want to "just let your curls go" as you said I would recommend a Jeweled Curly Crown Updo style.

Karen Shelton's Tips For Creating Jeweled Naturally Curly Crown Updo

Please practice this style a few times before your Homecoming so that you are comfortable with the results long before your big day.

Also, you may want to have a friend or family member help you with the style since it involves a lot of back hair twisting and pinning with bobby pins.

In essence, this updo style consists of using your own beautiful natural curls to form a type of "crown" that showcases your natural curls which are positioned on top of your head in a soft, curly cascading way.

Note: People without naturally curly hair can wear this style as well but would need to start with hair that has been curled with hot rollers, curling iron or overnight rag curlers.

Steps To Create This Updo Style:

1. Start with "day old" hair that is not freshly washed. Remember that freshly washed hair is slippery and harder to coif into an updo style.

If you must wash your hair, allow several hours after you shampoo before attempting this style.

2. Using your fingers, your favorite brush, a wide tooth comb or a pick (whatever works best for you to style and part your naturally curly hair) separate your hair into three main chunks or sections of hair.

3. To create the three unique sections, create a hair part that runs diagonally from one ear to the other ear. This should separate your hair into a front section and a back section.

4. The back of your hair should be smoothed and then clipped off into one separate section.

5. The front of your hair should then be parted down the center and then divided into two equal sections with each section clipped to the side temporarily.

Note: Keep in mind that you can wear bangs with this style if you prefer and the bangs should be kept separate from the three main sections. If you have bangs, clip them to one side temporarily.

6. Starting with the back section of hair, unclip it and then using your hand, a brush, comb, pick...etc., gently direct the section up towards the crown of your head as if you were making a ponytail that would have a base at the top of your head. Create a ponytail but do NOT secure the based. Hold the section of hair that would be a ponytail with your hand.

7. With the other hand, take the back section and gently twist it in a clockwise direction until the hair starts to form a loose bun against the back of your head.

Keep twisting and as you twist the hair, nestle it up to the back of your head and start to secure with bobby pins in the same color as you hair to hide the pins. Secure well.

8. Leave 2-3 inches of the back hair twisted bun hair section as a "free tail".

Pin the back section snuggly against the back of your head. When you are done, the back section of hair should be in a soft bun with a loose tail of curls that spill out near the top of your head.

9. Take one of the side sections of hair, unclip and smooth.

Position the first side section of hair so that it is near the back bun.

Follow the same twisting method and position the side hair twisted bun on top of the first back bun.

Again, leave a tail of curls as a "tail"

Note: When you are finished with the 2nd section, you should have two tightly pinned "merged" back buns and a semi-circle of loose curls from the 2 tails at the top of your head.

10. Repeat the same step with your remaining front hair section.

After you have twisted all three sections of hair and create three buns and three "tail sections of curls" you should have a section of soft curls that sit on the top of your head.

Depending on how far up or down you pin the back buns, the curls can cascade all along the top of your head or just halfway along the top.

11. Arrange the curls so that they are carefully formed and anchored to your crown OR you can allow them to slightly cascade from the crown of your head over the back buns and the side of your head. Either way looks great.

If you decide to form the curls, use a curling iron to make all the natural curls lay the same direction and tightness and then pin with bobby pins that are hidden inside the curls.

If you are wearing bangs, unclip them and style them as you like either to one side, curly or straight.

12. Once the style is set the way you like, spray well with a good hairspray. Jessica Simpson has fine hair and uses Phytolaque Soie (red bottle). I actually saw her stylist use it on her repeatedly.

You may prefer a stronger hold spray like Phytolaque or a hair spray of your choice.

For added shine take a drop or two of a shine product like Phytolisse or Robert Hallowell's Shine product and apply to the palm of your hands.

Massage the shine product well into your palms and then lightly brush your hands with the product over the curls and the buns.

Be careful not to apply too much shine product or hair can become a little oily or greasy. Remember that a little bit goes a very long way.

Always add hairspray, shine products & similar BEFORE you apply any hair accessories or hair ornaments. Spray and styling products can damage some hair jewels and in some cases dull the shine of any crystals, rhinestones or other jewels.

13. To look like a Homecoming Queen, add a tiara or smaller tiara style accent comb (yes they are still very much in fashion) approximately one inch away from your hairline but to the front of the curls and let the curls cascade behind the tiara.

If you prefer, us a hair bubble instead of a tiara. Hair bubbles can be found in the Mona Lisa collection at's Marketplace under Mona Lisa.

Or use a jeweled comb or jeweled barrette that forms a base for the loose curls by positioning the jeweled hair accessories in front of the curls.

Jeweled hairsticks like those from Mei Fa can also add instant elegance.

Note:'s Marketplace has hundreds of jeweled barrettes, hair combs, tiaras, flowers and other Homecoming accessories to pick from in a wide range of prices and sizes.

Final note: Be sure to take a little emergency repair kit with you in your Homecoming Purse. Take extra bobby pins, a travel size hairspray and even a small battery curling iron if your curls tend to droop.

If you can not create this style on your own practice, use a clean string mop (that is what I use to create all the Updos that I develop for my annual updo books) OR use a wig on a wig form or practice on a friend. Another option is to try the style on a doll with longer hair.


Best wishes,
Karen Shelton -

That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger or drives you totally insane. :-)

Posted By: angel bride
Date Posted: June 24 2006 at 3:14am
thanks for post


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